Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Possible Storyline)

After all that has transpired over the last five years. the galaxy has become a chaotic vacuum of lawlessness and disorder and the only source of hope is the ever expanding Church of Universal Truth. The Guardians are the galaxy's only chance for salvation which is a scary thought.

List items

  • Delphinia has a personal grudge against Peter Quill because Yondu always had a soft spot for his adopted son while she has known nothing but contempt for the Ravagers who have grown soft over time.

  • Gamora convinces Peter to aid the Nova Corps in bringing order to the galaxy and to help her save Moondragon from bringing about Thanos' rebirth.

  • When Adam was born, he was unpredictable and uncontrollable. His premature birth which was forced by Ayesha caused his mind to be fractured.

  • Magus is the darker half of Adam that Moondragon helps Adam expel. Magus returns to the Sovereign and pretends to be Ayesha's betrothed. Together, they bring the rest of the Sovereign under their thumb. Ayesha soon realizes that Magus is not her intended and flees her home world and enlists the aid of Guardians of the Galaxy. Magus establishes the Church of Universal Truth who spreads his cynical and depraved view about the universe. Magus is the Devil of the galaxy. Magus' only threat is better half and Moondragon's influence.

  • Ayesha wanted to strong-arm the Sovereign council with her betrothed but when his premature birth scarred his mind, he brought about havoc. Ayesha's intended fled the Sovereign but the Magus returned and gave Ayesha everything she wanted. It wasn't long after that Ayesha realized that Magus was not Adam. Ayesha escaped the Sovereign and enlists the aid of Guardians to stop Magus. When Ayesha runs into Adam and a pregnant Moondragon, Ayesha has nothing but disdain for Moondragon because she assumes Adam is Moondragon's lover.

  • Drax is marooned on Gundersheim where he is under constant attack by Rock Trolls.

  • Mantis accompanies Groot to Taluhnia in order to help him reestablish his species as well as her own. Mantis' people and Groot's had a symbiosis with one another. Mantis' kind would care then cultivate Groot's people and in return those like Groot would provide sanctuary for those like Mantis because their empathic abilities were considered a commodity in the enterprise of pharmaceuticals.

  • Bug comes from the same race as Mantis and has empathic powers like her but due his immaturity, Bug has only the capability of inspiring love which can escalate into lust and unrelenting needs of passion.

  • Groot has reached maturity and wants to reestablish a connection that Groot's people had with Mantis' species on the planet Taluhnia.

  • Rocket accompanies Groot on his life changing journey to the planet Taluhnia but he is getting irritable because he hasn't killed anything. His only outlet for his violent tendencies is crushing the annoying Bug who gets under Rocket's nerves.

  • Nebula is apprehended by a ragtag squadron of Nova Corpsmen led by Rhomann Dey. Nebula accepts her fate in order to atone for her crimes against the galaxy but Gamora refuses to let her face it alone.

  • Pip the Troll is smaller than the rest of his troll kind. Pip befriends Adam and Moondragon when their walks in life crossed paths. When Magus kidnaps Pip, he forces the troll to help him navigate through Gundersheim in order to locate the Black Vortex which will enhance the Magus' potential and his reach throughout the galaxy.

  • J'son of the Spartax Empire had a relatively small operation but ever since Thanos' universal genocide, his numbers have grown exponentially. Ravagers who feel that Stakar and Peter's leadership is far too honorable for marauders have decided to enlist with J'son.

  • Victoria is J'son's brutal prodigy. Victoria is a skilled fighter and a brilliant tactician. Her warlike qualities have sparked an unwanted infatuation with Drax.

  • Kraglin teams up with Stakar in taking on the Spartax Empire.

  • Stakar and his ravagers take on the Spartax Empire, a rival band of pillagers who are after a priceless artifact known as the Black Vortex.

  • Aleta Ogord accompanies her ex-husband in bringing down the Spartax Empire.

  • Mainframe acts the Stakar's guidance system for his ship.

  • Howard the Duck continues to be a wise cracking but all knowing duck. Howard and Cosmo possess knowledge on the location of the Black Vortex.

  • Cosmo gained his telepathic abilites after coming into contact with the Black Vortex, a Celestial construct that can bring about one's true potential.

  • Yondu Udonta has been around the galaxy and he fathered only one child. His daughter Delphinia has nothing but disdain for the Ravagers who shamed her father and only praised him upon his death. She considers the Ravagers to be hypocrites who have gotten soft.

  • Delphinia is Yondu's bastard child and enemy of the Ravagers. Delphinia has nothing but disdain for the Ravagers who shamed her father and only praised him upon his death. She considers the Ravagers to be hypocrites who have gotten soft and forgotten their beginnings as pillagers who take what they want with no mercy. Delphinia is Jeutar's partner as they hunt down the Guardians.