Hawkeye (Disney Plus)

After the Infinity War, Barton thought he could leave the bow and arrows behind him but his legacy lives on in another. Barton must train this reckless upstart Kate Bishop before she is caught in the crossfire between rival crime syndicates.

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  • Clint and his brother Charlie were a part of the Circus of Crime until Charlie left. Charlie later returned as an FBI agent and led a raid against the carnival. Clint shot an arrow that he thought killed his brother as retaliation for attacking their adoptive family then he ran off. Clint was later apprehended by SHIELD agents and inducted into their ranks by Nick Fury who saw potential in Barton. After the Infinity War, Barton was enjoying his retirement from being Hawkeye until he is dragged into it by a teenage girl who becomes a vengeful archer with aims against the Tracksuit Mafia and the Circus of Crime.

  • Kate Bishop is the rebellious daughter of Derek and Eleanor Bishop. Kate has been attending Kinney College while surfing at Venice Beach. Kate becomes involved the recent turmoil in Venice when the Tracksuit Mafia sets up their base in SoCal. Kate's friends Ramone Watts and Mikka Nguyen are preyed upon by the Russian cartel. Her vigilante antics gain her the attention of the original Hawkeye who agrees to train her since his own enemies will want her dead as well.

  • Eden Vale is the CEO of Accutech, a subsidiary of Stark Industries. She is the beneficiary for the Circus of Crime. Her hatred for Hawkeye stems from his failure to save her daughter Lucy from the Tracksuit Mafia. She has made the Circus of Crime deadlier in order to draw out Hawkeye.

  • Charlie Barton ran away from home with his little brother Clint and joined Carson's Carnival of Travelling Wonders. The Barton boys were raised by Jacques Duquesne and Buck Chisholm. The two men took a liking to the boys and brought them into the fold of the Circus of Crime. Charlie eventually left the carnival and enlisted with the army then later became an FBI agent. As an FBI agent, Charlie led a raid on the Circus of Crime in the hopes of saving his brother. During the raid, Charlie's mentors were killed and Clint shot an arrow at Charlie as retaliation for betraying their adoptive family. Charlie was perceived as dead but in actuality he recovered and went undercover as a mob enforcer named Charles Last. Charlie has become Ivan's 2nd in command in the Tracksuit Mafia since their bond stems from the night that when the Circus of Crime was raided. Ivan sold out carnival to Charlie. Charlie and Clint's paths cross again when Kate Bishop takes on the Russian cartel. Charlie's old wounds are still sore for what his brother tried to do.

  • Ivan Kazimierczak is considered an absentee landlord by his tenants but the truth is Ivan is in charge of the Tracksuit Mafia. Ivan was once part of Carson's Carnival of Travelling Wonders who moonlighted as the Circus of Crime. Ivan grew ambitious and started his own syndicate that would rival his predecessors. Ivan's organization has operations branching from human trafficking, racketeering and drug smuggling. Ivan has made a new enemy out of Kate Bishop when his cartel preys on those closest to her.

  • Nicholas Grossman assumes the title of Swordsman after the death of Jacques Duquesne. Jacques was a marksman at throwing knives as well as a well practiced swordsman. Jacques and his partner Buck "Trickshot" Chisholm led the Circus of Crime outfit. Both Jacques and Buck took a liking to the runaway Barton brothers but Charlie eventually left the carnival behind when he enlisted in the US Army. When Charlie became an FBI agent, he conducted a raid on the Circus of Crime. During the raid, Jacques and Buck were killed while Clint was regarded as a traitor for abandoning them. As the Swordsman, Grossman is a part of the Death Throws within the Circus of Crime.

  • Laura Tonya "LT" Parker knew what she was getting into when she married a SHIELD agent. Laura never thought family life would be possible but she found a sister in Black Widow, she has three wonderful children and she has a husband who left his old life behind to finally settle down. Things become complicated for Laura and Clint when their rebellious son tries to become the next Hawkeye while a impetuous teenage girl takes on two gangs as the new Hawkeye.

  • Derek Bishop is the CFO at AccuTech and a philanderer. Derek likes young girls to satisfy his needs but he has recently been kept on a short leash by his CEO Eden Vale. Derek has been funneling the capital that Circus of Crime makes for Eden.

  • Eleanor Bishop is Kate's supportive mother who tries to keep her family together even though her daughter gets involved with a mixed crowd and her husband is having an affair Eden Vale.

  • Lucky is the Bishop family dog but Kate considers Lucky as her little brother.

  • Detective Rivera has been dedicated to bringing down the Tracksuit Mafia after her own cousin was taken by the Russian cartel. Rivera's only promising lead is Cherry, one of the Tracksuit Mafia's girls who has gotten to know the ins and outs of the cartel's operations.

  • Darlene Wright was taken at a young age to be used by the Tracksuit Mafia. Ivan renamed Darlene as Cherry and would subject her to perverse cruelty. Darlene ran off to testify against Ivan and her contact is Det. Rivera who has agreed to put her into protective custody.

  • Ramone Watts owns a surf shop and she is often plagued by the Tracksuit Mafia who strong arm her into paying them for protection. Ramone is one of Kate's friends and she becomes the primary reason why Kate gets involved by becoming Hawkeye and taking down the Tracksuit Mafia.

  • Mikka Nguyen is a shy but pretty little bookworm who never gets invited and has very little friends accept for Kate Bishop. Mikka is also an intern at AccuTech and becomes Larry Gort's next pursuit in order increase his standing in the Tracksuit Mafia. Mikka is invited to one of Larry's raves but Kate tags along to protect Mikka.

  • Larry "Gort" Gortoramov is Ivan's nephew and a constant pain. Larry has aspirations to be like his uncle within the Tracksuit Mafia by supplying them with girls that he drugs at his nightly raves. The one girl he can't seem to get is Kate Bishop's friend Mikka because Kate acts Mikka's big sister.

  • Keith Kraft is the supposed the Ringleader of the Circus of Crime. Keith and his troupe of misfits are supplied by AccuTech with latest tech to weaponize them. Keith's arsenal is solely based on throwing constricting rings that he uses to keep others in line.

  • Wendy Conrad and her lover Keith Kraft often quarrel who is the actual ringleader of the Circus of Crime. She certainly has the berserker strength to throwdown if anyone wants to question it.

  • Orville Bock is the new clown juggler who took over after Ivan left the circus. Orville's juggling act can be explosive if he should start throwing instead of juggling.

  • Lee Guardineer is the magician in the Circus of Crime. Lee has a talent for getting in and out of places when it comes to theft.

  • Tomas Ramirez is Fuego the Fire Eater in the Circus of Crime who specializes in committing arson. Fuego's services to the Circus of Crime are often contracted by those who need have something torched.

  • Jack Pulver is Torpedo the Human Cannonball, an aerialist who shakes up the Great Gambonnos trapeze act. Jack's suit is composed of Vibranium which makes his stunts that much more eye catching and equally dangerous when it comes to ramming into walls or enemies.

  • Mary Stenson is Teena the Fat Lady within the Circus of Crime. Mary acts as the brutal matriarch in the Circus.

  • Luigi and Ernesto Gambonnos are the trapeze artists within the Circus of Crime. As a diabolical duo, these dwarf performers can accomplish anything when they commit a crime and cannot be apprehended.