Marvel's Black Widow (Possible Storyline)

Black Widow and her fellow teammates must take on operatives who have reopened the Red Room.

List items

  • Black Widow discovers that Red Room has reopened and she will not stopped until all those responsible are stopped so other young girls are not robbed of a normal life.

  • Yelena Belova or Madame B as she was called in the Red Room, was the headmistress that governed Natasha and many others. Belova and Ivan Petrovich were dedicated to making Natasha their greatest asset. Yelena was killed when Widow defected to SHIELD and was ordered to take down the Red Room.

  • Alexi Shostakov was Natasha's only tie to humanity and a normal life. Their love for one another got them through the rigorous and brutal lessons in the Red Room. When Natasha defected to SHIELD, Alexi felt betrayed and came close to killing Agent Barton if hadn't been for Natasha's intervention. Alexi survived his encounter with Natasha and believed that Widow still loved him because she was trained to kill not wound. Alexi has kept himself at arms length in Widow's life until Vostokoff offers him a chance to reopen the Red Room. Shostkov agrees to be the Red Room's taskmaster in the hopes of drawing out the Widow and Hawkeye.

  • Melina Vostokoff has reestablished the Red Room and has acquired the services of Boris Bullski. Bullski steals mech suits from a Stark warehouse and supplies Melina with one. Melina intends to draw the attention of former schoolmate Natasha Romanoff. Melina's mech suit is powered by a vibranium ore but when Widow ruptures the ore's casing, the vibranium mutates Melina by merging her with her suit. Melina becomes a living being of vibranium and more dangerous.

  • Ivan Petrovich had a child with a woman who proclaimed to have blood ties to Romanoff family. When the woman's apartment suffered a fire, she threw her child into Ivan's arms when Ivan tried to rescue them. Ivan took his daughter Natasha to be cared for and trained by the Red Room. Ivan renamed Natasha with the last name Romanoff so that his jealous son would not spite his stepsister. Ivan trained Natasha and many other girls by honing their agility as well as combat skills. When Natasha defected to SHIELD, Ivan sacrificed himself to save Natasha from Madame Belova but pleaded with Natasha to spare Yuri. Ivan felt there is no greater bond than family even with bad blood.

  • Nick Fury orders Agent Barton to end Natasha Romanoff but when Barton refuses, Fury reluctantly allows Natasha to defect and join SHIELD. Fury doesn't completely trust Romanoff and his confidence in Barton is beginning to waver so he orders Agents Coulson and Hill to tail Barton while Natasha launches a crusade against the Red Room.