Justice League 2: Injustice for All (DCEU film)

As the Justice League and Injustice Gang combat one another, an even greater threat is watching them from the shadows. The abilities from the opposing teams will feed this enemy with power that will make it unstoppable. Earth's only hope lies in the hands of heroes and villains who must put their differences aside if they are to survive.

List items

  • Superman is loving his new lease on life with Lois Lane but the good life in Smallville is threatened by the appearance of the Injustice League.

  • Lex Luthor employs Dr. Thaddeus Sivana to help him arm and prepare his inductees within the Injustice League. Sivana also designs a battle suit for Luthor with an alloy that is lined with Kryptonite.

  • Bruce and his rival Slade Wilson trained under the Sensei when they were inducted into the League of Assassins. When Bruce refused his initiation by killing an assigned target, Slade was ordered to eliminate Bruce for disobedience. Bruce cost Slade his right eye.

  • Lex Luthor employs Slade Wilson because he is the only adversary that rivals Batman's physical and mental prowess. Bruce and Slade were once pupils under the tutelage of the Sensei who trained many within the League of Assassins.

  • Diana Prince has discredited Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva by bringing to light her dealings in the black market for stolen antiquities. Diana has made herself a dangerous enemy that will rise again as the Cheetah, a formidable foe for the Amazon Princess.

  • Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva and David Hyde have traveled in the same circles when it came to the theft of valuable antiques and lost treasures. Barbara's latest theft involves a scroll written by an African plant goddess named Urzkartaga. The ritual from the scroll imbues Minerva with the edge she needs to take one Diana.

  • Arthur Curry is the descendant of Poseidon. After exposing his brother President Orm Marius as an enemy of the United States and Atlantis, Arthur tries to undo the damage his brother wrought. Arthur's only mistake was letting David Hyde live.

  • David Hyde and Barbara Minerva have traveled in the same circles when it came to the theft of valuable antiques and lost treasures. When Black Manta is asked to join Luthor's Injustice League, David brings Minerva into the fold so the two of them can exact their vengeance on the descendants of two great Greek Gods.

  • Barry Allen makes an enemy out of Captain Leonard Snart when he figures out that Snart has tampered with forensic evidence in the past which put away a few innocent people in jail including his father Henry Allen.

  • Captain Leonard Snart loses his post with the Central City Police Department when Barry deduces that Snart has tampered with evidence in the past. Snart's downward spiral from the law began when the system failed to indite his sister's murderer. Sivana reverses the process that created the Flash and gives Snart the ability to almost slow time to a crawl with cryokinesis.

  • Victor Stone has been observing Dr. Ivo's work with a project called AMAZO. The baseline of the project derives from Victor's cybernetic ability to anticipate and react to possible threats.

  • Dr. Anthony Ivo has created an android based off of Silas Stone's analytical notes on his son's condition. The android can genetically and cybernetically replicate any metahuman ability that it comes into contact with. The final piece is transferring Ivo's genius into an indestructible body.

  • Billy Batson is asked to join the Justice League after saving the world from Black Adam's wrath and Dr. Sivana's madness.

  • Dr. Sivana is Lex Luthor's think tank within the Injustice League.

  • Silas Stone and Professor Ivo have been working on a process that could give Victor some measure of a normal life again but Ivo has been secretly funneling their work in order to create an android called AMAZO.

  • Lisa Snart was Leonard's beloved sister. Her murder drove Leonard to become a rogue cop who would falsify evidence when it came to putting the suspected bad guys away.