Flash 2: Flashpoint

Barry continues to dig for the truth into his mother's murder but his obsession will be exposed by his enemies. Barry is driven to the brink of desperation that he abuses the Speed Force in order to turn back time and save his mother. In doing so, he saves one life but he will condemn humanity.

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  • With Barry's investigation on his mother's murder going nowhere and the recent failure at Hill's Circus, Barry is driven into an act of desperation by using Speed Force to go back in time and save his mother. However, Barry fails to realize his selfless act will have dangerous repercussions.

  • Grodd was stolen from his mother when they fled Gorilla City. Grodd was meant to be the next ruler of Gorilla City but a coup exploded within the city and Grodd's legitimacy was a threat. Grodd was sold to a travelling circus where he was trained and often mistreated. During an FBI raid, Grodd was set loose by a clown and he maimed an FBI agent. Grodd was captured and given to Dr. Elias Darwin who wanted to see the effects of Speed Force on the human mind. The experiments gave Grodd telekinetic abilities and the edge he needed to initiate humanities downfall. In the Flashpoint future, Grodd assumes the identity of the elusive crime boss George Dyke who has been long thought dead. Grodd creates weapons for humanity to destroy each other with but his real goal is to use the Speed Force to devolve all of humanity back to their primal ancestry as primeapes.

  • FBI agent Hunter Zolomon had a rough childhood when his abusive father murdered his mother and was killed by during a police shootout. Both Hunter and Barry knew each other's pain and were best friends at the academy but their careers in life took them on different routes. At the FBI, Hunter became favored by Director James Jesse and fell in love with the director's daughter Ashley. When the director made it a personal mission to take down Hill's Circus, Hunter was determined not to fail him. During the FBI raid, Hunter was maimed by a gorilla and his father in law was killed by a clown. At the hospital, Hunter was visited by the Flash who pleaded with him to use the Speed Force to heal him. Barry said he couldn't risk using the Speed Force because it could make Hunter's condition worse. Feeling betrayed, Hunter began using a cache of Velocity 9 that was in FBI evidence lock up in order to heal himself. His depression and addiction grew into anger which drove Ashley away. One day, Hunter gets a mysterious package. In the package, Hunter receives a yellow looking suit similar to Flash's and a DVD. The DVD reveals Hunter's mysterious benefactor who tells him the suit can give Hunter the ability to walk again without the dependence of Velocity 9. However, he must carry out a mission that will ensure the end of Barry Allen. In the Flashpoint future, Hunter is referred to as Zoom and he is Central City's ultimate criminal as well as Grodd's prized asset.

  • In the Flashpoint future, Thomas Wayne witnessed the murder of his wife and son. Their assassination was ordered by Gotham crime lord George Dyke. Thomas killed Dyke but he never caught the man responsible for his family's murder. Thomas figured he can't defeat crime in Gotham City but he can control it. Thomas started buying out any illicit outfit in Gotham and transformed it into a citywide casino strip and those who didn't comply would suffer the Batman.

  • Hartley Rathaway has become unhinged after coming in contact with the Black Flash. Yorkin spared Rathaway because his future was so bleak that death would be a release. Yorkin showed Rathaway a future where apes would replace man and his lover David Singh would be one of the first to fall. Hartley becomes an apocalyptic zealot who enthralls children to follow him because he intends to preserve humanity's future in order to overthrow their simian oppressors. In the Flashpoint future, Hartley loses David to AIDS and he still continues his work in preserving the future by enthralling children with music.

  • Detective Matthew Paul Seborn is a dirty cop that has falsified evidence in order to convict people that looked right for the crime. Seborn was proclaimed a hero in Central City PD but Inspector Henry Allen felt otherwise. Seborn learned about Henry Allen's marital problems with his wife Nora and his accusations towards Captain Frye. Seborn was going to orchestrate Nora Allen's murder and make it look like Henry Allen did it but someone else beat him to it. In the Flashpoint future, Seborn is the commissioner of Central City and he collects the weapons from the Renegades as trophies but also as a means of defense from a speeder. Seborn continually has visions of a speeder who will reveal the truth about his success in the force.

  • Henry Allen was once part of Internal Affairs and was looking into an ongoing investigation involving evidence being falsified in order to put wrongfully convicted people behind bars. Henry accused Captain Frye of corruption for allowing officers like Detective Seborson to conduct unsolved murder cases which inevitably led to an arrest every time. However, Seborson never got the chance to bury Henry's investigation but was satisfied when Henry was convicted.

  • In the Flashpoint future, Nora Allen is safe and well. She and Henry are happy for their son's engagement to Fiona but Nora can't help but feel that Barry is holding back on something.

  • Fiona Webb was born Beverly Lewis and she was a childhood friend of Barry Allen. Fiona entered the witness protection program after testifying against George Dyke's involvement in the murder of her parents. Fiona and Barry bump into each other. Fiona's FBI handler is Hunter Zolomon who informs Barry that he mustn't maintain any further contact with Fiona because it may jeopardize her life. Unfortunately, Barry can't ignore the love that he still harbored for Beverly. In the Flashpoint future, Beverly and Barry are to be engaged.

  • Iris West has been piecing together all of the probable candidates that the Flash could be. In the Flashpoint future, Iris and Barry have been having an affair behind his fiance's back. Iris wants Barry to leave his fiance for her because she is expecting twins. Iris also lost her nephew, brother and sister in law when the Renegades came knocking at their door. When Iris learns that Barry is the Flash, she threatens to go to the police unless he leaves Fiona.

  • Bobo was one of the apes that was experimented on by Dr. Darwin. In the Flashpoint future, Bobo has become a detective in his own right and plans to expose evil in all its forms. Bobo has brought down Dr. Darwin but he is still trying to figure out who is posing as George Dyke in Gotham City. His investigation brings him into contact with Wally West who is trying to instill the good that a speeder can do.

  • Dr. Elias Darwin holds several degrees including engineering and biology. Darwin poses as a friend of the Flash by proposing the benefits that Speed Force could provide to the world such as travel and growth. Darwin constructs a treadmill that can siphon Flash's excess Speed Force and stockpile it. One of his endeavors was to expand the growth of the human brain and he used apes for his experiments. One of his test subjects was a gorilla who pretended to be simple but in actuality, he was a highly intelligent ape taken from his mother. Darwin's experiments gave the gorilla telekinetic abilities, an ability that Darwin will one day come to regret.

  • Dr. Ashley Zolomon was the daughter of FBI Director James Jesse and married Agent Hunter Zolomon. Ashley was a FBI profiler. The love Ashley had for Hunter began to wither when her father was murdered and Hunter became dependent on Velocity 9. In her state of vulnerability, Ashley starts seeing Leonard Snart, a security specialist for LexCorp. Ashley's bid for her father's position as director of the FBI was being threatened by someone in her department. Ashley confides in Snart about all the drama in her life and he decided to do something about it. In the Flashpoint future, Ashley is still separated from Hunter but she is now the director of the FBI sector in Central City thanks to Captain Leonard Snart.

  • Leonard Snart is a security specialist at LexCorp. Leonard comforted Ashley Zolomon during her separation from her husband Hunter. When Ashley started receiving threats from an unknown assailant, she confided in Leonard about it. With Leonard's connections, he found out who was threatening Ashley and he put Ashley's tormentor on ice.

  • Dr Alexander Petrov was a criminologist at the FBI and his only threat to becoming the next director of the FBI was Dr. Ashley Zolomon. Ashley expressed her fears to Snart about someone secretly threatening her life. Snart used his connections and training to flush out Petrov and killed Petrov by icing him.

  • Giovanni Giuseppe was a trapeze artist at Hill's Circus and would pick pocket those that visited the carnival. Giovanni left the circus when their activities became to dangerous for him to commit. Giovanni changed his identity and erased his prior history in order to avoid scrutiny from the right side of the law. As James Jesse, Giovanni made it to the big leagues as FBI director in Central City. Giovanni took a liking to cadet Hunter Zolomon as did Jesse's daughter Ashley. During a raid on Hill's Circus, Giovanni was gunned down by Lyle Corley who mentored him during his time at carnival. Giovanni's costume at Hill's Circus was given to Axel Walker by Lyle Corley.

  • Axel Walker was always the trouble maker on Barry Allen's street. When Nora Allen was murdered, he witnessed the man that did it but he never said anything to the police because he knew about police corruption in Central City. In the years that followed, Axel became a part of Hill's Circus and his mentor was Lyle Corley, a devious clown who had a knack for pick pocketing. When the FBI conducted a raid on the circus' illicit activities, Axel saw the man that killed Barry Allen's mother as well as Barry Allen becoming the Flash. During the raid, FBI Director James Jesse was murdered by Corley and Corley set loose a gorilla that maimed Agent Hunter Zolomon. After the raid, Walker mocked Barry by saying the Flash can't always be there to save everyone. These haunting words would prove to be Walker's greatest trick. In the Flashpoint future, Walker steals high tech weapons from several dealers and has fun by causing all sorts of trouble while assisting the Pied Piper in his efforts to preserve man's future.

  • Mick Rory Calhoun is a firebreather at Hill's Circus. Mick has accepted contracts from various types of the criminal element to do burn jobs for them. His activities as a paid arsonist attracted the attention of FBI

  • In the Flashpoint future, Darryl Frye aka Commander Coldsnap leads a task force that will apprehend every speeder in Central City. Commander Coldsnap has connections with the Checkmate Department and uses the Task Force X protocol to coerce criminals into apprehending speeders.

  • Joanne Frye aka Heatstroke is Darryl's wife and his partner during their crusade against speeders in Central and Keystone City.

  • In the Flashpoint future, Samuel Scudder aka the Mirror Monarch was once an illusionist and a criminal. Commander Frye decided to give Scudder a reprieve if he helped him capturing every speeder in Central and Keystone City.

  • In the Flashpoint future, Roscoe Dillon aka Topper was a speeder who was given a reprieve by Captain Frye to act his bloodhound who could sense others that harnessed Speed Force.

  • Josh Jackham aka Weather Warlock was an intern that worked for Dr. Elias Darwin. Josh stole a high tech divining rod that could harness the weather through the manipulation of Speed Force. Like Scudder and Dillon, Josh is forced to work with Commander Coldsnap in capturing all speeders.

  • King Solovar is the acting ruler of Gorilla City and he is contacted by Detective Chimp when Bobo discovers that one of Solovar's citizens has designs that could kill billions.