Captain America Reborn (Disney Plus)

Sam Wilson must deal with the pressure of being the next Captain America while Bucky must contend with the negative skepticism that stems from his past as the Winter Soldier. Things worsen when the government as well as the right wing media attack both of Captain America's greatest and oldest friends. Sam and Bucky must rally their allies in order to expose a conspiracy that involves the corruption of Captain America's legacy.

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  • Sam Wilson has accepted his responsibility as the new Captain America but he is faced with opposition from all corners. Political powerhouses, vigilantes and terrorists will test Sam to the brink.

  • Bucky is still regarded as a dangerous liability to America's interests and is still wanted for crimes in other parts of the world. Sam Wilson stands by Bucky and defends him with documented footage that displays Bucky's efforts during the Infinity War. Bucky's fragile credibility is called into question when someone starts murdering enemies of the Winter Soldier. Bucky begins to wonder if there is any chance for redemption and to be forgiven for everything.

  • Jack Monroe had a troubled beginning when the FBI arrested his parents for crimes against humanity due their involvement with a violent Neo Nazi coalition in Clutier, Iowa. When he got older, Jack trained under Major William Burnside and came to know Veteran Steve Rogers through their mechanic Dennis Dunphy. After Peggy died, Rogers entrusted Monroe with his Harley Davidson and it was that same bike that took Jack on a road trip where he met his girlfriend Priscilla Lyons. Burnside later recommended Jack to General Haywerth in becoming the next Captain America by having the Super Soldier Serum injected and moderated by nanites. The experimentation on Jack went wrong and his psyche was torn in two. Jack's persona would combat his self righteous demon who refers to itself as the Scourge of the Underworld. As Scourge, Jack takes out those responsible for corrupting the legacy of Captain America which includes Bucky.

  • John Walker held Captain America in high regard but when he learned that Steve Rogers chose someone else to wield the shield, he was filled with vindictive envy. General Lewis Haywerth who represented the Superhuman Tactical Activities Response Squad, approached Walker with the opportunity to become the next Captain America under the direction of the Sokovian Accords. John Walker becomes USAgent.

  • Clinton McIntyre is a brutal operative who fragged his own commanding officer. Major Burnside had McIntyre sentenced to death but his body was never discarded. Burnside wanted to test the a new strain of the Super Soldier Serum dubbed Protocide in the hopes that the serum could reanimate dead flesh on the field of battle. McIntyre was a success for Protocide but his vicious nature still resided within his mental state. Director Burnside would keep McIntyre on ice unless the situation ever called for him to set loose his attack dog. With Sam Wilson parading as the new Captain America and a merciless sniper targeting members of STARS, Director Burnside reactivates McIntyre.

  • Agent Sharon Carter can't help but feel abandoned and shunned that Steve Rogers ultimately chose to live out the rest of his life with her great aunt Peggy. She tries to move on with her life and starts a secret correspondence with Bucky. Carter soon realizes that her new director is reviving the Super Soldier program and has created a monster. Carter helps Bucky fight off this Scourge of the Underworld.

  • Major William Burnside became the new director of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre in Vienna. Like his subordinate John Walker, Burnside also held Captain America in high regard and didn't approve of Sam Wilson becoming the next Captain America. Burnside reactivates a Protocide subject named McIntyre in order to take out the new Captain America and the Scourge of the Underworld who is targeting members of STARS as well as those who have tainted Cap's legacy.

  • Dennis Dunphy's passion was being a wrestler and he is a mechanic by trade. The only thing he keeps to himself is being a homosexual. Dennis' auto shop is located in Spanish Harlem and he is a friend of the Torres family. In his lifetime, Dennis has serviced Captain Rogers' Harley Davidson which was later given to Jack Monroe. Monroe introduced his girlfriend Priscilla to Dunphy who agreed to train her so she could be a part of the wrestling federation. Dennis and his lover Jim Wilson have had a rocky relationship due to Dennis' temper as well as his desire to be back on top in the wrestling federation. Dennis becomes involved with Jim's family when Sam and Joaquim Torres take on the Americops but Dunphy is later setup as a plausible suspect for the Scourge of the Underworld when evidence is found at his auto shop which links him to the murders of members in STARS.

  • Captain Bart Gallows is chosen to lead a special task force of the NYPD who are financed by Keane Industries. Gallows and his Americops impose their version of law and order in the crime ridden areas of New York without any regard for innocents caught in the crossfire. Gallows is opposed by Sam Wilson and Joaquin Torres but his tour of duty comes to an end when a sniper kills Gallows.

  • Joaquin Torres grew up in Spanish Harlem where he later became friends with Sam Wilson. Joaquin and his family are being harassed by the Americops, a special NYPD task force who have been equipped by Keane Industries. Sam and Joaquin intend to put down the Americops.

  • Mariano Lopez is the local thug in Spanish Harlem who squeezes the last penny out of every bodega under his so called protection. Those who don't pay tribute to Lopez will suffer the deadly swing of his machete. Joaquin Torres' parents have plagued by Lopez but things change for the better when Torres and Sam Wilson take on Lopez.

  • Priscilla Lyons was a drifting vagabond until she was picked up by Jack Monroe. Jack and Priscilla immigrated from Kentucky to New York where they became lovers. Jack introduced Priscilla to his grease monkey Dennis Dunphy who was a pro-wrestler and Dunphy trained Priscilla to be an agile combatant so she could join the wrestling federation. In recent weeks, Priscilla has become unnerved by Jack's change in behavior. Priscilla wants to go after those responsible for corrupting Jack and her primary target is the sadist Caprice.

  • Agent Kali Vries was once part of SHIELD until she enlisted with STARS. Kali experienced several horrors after Thanos snapped his fingers and worked very hard to bring order out of chaos. As an agent of STARS, Kali acts as USAgent's partner and handler who monitors his progression with the Super Soldier Serum.

  • General Lewis Haywerth is the commanding officer in charge of STARS. Haywerth redesigned the Super Soldier Serum but his failed experiment with Jack Monroe will be his undoing. Haywerth's only protection will be his crowning achievement the USAgent.

  • Sgt. Gideon Wilson left the military after his brother disappeared five years ago. Gideon put away his dog tags and became a pastor like his father who died defending the defenseless from bigots in Harlem.

  • Allie Magruder is Jim Wilson's mother and Gideon's wife. Unlike her husband, Allie remains duty bound to her nation and continues to serve by acting as USAgent's dispatcher and intelligence.

  • After graduating from Culver University, Jim came back to Harlem where he met and fell in love with pro wrestler Dennis "Demolition Man" Dunphy. The relationship between them became strained with Dennis' temper and Jim's reluctance to come to terms with his homosexuality. Jim started seeing other people and eventually contracted AIDS.

  • Dr. Farley Mowat is responsible for redesigning the Super Soldier Serum for General Haywerth and experimenting on Jack Monroe as well as John Walker.

  • Harry Hauser is known for being a loud bigot on his radio show which fuels the fire to those who don't approve of Sam Wilson becoming the next Captain America.

  • Paul Keane is the racially biased CEO of Keane Industries. Keane supplies an NYPD task force with an arsenal that will enable them to maintain order in the crime ridden streets of New York. Keane also has a foothold in the STARS initiative with General Haywerth and his pet project USAgent. Keane becomes one of the victims who falls before Scourge of the Underworld.

  • Senator Tom Herald uses all of his political pull to discredit Sam Wilson and his defense toward Bucky Barnes. Senator Herald is also on the committee that supports the STARS initiative. Senator Herald is assassinated by a shadowy sniper during his inquisition on Bucky.

  • Redwing continues to be Sam's faithful eye in the sky. Redwing documented all the events that transpired during Infinity War until it shut down because it lost its link with Sam. Five years went by until Sam returned and Redwing flew back to him. Redwing's footage shows Bucky's efforts during the Infinity War in order to demonstrate his change in character as well as the opportunity for a second chance.

  • The Americops are fascist vigilantes in the NYPD who have been equipped by Keane Industries and they are led by Capt. Bart Gallows. Sam Wilson and Joaquin Torres take on the Americops to expose their abuse in authority but their mission is botched by an elusive sniper who kills Gallows which gives fire to the opposition that want to prosecute Bucky for his past crimes.