Green Arrow (Arkhamverse)

After being stranded on island and fighting for survival, Oliver Queen has returned to Star City. The fight for Oliver isn't over as he must regain control of his father's company and take back the streets of Star City from the criminals that lord over it.

List items

  • Oliver Queen takes back Star City as the Green Arrow.

  • Isabel Rochev has seized control of Queen Industries and represents the Mask Clan.

  • Katana was betrothed to a rival Yakuza clan member until he was betrayed by his brother. Katana killed her fiance's murderer with the Soul Taker sword. Katana brought shame to her father when she conceived a child with a gai-jin named Robert Queen. Katana left Japan with Emiko and became clan leader of the Sword Clan.

  • Simon LaCroix was a business partner of Robert Queen until he arranged to have Robert and Moira murdered during their safari trip. Simon and Isabel run Queen Industries together. Simon represents the Arrow Clan and he won't allow an upstart like Green Arrow to take away his position of power.

  • Emiko Queen is the illegitimate daughter of Robert Queen. Emiko's mother is the skilled swordsman Katana. Emiko has taken on the name Shado.

  • Daniel Brickwell is the leading crime lord in Star City and clan leader of the Shield Clan.

  • China White is Brickwell's international business partner who supplies him with drugs. China had a run in with Oliver when he was marooned on the island.

  • According to Diggle, John has been assigned by LaCroix to be Oliver's bodyguard. In actuality, John wants to join Oliver in his fight to take back Star City because he wants to find Junior Diaz. Junior murdered Diggle's mentor...Richard Dragon.

  • Junior Diaz and John Diggle trained under the same Kung Fu master Richard Dragon. Diggle was a reserve called in to serve his country which left Diaz unchallenged. Diaz eventually murdered Dragon and became Brick's top enforcer.

  • Oliver's love interest.

  • Bruce Wayne arrives in Star City when the Green Arrow vigilante makes an appearance. Bruce offers his help to Oliver. Bruce will assist Oliver in taking back his family's company while the Batman will secretly aid the Green Arrow by supplying him with a state of the art non-lethal arsenal.

  • Silver Monkey is China White's father and a Triad member. Silver Monkey represents the Fist Clan.

  • Onyx Monkey was a student of Silver Monkey but she was disgraced when she allowed Brick, an outsider to take command of the Shield Clan. Her failure has been her burden and she intends to reclaim her honor.

  • George is Oliver's wolf companion. Oliver raised George as a means of making amends for killing George's mother.

  • Bamboo Monkey is Silver Monkey's prized pupil and clan leader of the Spear Clan.

  • Hackett was Oliver's travelling companion during Oliver's trip to Fiji. Hackett sabotaged Oliver's yacht and marooned him on an island. Hackett returned to Star City to be rewarded. He became Hatchet, clan leader of the Axe Clan.

  • Master Jansen was Oliver's teacher during his time on the island. Jansen helped Oliver find serenity and peace which overcame Oliver's selfish and self-destructive nature.

  • Brian Nudocerdo is the corrupt police chief of Star City.

  • Evan Gibson is an investigative journalist who wants to know who the Green Arrow vigilante is.

  • Walter Steele is Isabel's lackey and one of the conspirators responsible for Robert Queen's murder as well as Oliver's.

  • Albert Davis is one of the conspirators responsible for Robert Queen's murder as well as Oliver's.

  • Martin Somers is one of the conspirators responsible for Robert Queen's murder as well as Oliver's.

  • Jin Fang is one of the conspirators responsible for Robert Queen's murder as well as Oliver's.