Flash 5: The Crimson Comet Cometh

The stars have revealed a strange anomaly that everyone is calling the Crimson Comet. The Crimson Comet will bring about worldwide chaos in the magical world unless the Flash can stop it.

List items

  • Wally comes into contact with members of the magical community when astronomers discover the coming of a crimson comet. Wally must aid magical users like Zatanna in preventing a worldwide cataclysm.

  • Evanesce "Eva" McCulloch hated her estranged father because he raped her mother Kristen Kramer. After Eva was born, Ms. Kramer left Eva at the Kirkcaldy orphanage with a note saying her name was Evanesce McCulloch. This note was meant to give Eva a clue as to her origins so that one day she could find her father and make him suffer. Eva majored in optics and quantum theory when she learned that her father was the infamous assassin Mirror Master. Eva runs into her father when her boyfriend Charlies Hendel tries to sell a stolen tapestry containing damaging information on the Suicide Squad and their superiors. Eva kills her murderer of a father and gains the attention of the infamous magician Abra Kadabra who presents a tempting offer.

  • Zatanna is the daughter of the late Giovanni Zatara and Sindella. Zatara told his children about the Crimson Comet and what it can do. The comet itself is a raw concentrated form of the Red which has a connection to all animal life on Earth. When the comet comes into close proximity of Earth, everyone will be reduced to their bestial tendencies and become erratic. This could be disastrous for those who wield magic because with their powers out of control, they could not only destroy the Earth but tear the very fabric of reality between all dimensions. A magic user named Quell Mordeth managed to avert this crisis over a millennia ago when he sacrificed his own life to guide the comet into the very tear of reality called the Bleed and sealed it behind him. The comet has somehow broken out of the Bleed and is heading towards Earth. Zatanna and Wally must prevent the second coming of the Crimson Comet or all life on Earth will cease.

  • William Zachery Zardo was a two bit magician and godfather to the Zatara children. Zardo and Giovanni Zatara were rivals but they had a mutual respect for one another or at least that's what Zardo made Zatara believe. Like Zatara, Zardo was a convincing showman but sometimes his tricks would not go off as planned and he lost his assistant Lashawna Baez when her father got sick. Zardo was desperate to become more than just a magician. Zardo had no connection to magic unlike his godchildren but that all changed when he sold his soul to the demon Neron. As Abra Kadabra, Zardo became a world famous illusionist but he is also a peddler of false hopes. Kadabra convinces unsuspecting victims to sell their souls to Neron thereby ensuring his continued existence. Black magic has a heavy price but Abra intends to become the sole wizard on Earth with the coming of the Crimson Comet and his latest cohort Prismatik will aid him.

  • Cindy Reynolds is the descendant of Quell Mordeth, a magic user who can tap into other dimensions. When the Crimson Comet came to close Earth over a millennia ago, all forms of magic and their users became erratic. Quell Mordeth sacrificed himself by opening a dimension called the Bleed which swallowed the Crimson Comet along with him. Cindy's parents have tried to keep her heritage a secret because they noticed at a young age, her ability to hone magic. When Cindy became a teenager and her hormones were high, her magic became uncontrollable. Cindy ran away from her family because she could tell they were frightened of her. Cindy later met Zachary Zatara who was just coming of age as well with his magical abilities. Together, they trained each other to focus their powers and eventually fell in love.

  • Detective Chyre is saddled with rookie Wally West while his partner Jared Morillo undergoes a psychiatric review. Chyre has been a beat cop for a long time and he has seen a lot of strange things but nothing can prepare him for what will transpire in Keystone City.

  • Jonathan Mills is an alias used by Det. Jared Morillo. Chyre has begun to notice a change in Morillo. In truth, Morillo's fiction has taken his place and locked Morillo away in the Mirror Dimension. Mills harbors all of Morillo's darkest thoughts and takes the spoils of his bounties earning him the name of Plunder. Mills is given a hit list of targets that will lead to the creation of the ultimate rogue.

  • Rory Regan took over his father's antique shop Rags'n'Tatters. Rory remembers his father's stories about the golem known as Ragman who defended the Jewish community from their enemies. The Ragman disappeared after World War II due to its failure of not being able to save Jewish lives that were lost to the concentration camps. Rory soon realizes that his father was the last Ragman and what the golem Ragman was comprised of. Each time the Ragman slew a perpetrator, the golem would take a piece of fabric from the deceased and would gain knowledge from each guilty soul. The absorption of this knowledge gave Rory unprecedented investigative skills into the minds of criminals but the voices of so many depraved spirits would torment Rory. Rory's latest target has been Paul Gambi because many of Ragman's recent conquests have been tailored by Gambi at one time.

  • Paul Gambi and his brother Peter have been in the business of tailoring criminals since the mob got organized under the leaderships of Charlie Luciano and Meyer Lansky. They learned their profession from their father who tailored some of the biggest crime bosses. Peter Gambi went into contact killing in Metropolis while Paul set up shop in the Gem Cities. Paul has been studying the exploits of the Flash and considers him a threat to his business since most of his clientele have been apprehended by the speeder. Paul's connections to government officials that he has tailored in the past, has gained him intimate knowledge about cutting edge technology particularly weapons. Gambi intends to become the ultimate rogue that will put an end to the Flash. During a botched mission with Task Force X, Gambi provides sanctuary for some of Flash's rogues but only to gain their powers and weapons for himself. Gambi designs each of the rogues a tailored suit that acts as a shield from Waller's killing frequency.

  • Linda Park has been analyzing the strange phenomenons that have been occurring in Keystone City. At one point, Linda and Wally become effected by the close proximity of the Crimson Comet and engage in a lustful escapade like wanton beasts.

  • Charles Hendel is Eva's new boyfriend and loyal thug. Both Eva and Charlie learned everything about optics and quantum theory from Professor Thomas Emery. Eva and Charlie tried to construct weapons from what they had learned from Emery but they were caught by Emery's lab assistant Roy Bivolo. Eva killed Bivolo and when Emery heard the commotion, he was brutalized by Charlie. Professor Emery was left in a coma while his students ran off with his research. Charlie's seedy connections in the criminal underworld gains him knowledge of a tapestry that is holding damaging evidence about Task Force X. Charlie and Eva intend to sell the tapestry to a fence because with the money, they can finance the construction of their optic weapons.

  • Zachary Zatara is Zatanna's little brother. He's still learning to harness his abilities but his girlfriend Cindy Reynolds helps him through it because his sister Zatanna becomes a world famous magician and doesn't have much time to mentor him. Zachery and Cindy present themselves as a duo of magicians called Zatara and Gypsy. Zatara's conjuring tricks and Cindy's ability in casting illusions as well as camouflaging makes them an entertaining pair in Keystone City. Zachery and Cindy become involved with Zatanna when the Crimson Comet appears.

  • Jeremy Tell is a black market fence and a compulsive gambler. Jeremy is scheduled to meet Charlie Hendel and Eva McCulloch who have a tapestry that contains damaging information about Task Force X. During the sell of the tapestry, Jeremy and his sellers are attacked by Task Force X who are led by Leonard Snart. With a combination between Snart's freezing gun, Harkness' boomerangs and McCulloch's light based weapons, Jeremy's body becomes practically filleted. Abra witnesses the action that takes place and offers Jeremy a second chance at life. Jeremy Tell is resurrected and he notices that his skin is comprised of deadly playing cards that he can use as weapons.

  • Joe West antagonizes Amanda Waller for her botched operation with Task Force X that caused the loss of innocent lives and goes on a citywide manhunt for her operatives.

  • Mary West is recuperating in her hospital bed after her run in with Heat Wave. Wally and Linda visit her often.

  • Kristen Kramer is the criminal forensics specialist at Keystone PD and Eva's mother. At the time, Kramer couldn't bare the idea of raising a child that was conceived from rape so she left her baby daughter at an orphanage. Over time, Kristen began to regret her decision and wishes she could take it back.

  • Dr. Rebecca Janus is the precinct's psychiatrist at Keystone City PD. Her newest patient is Detective Jared Morillo who has been exhibiting unusual behaviors.

  • Amanda Waller puts together a team who knows Central and Keystone City well in order to apprehend an art thief who has damaging information about her and the Suicide Squad. During the mission, McCulloch's estranged daughter complicates things and Waller detonates McCulloch's nano bomb when he is compromised. Waller orders her remaining operatives to head toward a safe house...Gambi's Tailoring.

  • Leonard Snart comes back to the Gem Cities to apprehend an art thief and his fence who is a compulsive gambler. The operation was almost a complete success until McCulloch's daughter complicated things. After the botched mission, Snart reports to a safe house which happens to be Gambi's Tailoring. Gambi offers Snart his talents to release Leonard from his services to Waller.

  • Digger Harkness comes back to the Gem Cities to apprehend an art thief and his fence who is a compulsive gambler. The operation was almost a complete success until McCulloch's daughter complicated things. After the botched mission, Digger reports to a safe house which happens to be Gambi's Tailoring. Gambi offers Digger his talents to release the Aussie from his services to Waller.

  • After the Savitar cult disbanded, Meena became a personal aid to Waller who would ensure the compliance of other with her music. Meena is now able to manipulate others without the need of her violin by humming or singing simple melodies.

  • Evan McCulloch was a part of British Special Forces or SAS until he went into business for himself. When he came to the states, he raped a woman in Keystone City who would later bare his child. Later on, Waller captured and coerced McCulloch to serve on her Suicide Squad. McCulloch and the other operatives were ordered to seize a tapestry containing damaging information about Waller and the Suicide Squad. Their tasks also included the assassination of the art thief and their fence.

  • The Secret Society found Calhoun's methods too extreme to handle and his membership was revoked which null and voided his protection from the authorities or any other threat. Calhoun returns to Keystone City and becomes a target for the bounty hunter Plunder.

  • After the Legion of Doom was disbanded, Marcus Mardon is hunted down by Plunder and his weather manipulating staff is given to the ultimate rogue.