JSA Origins: The Flash

Jay Garrick was one of the founding members of the Justice Society. After the rise and fall of Communism, the Scarlet Speeder retired until rogues from his halcyon days bring back a plague that Garrick thought to be lost.

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  • When Pearl Harbor was attacked, Jay Garrick's destiny became apparent. Jay suddenly tapped into the Speed Force in order to save as many lives as he could during the bombings. In the aftermath, Jay learned that his bloodline stems from Hermes, the Olympian God of Speed. Jay became the Flash and one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America. One of the JSA's greatest foes was Vandal Savage who developed a hateful adversity toward the Scarlet Speeder.

  • Vandal Savage was born at the dawn of man. He became immortal when a radioactive meteor struck his valley. Savage was in awe by the glowing rock and the exposure gave Vandal vast intelligence as well as self regeneration. Savage has lived many lives throughout time and brought about great changes throughout history. His only enemy was Jay Garrick because Garrick's use of the Speed Force weakens Vandal's regenerative ability. The radiation that evolved Vandal has turned against him. Now, Vandal needs his children's essence to sustain his immortality and he bring disgrace to the scarlet speedster by distributing a drug laced with the Speed Force called Velocity 9. When Communism was on the rise, Vandal assumed the identity of Dr. Pytor Sergeivich Orloff and served under Stalin as well as his successors. Vandal wanted to design a method that would give Mother Russia the ability to harness Speed Force. As Orloff, Vandal came across two individuals that would be his first test subjects.

  • Cassandra "Kass" Sage is a FBI profiler in Central City. She has been assigned a peculiar case that involves ritualistic killings which coincide with the Velocity 9 epidemic. Kass tries to cope with her mother Christina Sage who is a Velocity 9 addict. Kass can't help but feel like her mother is somehow involved with the production of Velocity 9. Kass will soon learn her connection to Vandal Savage and the Russian speeder Lady Flash. This revelation will be her "scandal"

  • Nicholas Bassaglia is a local mob boss in Central City who goes by the moniker Tortuga. Bassaglia is Vandal's distributor of Velocity 9 in both Central and Keystone City. Nick has been tasting his own product and he discovers his ability to slow time to a crawl. When Bassaglia learns that his accountant Osgood Rathaway is talking to the Feds, he sends his enforcers like Sprynt to kill the Rathaways.

  • Hartley Rathaway is the son of Osgood and Rachel Rathaway, big time socialites in Central City. Through the use of musical theory and the study of audiology, Hartley gains the ability to influence others. However, Hartley's music only enthralls a target audience of rodents and children. Hartley's father is an accountant for local mob boss Nick Bassaglia aka the Tortuga. Nick uses the Rathaway's public influence for his own malicious ends. When Osgood is approached by the FBI, Nick sends his enforcers to eliminate the Rathaways. Garrick saves the Rathaways with the help of Hartley who has become a vigilante himself. With an army of rodents and children at his command, Hartley has become the fabled Pied Piper of Central City.

  • David Singh is Barry's crime lab supervisor in the Central City PD and Hartley Rathaway's lover. David introduced Barry to his cousin Meena.

  • Barry Allen is Meena's on and off boyfriend. He is also a criminal forensics specialist at Central City PD and he works under Meena's cousin David Singh. Barry and another officer are struck by a lightning bolt while doused with a mass of electrified Velocity 9.

  • Meena Dhawan met an Englishman named Issac Bowen. Bowen taught Meena how to master stringed instruments. Bowen's favorite possession was a fiddle that supposedly belonged to and was played by Emperor Nero when Rome was burning. When Bowen was killed by an assassin, Meena stole Bowen's fiddle and began her own life as a virtuoso. Barry Allen and Meena have on & off relationship because of her usage of Velocity 9. Her talents and Velocity 9 addiction has made her belief of musical theory a reality. Meena's startling discovery is made with her apprentice Hartley Rathaway. Savitar recruits Meena and has her act as his cult converter. Meena is Sister Virtuoso within Savitar's cult and she hears no evil as the crowd rallies and cries.

  • Gregori Uminskivich Boleslaw was born blind and his only friend was Christina Alexandrova. They fled East Germany but they were apprehended by Vandal Savage who was under the guise of Dr. Pytor Orloff. Vandal admired their agility as well as tenacity and wanted to endow them with the a chemical form of Speed Force. Gregori and Christina were Vandal's enforcers who would often contend with Jay Garrick. Both Gregori and Vandal loved Christina but Christina ultimately chose Vandal over Gregori. Christina fled when she learned what Vandal intended to do with their baby girl. Gregori eventually caught up with Vandal but he was subdued. Vandal used the enraged Russian to restart his research in Velocity 9. Gregori escapes thanks to Jay Garrick and starts a cult that revolves around Velocity 9. When Gregori recruits Meena into his cult, she calls his Savitar. Gregori sees no evil in what he does as he establishes his cult.

  • In 1957 during the construction of the Berlin Wall, Christina Alexandrova managed to evade the border patrol and Vandal Savage noticed her speed as well as agility. Vandal endowed Alexandra and Gregori Boleslaw with a chemical form of Speed Force. Both Gregori and Vandal loved Christina but Christina ultimately chose Vandal. Christina left Vandal when she learned that he intended to kill and consume their child. Christina fled to Central City to riase her daughter Cassandra and became a recurring Velocity 9 customer.

  • Frederick Jonas Devere aka Mr. Sprynt is Tortuga's top enforcer. Unlike most of Nick's thugs, Freddie likes to take his time with his marks. His favorite instruments of brutality are his fists which he calls "Slow" and "Steddy". Tortuga and his thugs go after the Rathaways when Osgood starts talking to the Feds about Velocity 9.

  • Dr. Michael Christian Amar was a skilled surgeon until he developed schizophrenia. Driven mad by the voices in his mind, he began randomly killing people that he thought were the cause of his mental torture. Savitar and Virtuoso induct Dr. Amar into their ranks within the cult. Dr. Michael Amar is Brother Murmur who acts Savitar's assassin and he speaks of no evil that transpires within the cult.

  • Joan Williams is the wife of Jay Garrick. Joan at one point suffered horrific abuse at the hands of Jay's rival Edward Clariss.

  • Dr. Edward Clariss was an academic rival of Jay Garrick. Clariss stole a sample of Garrick's blood and became one of Jay's greatest adversaries. Clariss and Vandal eventually joined forces by devising a chemical form of Speed Force. When Vandal's Russian test subjects became his first success, he no longer needed Clariss and left Edward at the mercy of Jay Garrick who wanted retribution for Clariss' abuse toward Joan Garrick. The battle between the two speeders ended with Clariss being absorbed by Speed Force and reduced to dust.

  • Iris West is an investigative journalist in Central City. She takes a personal interest on her latest story that involves Velocity 9 because her younger brother and nephew have succumbed to the narcotic's enthrallment.

  • Wally West is the son of Joseph and Mary West. Wally's uncle Danny has made Wally an addict for Velocity 9.

  • Sgt. Joseph West is trying to avoid a scandal when he learns that his son has become an addict for Velocity 9.

  • Danny West is the black sheep of the West family, He became a Velocity 9 junkie and got his nephew Wally hooked on the narcotic as well.

  • Mary West is a loving mother and tries to keep her son's addiction a secret from her husband Joseph.

  • Cyril Rathaway was one of Barry's professors in college. He has been working closely with the government and gifted individuals like Firestorm or Captain Atom. Cyril is Hartley's only relative that accepts Hartley for who he is.

  • Hartley's disreputable father and Gambi's accountant.

  • Hartley's mother who tries to conceal her son's sexual escapades with Officer Singh from Hartley's father while trying to change her son.

  • Hartley's bratty sister who later obeys her brother's commands through his enthralling melody.

  • Griffin Grey is one of Barry Allen's friends who becomes an addict of Velocity 9. Griffin soon learns that prolonged use of the drug causes rapid aging. Griffin eventually dies of old age before he reaches 28.