Ka-Zar & the Savage Land

The tales of the Savage Land unfold from the past and present. The children of Magneto are following a faint trail that could lead them to the presumed dead patriarch of Mutant Liberation. When they reach the remnants of the Savage Land, they discover the chronicles of Ka-Zar and his life in the Savage Land.

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  • Ka-Zar was once Kevin Reginald Plunder of London. Kevin accompanied his father Robert and younger brother Edgar on an expedition to the fabled Savage Land. When their expedition is attacked by ape like creatures, Kevin loses track of his brother and his father is killed. Kevin is saved by the intervention of Zabu, a sabretooth tiger. Zabu takes Kevin into his pack and the Sun People refer to Kevin as Ka-Zar, son of the tiger.

  • Prof. Karl Lykos is a famed paleontologist who has been searching for the fabled Savage Land which is quite possibly the only living remnant of a bygone age. When his expedition is attacked by pterodactyls, Karl kills one of the creatures but sustains severe injuries. The blood of the creature entered Karl's wounds and overtime, Karl begins to mutate into a pterodactyl hybrid. The Sun People consider Karl as Sauron, lord of the skies.

  • Dr. Shanna O' Hara was invited by her best friend Tanya Anderssen to accompany her husband Prof. Karl Lykos, a famed paleontologist to the fabled Savage Land, an undiscovered region hidden within the Antarctic region. When she is separated from her group, Shanna runs into Ka-Zar then falls in love with him and eventually bares a son named Matt.

  • Edgar Parnival Plunder is the younger brother of Kevin Plunder. When their father was killed, Edgar and Kevin separated. As Kevin was raised by Zabu, Edgar expanded his knowledge while surviving the hardships of the Savage Land. Edgar's resentment towards his brother grew more and more as both boys reached maturity.

  • Lorna Dane and her siblings are on the trail of their presumed dead father Magneto who was last seen in Tierra de Fuego. When Lorna reaches the Savage Land, she is confronted by her wayward sister Zala.

  • Zaladane is the wayward sister of Lorna Dane. Like Scarlet Witch, Zala possesses abilities that could rival even Wanda's. Zaladane is the high priestess of Garokk.

  • Wanda and her siblings are on the trail of their presumed dead father Magneto. Wanda has noticed a familiar face that has been following her and her siblings since their arrival in South America. Wanda allows Toad to keeps tabs on her because she figures that his infatuation with her will enable her to get information out of him.

  • Mortimer Toynbee has always been infatuated by Wanda but his affections toward her have always been scorned by her father or brother. Mortimer knows where Magneto is being kept but he has been sent by Zaladane to keep Magneto's children at bay.

  • Pietro and his sisters follow a faint trail to Tierra de Fuego where their presumed dead father was last spotted.

  • Magneto has been presumed dead since the fall of Genosha. In actuality, Magneto was spirited away by the Sun People who serve the will of Garokk. Garokk requires Magneto's abilities to raise the Savage Land from its icy confinements and bring about his rebirth.

  • Captain Kirk Marston led Lord Robert Plunder to the Antarctic region where the Savage Land was presumed to exist. When their party was separated by Moon Boy's people, Marston struggled to survive the hardships of this unknown territory. Eventually, Kirk came across a cavern where the only living remnant of Krakoa existed. Driven mad with anger, Marston stabs the heart of Krakoa and drinks its blood. Krakoa's blood alters Marston's physiology into a rock like form that can harvest solar energy and manipulate it. His presence within the Savage Land earned him the moniker of Garokk, God of the Sun People.

  • Lani Ubanu aka Whiteout is an immortal Savage Land mutate who has kept the Savage Land hidden from the outside world with her weather casting powers over the snow. Lani serves the will of Garokk the Petrified Man.

  • Tanya Anderssen was Karl Lykos' assistant as well as fiance. She invited Shanna O'Hara to accompany Karl on an expedition to the fabled Savage Land. When Tanya was being attacked by a pterodactyl, Karl came to her aid and killed the creature but not without sustaining considerable injuries.

  • Moon Boy is an australopithecus (first homo sapiens) whose family took refuge on Krakoa before it became encased in ice. Moon Boy was the only other being that could tame the Devil Dinosaur. Moon Boy's people were responsible for the death of Lord Robert Plunder, Kevin's father.

  • Zabu is the descendant of a pack of sabretooth tigers that took up residence on Krakoa before it was encased in ice. Zabu takes Kevin Plunder into his pack and raises him as a surrogate son.

  • Matthew Plunder is the son of Shanna and Ka-Zar

  • The Devil Dinosaur exhibits intelligence similar to Krakoa. Shanna is the only person that manages to subdue the creature to her will thus earning her the title of Shanna the She-Devil.

  • Krakoa was a living land mass that crash landed on Earth millions of years ago and was the progenitor of the dinosaurs. As the Earth began to change, Krakoa began to subside into an island which was eventually encased by the icy constructs that would one day become Antarctica.