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Flash 3: The Scarlet Speeder

The past, the present and the future will all collide in Central City and it could mean the end of the Flash.

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  • Barry was able to prove his father's innocence by exposing Det. Seborn for tampering with evidence on previous cases and made Seborn out to be his mother's murderer. Unfortunately, Henry Allen was murdered during a prison riot orchestrated by Marcus Mardon. The only light at the end of the tunnel for Barry was when Iris West buried her story about the Flash's true identity and they started dating shortly after. Barry's life gets turned upside down when he meets his estranged sister and his grandson from the future who reveals what will transpire between him and Iris West. Barry starts to become unhinged and desperate to do everything and anything to save those he loves as well as create a better future.

  • Marcus Mardon was a petty criminal with aspirations to be the boss above everyone else. In prison, Marcus orchestrated a riot by killing his rival inmate Henry Allen and used the riot as distraction to engineer his escape. After escaping prison, Marcus runs into his sister in law Elsa who informs him about his brother's weather manipulating staff. Elsa and Marcus figure with something like this, they could hold the entire globe hostage unless they are compensated. Marcus and a crew of his old flunkies break into Gauss' lab. Marcus kills his brother and steals the staff. Marcus then kills Elsa because he knows he can't trust her and becomes power mad. Marcus commands the force of a maelstrom and calls himself Cloudburst. Marcus eventually learns that the staff continually needs to be recharged by Speed Force. When Marcus runs into Inertia, he manages to repel the upstart speeder but Inertia demonstrates his ability to be persuasive. Inertia coerces Marcus to help him bring down the Flash by threatening the life of Marcus' estranged son Josh Jackham.

  • Bart Allen is the son of Don Allen and Meloni Thawne. Bart and his mother Meloni escape into the past in order to avoid his grandfather Thaddeus Thawne who intends to exploit his grandson's untapped ability in the Speed Force. Bart fights his grandfather during the time jump in order to give his mother a chance to escape. Bart ends up in Central City where he discovers his ancestor Digger Harkness being attacked by Red Robin. After stopping Red Robin, Bart bumps into his grandfather Barry Allen who is working with Dr. Gauss.

  • Thaddeus Eobard Thawne is the president of EarthGov in the 31st century. He chases his daughter Meloni and grandson Bart to the past. Bart fights his grandfather in order to give his mother a chance to escape her father's wrath. The battle between the two speeders causes Thaddeus to revert back to his youth as a teenager. When Thaddeus arrives in the past, he learns that his pawn Zoom has failed to kill Barry and he takes matters into his hands to ensure that the Allen bloodline ends and the Thawne legacy will thrive unchallenged.

  • Tim Drake has a personal stake in capturing the wannabe whose skills are similar to Digger Harkness. The original Boomerang killed Tim's father Jack Drake who became the CEO of Wiggins Game Company.

  • Digger Harkness has been a loose cannon at times but his years of reluctant service toward Amanda Waller has earned him some leeway especially when he asks to pay his respects to his wayward son. When Digger visits his son's grave, he comes under attack by Red Robin. Digger is saved by the intervention of a new Flash and ends up in the hospital but under police custody. A stranger visits Digger in his hospital room and gives him a sample of her blood that will enable him to harness Speed Force. The stranger hopes that Digger will make the right choices with this gift she has given him. Digger soon realizes that he can throw boomerangs which can catch up with Flash.

  • Jenni Ognats is the daugther of Jeven Ognats and Dawn Allen. Jenni is a part of the Legion of Super Heroes. Jenni works tirelessly to recreate the Cosmic Treadmill in order to arrest President Thawne for crimes against the galaxy. Jenni is accompanied by her cousin Amy Allen aka Bombshell. When Jenni arrives in the past she comes into conflict with Origami who wants to possess her future knowledge.

  • Dr. Edwin Gauss is a scientist who has been working with Flash in developing ways to harness Speed Force for the betterment of mankind. Edwin theorizes that Speed Force can be used for causing rapid growth like vegetation which could solve world hunger or be used for medical applications as well as solving the energy crisis but Edwin's true drive is travel. Edwin wants to explore the farthest reaches of the universe and quite possibly time in the blink of an eye. Edwin's vanity becomes a reality when he meets Inertia. Thaddeus transforms Edwin into Origami who is capable of folding not only himself but any point in time and space allowing him to be in many places at once.

  • Carol Bucklen is Dr. Gauss' intern next to Clyde Mardon. Carol was majoring in the field of bio-fission and wanted to use Speed Force in order to enhance one's life cycle. Carol runs into Bart and they begin a relationship.

  • Willard Wiggins was once the CEO of Wiggins Game and the father of Digger Harkness. Wiggins was a shady business man who made millions off others' toy patented ideas and sold them off as his own. Luna Nurblin was the daughter of Basil Nurblin, the original creator of Colonel Computron, a character that Wiggins made into a money making franchise which ranged from video games, action figures, TV shows, etc. Basil died by self immolation and his family sued Wiggins for damages but it made no dent. It wasn't until Luna met Digger and his new benefactor Inertia that they subjected Wiggins to fate worst than death. Wiggins was put into a mecha-suit like to Computron's & became a slave to Luna's mercy as well as a pawn in Thawne's new game.

  • Amy Allen is Don Allen and Meloni Thawne's first born. Amy always had a short fuse and she was envious of all the attention that her little brother Bart would get from her parents and President Thawne. Her only friend was her cousin Jenni Ognats aka XS. She was a part of the EarthGov military and participated in the reinstated Project Atom. When Amy found out what President Thawne intended to do with her brother, she saw an opportunity. Amy figured if she could arrest President Thawne for crimes against the planet then she would be proclaimed a hero in her own time and her fame would overshadow her brother. When Amy and Jenni arrive in the future, Amy makes fast enemies with Blockade whose powers are in equal par with Bombshell.

  • Luna Nurblin aka Blockade was the daughter of Basil Nurblin. Her father committed suicide when his toy idea Colonel Computron was stolen from Wiggins Game Company. Luna tried to take down Wiggins in the courts but to no avail then she met Inertia and she gained the ability to nullify those who used Speed Force. Luna can emit an EMP that can cancel out anything electrical or anyone who uses Speed Force and generate an aura that acts as a force field from harm.

  • Iris decided not to publish her findings that Barry was the Flash and shortly after, she started dating Barry. Iris has fallen in love with Barry for his selfless heroism and the obstacles he has overcome. Iris becomes startled by the revelation from her parents that she is from the future. Iris' parents confide in Iris and Barry about how their destinies are entwined in the 31st century. Barry becomes unnerved by the idea of the future being set in stone or if it can be changed while Iris refuses to let metaphysical ideas like destiny dictate the roads in life that she has yet to take.

  • Eric Ira West met Frances Nadine Russell in the 31st century. Eric was a physicist who was creating a new form of nuclear fusion power with alien technology. His nuclear facility eventually suffered a meltdown that would destroy many lives. In truth, his calculations were fabricated by the newly appointed President Thawne who wanted to maintain a stranglehold over renewable energy sources. Ira, his wife Nadine and their baby daughter Iris fled to the past in order to escape Thawne's persecution. Ira and Nadine made a new life for their family in Central City where Ira's knowledge of the future made some progress despite his lack of resources from the 31st century. As a professor of physics, Ira would endow his students with his knowledge which would one day benefit the future but he would receive no recognition.

  • Frances Nadine Russell is a loving wife of Ira West and caring mother for her children. Like her husband, Frances prefers to go by her middle name Nadine. Nadine suspects that the future she left behind may still come to fruition because her daughter Iris has started dating Barry Allen.

  • Dawn Allen is the mother of Jenni Ognats and Jeven Ognats' wife. Dawn and her brother Don were left in 31st century without a father when Barry Allen returned to the past to aid the Justice League in a fight that could jeopardize the future. Iris West-Allen reluctantly accepts President Thawne's financial aid since she has no means of adapting to the 31st century. The twins grew to accept Thawne as their surrogate father and became a part of his secret service detail. The public referred to the siblings as Thawne's Tornado Twins. Dawn didn't completely approve of Don's marriage to Meloni but when she met Jeven Ognats, everything else didn't matter. Dawn and her brother were later killed during an alien incursion.

  • Meloni Thawne is the mother of Bart Allen and Don Allen's widow. Meloni's father President Thawne made it so that Don and her got plenty of exposure among one another so that an attraction would grow between the two of them. Meloni didn't like the idea of being a breeding vessel for her father's ends but she couldn't help but fall for Don's selfless character and stamina. When Don and his sister died, Meloni knew that her father would transform her son Bart into a weapon or worse cannon fodder. Meloni broke into her father's archives and found the Cosmic Treadmill that would allow her as well as Bart to travel back in time. Meloni was unsure of how her presence in the present would effect the future but she couldn't allow her father to get his hands on her son. In a desperate act, Meloni decides to empower Digger Harkness with her blood which will give him the edge to outmatch any speeder including her father. Meloni's decision to choose Digger as her weapon against her father stems from the fact that her mother was born a Harkness.

  • Don and sister Dawn were left in 31st century without a father when Barry Allen returned to the past to aid the Justice League in a fight that could jeopardize the future. Iris West-Allen reluctantly accepts President Thawne's financial aid since she has no means of adapting to the 31st century. The twins grew to accept Thawne as their surrogate father and became a part of his secret service detail. The public referred to the siblings as Thawne's Tornado Twins. Don eventually brokered a peace treaty between the Allens and Thawnes by marrying Meloni Thawne. Meloni and Don conceived a son and a daughter. Don and his sister were later killed during an alien incursion.

  • Josh Jackham is the son of Officer Julia Jackham and Marcus Mardon. Julia told Marcus that she would never bare his child and left him. Julia later became an officer of Keystone City while being a caring single mother. The revelation that Julia lied to Marcus about the existence of their son Josh became apparent by Inertia. Inertia kills Julia in front of Marcus and holds his son as leverage.

  • Clyde is the younger brother of Marcus Mardon. Clyde was an intern who worked for Dr. Gauss. Dr. Gauss had acquired many of Dr. Darwin's notes regarding the benefits of Speed Force. Clyde was interested in the idea of Speed Force being used to manipulate weather. Clyde wants to benefit all of mankind and possibly put an end to global warming but his wife has other designs. Elsa informs Clyde's brother Marcus of what he is designing and Marcus has Clyde murdered.

  • Elsa is Clyde Mardon's wife and she has been having an affair with Clyde's older brother Marcus. Clyde has always been the bleeding heart who thinks of others but a poor judge of character and weak willed which is probably why he married Elsa. Elsa married Clyde because she thought his big brain would bring in a lot of money but she has always had an attraction for bad boys like Marcus. When Elsa learns what Clyde intends to do with his weather manipulator, she sees his aspirations as small thinking. If one person could harness and control weather, they could become a monopoly or even a threat to be reckoned with if not properly compensated. Elsa tells Marcus about what Clyde is doing and Marcus kills Clyde during a break in at his lab. Afterwards, Elsa embraces Marcus for carrying out the task and in return, Marcus kills Elsa by electrocuting her with lightning because he knew better than to trust someone as conniving as Elsa.

  • Jack Drake becomes a target of Owen Mercer, an enemy of Red Robin. Jack and Owen kill each after exchanging gunfire and boomerangs.

  • Owen Mercer is the son of Digger Harkness and Marian Mercer aka Pagan. Owen learned different skill sets from both of his parents which included hand to hand combat, weaponry utilization and the dark arts of magic. Marian was a well versed Wiccan while Digger learned everything from the aboriginal tribes in Australia. When Owen's parents separated, Owen became rebellious and lashed out. He eventually came into conflict with the capes in Gotham especially Red Robin. When Owen learned of Red Robin's identity, he decided to strike at the only living member of Tim's family. Jack Drake and Owen Mercer killed each other when Jack was impaled by Owen's boomerang and Owen took six shots in the chest. When Digger pays his respects at Owen's grave, he becomes a target for grief stricken Red Robin.

  • Marian Mercer is well practiced Wiccan in Gotham which gained her the unwanted attention of a street gang. When the gang attacked her home, Marian was around but her younger sister was. Marian's sister was raped and murdered which caused Marian to adopt the Pagan persona. As a vigilante, Marian attacked and slaughtered sexual predators. Marian met Digger Harkness when one of his contracts, was also a target of her crusade. Digger and Marian fell for one another and conceived a child that they named Owen. When Digger was inducted into the Suicide Squad, Marian filed for divorce and gained full custody of her son. Marian became catatonic when she learned about her son's death.