Huntress: Long Halloween

Gotham is overwhelmed by countless murders and secret societies that intend to take advantage of the chaos. Only the Huntress and the Batman can end the slaughter and prevent Gotham's dreadful fate.

List items

  • Helena Bertinelli is trying to make her own way as a vigilante in Gotham while trying to uphold Bruce's moral conventions as a crime fighter. Helena is looking for the guilty parties responsible for her parents death with the help of Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni. Unfortunately, Helena gets implicated during a Hangman murder and is now hunted by the GCPD. At the same time, rumors are speculating that Helena maybe the Holiday Murderer. The mob and GCPD are both after Helena. Helena's only safeguard is the mysterious Court of Owls.

  • Bruce does his best in training Helena to become a worthy successor since his run as the Batman has brought him great personal costs. Unfortunately, Bruce can't retire the cape and cowl just yet since he has become a target for the Court of Owls.

  • Victor Sage is a reporter for the Gotham Gazette. Sage has been following leads about on the Court of Owls, an elusive group of Gotham aristocrats who control everything in Gotham and other points around the globe.

  • Alfred Pennyworth helps Bruce in training Helena because Alfred wants Bruce to retire the cape and cowl.

  • James Gordon struggles to save his marriage but at the same time, he can't help but feel utter euphoria when he is around Sarah.

  • Sarah wants Gordon to be happy whether that means being with her or trying to make his marriage work for the sake of his children.

  • Julian Day was the original Holiday Murderer who would murder "ladies of the night" during different holidays. Julian shares his expertise during these new string of killings. Julian can't help but feel resentment and pride for this copycat killer.

  • Bethany Thorne is Matthew's daughter. She is being held by the Court of Owls because Matthew refused to go along with their plans any longer.

  • The Thanksgiving victim of the Holiday Murders. Johnny Viti was Carmine's nephew and least liked by most of his employers. Johnny was known for jumping the gun during his hits and often times missing his mark.

  • The Christmas victim of the Holiday Murders. Carmine always wanted the best for his sons since his daughter Sofia married into the family business. Alberto was often regarded as the meek but intelligent one of the family.

  • The New Year's Day victim of the Holiday Murders. Mario Falcone has fought hard to get his family name out of the gutters and into high society. At the same time, Mario tried to distance himself from any further contact with his father Carmine or his sister Sofia.

  • The Valentine's Day victim of the Holiday Murders. Lucia Viti was an object of loveliness and grace. Her lust and art of seduction was infamous in the Gotham Underworld.

  • The April Fool's Day victim of the Holiday Murders. Rupert is a council member at City Hall who was running against Mayor Garcia for Gotham's next mayor. After the attempt on his life by the Holiday Killer, Rupert drops out of the mayoral race.

  • The Mother's Day victim of the Holiday Murders. Carla Viti was the mother of Johnny and Lucia Viti. Carla was hellbent in finding out who murdered her children.

  • Salvatore Maroni is the oldest cousin of Helena Bertinelli. After Helena's parents were murdered, Sal brought Helena to Sicily where he trained Helena by making her an expert marksman and tracker. Sal is murdered by the newly resurrected Alberto Falcone.

  • The Independence Day victim of the Holiday Murders. Matthew Bradford Thorne was the chief forensic examiner during the Holiday Murders and a mob torturer. Thorne was covering up Alberto's activities as the Holiday murderer but Alberto's exposure has cost him his job.

  • The Roman's Birthday victim of the Holiday Murders. Carmine Falcone managed to fight off the effects of Crane's toxins but refused to remain involved with criminal underworld. Falcone surrendered his seat of power to Maroni while serving as a surrogate father for Helena.

  • The Labor Day victim of the Holiday Murders. Sofia "The Hangman" Falcone murdered her brother Alberto for killing Sal Maroni, the father of her expected child. Sofia's run as the "Hangman" of GCPD came to an end on her hospital bed as she was trying to give birth to Sal's child.

  • Angelo Mirti is the mob version of Alfred Pennyworth and caretaker of Sofia during the final months of her pregnancy

  • Milos Grapa is the Falcone's most loyal enforcer and Helena's godfather. Milos has been entrusted with many dark secrets that have occurred between the mob families in Gotham.