Green Arrow: Dead Man's Hand (Arkhamverse)

Green Arrow and his allies have been coerced into participating in a deadly televised gauntlet against the Royal Flush Gang.

List items

  • In the years that have passed, Oliver's relationships have mostly gone sour. His breakup with Dinah took a toll on him and the revelation that he is a father has proven too much for him to process. Now, Oliver has been pull into the fray when Wildcat and Black Canary are coerced into going up against the Royal Flush Gang.

  • Jonathan King is the commanding patriarch of the Royal Flush Gang and Roulette's financier for her gauntlet.

  • Mia Dearden is the foster child of the abusive Jonathan King. Mia and Roy Harper have known each other since their days in rehab. Roy gave Mia a new purpose in life by training her to be an archer like him. Mia has adopted the mantle of Quiver.

  • Roulette is the calculating matriarch of the Royal Flush Gang and the game master/ promoter of a deadly televised gauntlet that runs throughout Star City.

  • Dinah Lance went looking for her uncle Ted Grant when he chose to participate in Roulette's gauntlet. Dinah broke up with Oliver when she and Oliver learned that he had a child.

  • Cupid is the seductive Ten of the Royal Flush Gang. Cupid has been obsessed with Oliver Queen's alter ego for years and now she has the perfect opportunity to win his affections. Cupid won't let anyone stand in her way especially Oliver's past flings.

  • After the loss of his arm, Roy found solace in Cheshire's loving embrace. Within a short time, Roy and Jade had a child together. Jade's underground contacts managed to get Roy fitted with a cybernetic arm but his archery skills were somewhat affected by phantom limb syndrome. Roy has come back to Star City to hunt down the man who smothered his daughter and put Cheshire into a coma.

  • Constantine Drakon is the sadistic Jack of the Royal Flush Gang. Drakon had a violent but euphoric relationship with Cheshire but Jade felt a deeper connection with Roy Harper. When Drakon learned that Cheshire had a child with Roy, he snapped. Drakon used Cheshire's poisons to put Jade in an induced coma then he smothered Jade's daughter with a pillow.

  • Ted "The Wildcat" Grant has been feeling like an old dog who still got some fight left in him so he agrees to participate in Roulette's citywide gauntlet.

  • Amos Fortune is the all powerful Ace of the Royal Flush Gang. Amos is a casino owner, Roulette's uncle and Wildcat's agent. Amos convinces Wildcat to be his lead contender in Roulette's gauntlet.

  • Connor Hawke is the estranged son of Oliver Queen who wants to live up to his father's expectations. Sadly, his father has been distant ever since Connor's mother confronted Oliver with this shocking revelation. Connor has been keeping the legend of the Green Arrow alive despite his mother's pleas.

  • Milo Armitage is a weapons designer/ dealer in Star City and Sandra Hawke's fiance. Ever since the Green Arrow took a hiatus in crime fighting, Milo has been able to supply the gangs in Star City with the latest armaments without any vigilantes interfering with his business until now. Connor has taken up his father's mantle and will put an end to Milo's weapons distribution.

  • Sandra Hawke had a euphoric relationship with Oliver before he met Dinah Lance. The two of them parted and Sandra eventually gave birth to Oliver's son Connor. Sandra felt it was the right time for Oliver and Connor to meet each other. Sandra has accepted Milo Armitage's engagement proposal.

  • Helena Bertinelli is Gotham's Huntress. Huntress has been hunting all conspirators who were responsible for her parents' murder. She only has two left on her hit list...Suicide King and Red Dart.

  • Suicide King and Red Dart are two young upstarts who have the ambition to be the next leaders of the Royal Flush Gang. They intend to dethrone Jonathan King and Roulette while participating in Roulette's gauntlet.

  • Red Dart and Suicide King are two young upstarts who have the ambition to be the next leaders of the Royal Flush Gang. They intend to dethrone Jonathan King and Roulette while participating in Roulette's gauntlet.

  • George is starting to feel his age but when Oliver takes up his bow and arrows again, George gets ready for one last hunt.

  • Commissioner Lucas Hilton has assigned Det. Andrew Lopez the Royal Flush Gang case.

  • Det. Andrew Lopez has been assigned the Royal Flush Gang case and their connection to Roulette's gauntlet.