Black Panther: Two Kings (MCU Phase 5)

Following the return of the Black Panther, Wakanda is threatened by the forces of the legendary Atlantis. A war between two royal families will determine who will harness the power of Vibranium.

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  • T'Challa has been brought up to speed on the five years he has missed since he was snapped out of existence. Those closest to T'Challa have kept the peace but they have also kept secrets from him. T'Challa soon learns from Atlantean invaders that the continued mining of Vibranium has cost the lives of thousands. T'Challa exercises diplomacy but Namor's arrogance brings the two kings to the brink of war.

  • The word Namor is a derogatory Atlantean word for a bastard or mongrel. Princess Fen's son took the name Namor as a badge of pride because he wasn't ashamed of his heritage. Namor fought hard to earn his grandfather's respect and he rose from cannon fodder to becoming a crowned prince of Atlantis. When Deluvia was destroyed by a relentless string of underwater earthquakes, King Tha-Korr proclaimed that Namor would succeed him instead of Namor's cousin Byrrah. Tha-Korr died while trying to save his citizens from the crumbling walls around the underwater city. Namor takes it upon himself to make Wakanda pay for their avarice in mining Vibranium. T'Challa exercises diplomacy but Namor's arrogance brings the two kings to the brink of war.

  • Krang has been raised since birth to hate those who live on the surface since they pollute the oceans and to consider Namor as an affront to Atlantis' purity. Krang has had his suspicions about Lady Dorma's fidelity and Selach, his 2nd in Command, confirms that Dorma has been having an affair with Namor. Krang and Byrrah will feed the fire to Namor's anger towards Wakanda's refusal to cease Vibranium mining while in turn devise a plan to use Wakanda's Vibranium Mound to launch tidal waves of such epic proportion to drown the surface.

  • Shuri is in debt to her mentor and uncle S'Yan for maintaining the Wakandan Outreach Centre in Oakland while posing as the Black Panther in her brother's absence. When Atlantis attacks and Ramonda is taken prisoner, Shuri exercises her political stance as a Wakandan princess and offers her hand in marriage to Namor in order to prevent war.

  • Byrrah is Namor's cousin and he would have been the next in line to rule Atlantis but Tha-Korr gave dominion over the kingdom to Namor before he died. Byrrah devises a plan with Krang to use Wakanda's Vibranium Mound to launch tidal waves that will drown the surface.

  • Nakia has been feeling pushed and manipulated since T'Challa decided to disband the Hatut Zeraze aka War Dogs. Nakia sees this royal decree as a ploy to force her to accept T'Challa's offer to become his queen. When Atlantis attacks, Nakia engages Dorma in combat but is taken prisoner along with the Queen Mother Ramonda. Nakia overhears the meaningful conversation between Dorma and Ramonda. Nakia begins to rethink her stance on T'Challa's past decisions.

  • Lady Dorma is Krang's betrothed but she has been having an affair with Namor. Dorma feels her infidelity makes her unworthy of both Krang and Namor. Ramonda confides in Dorma that the concept of love often transcends the ideas of betrayal and duty. Ramonda tells Dorma that she harbored feelings for King T'Chaka but his marriage to N'Yami was arranged in order to prevent a war with Niganda. Ramonda's confession made Dorma believe that a greater force was at work and her love for Namor is not something that should be discredited.

  • Okoye along with other members of the Tribal Council have been ignoring the cause of the underwater earthquakes because if they were desist the mining of Vibranium then it could mean a collapse of Wakanda's infrastructure. Matters become worse when W'Kabi's loyalty is called into question after Okoye fought to have him rejoin Wakanda's inner circle. Okoye and her Dora Milaje will stop at nothing until the Atlantean invaders are driven from their nation.

  • When Wakanda was without its king for five years and in dire need of reinforcements, Okoye approaches W'Kabi and asks if he seeks redemption. W'Kabi demonstrates his need to be absolved by defending Wakanda's borders from usurpers and thieves. When T'Challa returns, he promotes W'Kabi to Border Tribe Elder when M'Kathu died. When Atlantis attacks the weakest points in Wakanda's defense, W'Kabi's loyalty is called into question and he becomes a prime suspect.

  • Selach is Krang's sycophantic 2nd in command who has repressed feelings for his commander. Selach spies on Krang's betrothed Lady Dorma and reports to Krang about Lady Dorma's affair with Namor. Selach is a formidable foe for Okoye and W'Kabi when they battle.

  • Ramonda is thankful to have her children back. When she becomes a prisoner of war, Ramonda strikes up a bond with Namor and Lady Dorma. For Namor, Ramonda reminds him of how his mother was fierce in making her son a skilled warrior that could her father's respect. As for Dorma, Ramonda confides in her that she isn't T'Challa's mother. Ramonda was captain of T'Chaka's Dora Milaje while T'Chaka was married to N'Yami. Ramonda loved T'Chaka and wished she was vain enough to have the king engage in an affair but she could never go through with it. When N'Yami died giving birth to T'Challa, Ramonda felt the gods were shaming her for her thoughts of seducing the king but she took it upon herself to be a mother for T'Challa and Shuri.

  • Everett Ross has become a liaison for Wakandan Affairs with the United Nations. Ross becomes involved in Wakanda's fight against Atlantis when his girlfriend Nikki Adams is killed during a battle.

  • Tulem is Krang's father and a xenophobe. Tulem originally served King Tha-Korr and he was responsible for alerting Tha-Korr about Fen's involvement with an air breather. When Tha-Korr believed Fen's story about being ravaged, Tha-Korr demoted Tulem for his insolence and promoted Vashti as his vizier. Tulem has pressed upon his son Krang since birth that Namor and all humans are enemies to Atlantis.

  • M'Baku has felt a little entitled since T'Challa's return. Both he and Okoye defended Wakanda while S'Yan posed as the Black Panther. M'Baku had his suspicions about who the Black Panther was but his claim to the throne was forfeit. M'Baku played along with this charade until T'Challa returned. T'Challa offers M'Baku a seat on the Tribal Counsel to show his gratitude but M'Baku feels he is owed more. The Jabari Tribe are attacked by Morcan and Krang's forces. Morcan defeats M'Baku in unarmed combat and M'Baku reluctantly allies with the Atlanteans against Wakanda in order to save his own tribe.

  • Morcan is one of Krang's most ruthless underlings. During an attack on Wakanda, Morcan beats to death reporter Nikki Adams. End Post Credit Scene: An unconscious Morcan is brought to a facility where his identity is erased thereby making him compliant and renamed Orka.

  • Hodari is Nakia's father and the River Tribe Elder. Hodari has sensed a distress within his daughter since the War Dogs were disbanded by decree of the king. Hodari and his River Tribe are the first to be taken prisoner by the Atlantean invaders and they are tortured.

  • N'Gassi has accepted the responsibilities of his predecessor Zuri as the king's counsel. N'Gassi and Vashti work together in devising a peaceful solution before the a war between two nations tears the world apart. Shuri approaches them with an idea to stop the war.

  • Vashti is an Atlantean priest who counsels Namor to exercise all matters of diplomacy before waging war with the surface world like Wakanda.

  • Leonard McKenzie was a captain from Boston with his Icebreaker ship: S.S. Oracle. McKenzie has profited from illicit shipments such as the delivery of armaments to the IRA. McKenzie was commissioned by Paul Destine who in actuality was Ulysses Klaue, to travel to the Enderby Region in Antarctica in order to mine Vibranium. McKenzie agreed because Vibranium could be a great asset for the IRA to drive the British out of Ireland. When McKenzie reached Antarctica, his ship and crew were attacked by Atlantean sentinels led by Princess Fen. McKenzie saved Fen when Klaue was about to kill her. Fen in turn rescued McKenzie by taking him to her Atlantean outpost. In a short while, the two became lovers and Fen bared McKenzie a child but their involvement is discovered. Fen tells McKenzie to leave and that she will find him again. McKenzie refuses at first but he is chased off when Fen screams to her father's personal guard that the air breather ravaged her. McKenzie understood why Fen did what she did and he vowed to one day reunite her and his child when the time was right.

  • Ulysses Klaue traveled with Captain Leonard McKenzie to the Enderby region of Antarctica. Klaue assumed the alias Paul Destine in order to avoid any interference from the authorities. Klaue was ordered by his superiors within the Intelligencia to reconfirm their suspicions of an untapped Vibranium Mound in the Antarctic region. The voyage was met with disaster when the S.S. Oracle was attacked by Atlantean outpost sentinels led by Fen. Klaue managed to escape and left the rest of the crew to their fates. As far as Klaue can tell: the Vibranium Mound between Antarctica and Wakanda is interconnected.

  • Princess Fen led a group of sentinels who guarded an Atlantean outpost in Antarctica. When the S.S. Oracle began breaking through the ice and getting closer to a Vibranium deposit, Fen led an attack on the ship. Klaue and his mercenaries fought against the Atlanteans to a standstill. Klaue overpowers Fen but McKenzie saves her by knocking Klaue overboard. Fen became enamored as well as grateful towards her handsome rescuer. Fen pretends to take McKenzie as her prisoner but she gives him a special Atlantean amulet that allows him to breath underwater. In a short while they become lovers and Fen later bares McKenzie's child but their involvement is discovered. Fen tells McKenzie to leave and that she will find him again. McKenzie refuses at first but he is chased off when Fen screams to her father's personal guard that the air breather ravaged her. Fen knew that Tha-Korr could never accept her child since his conception is considered an act of treachery but if she lied about the circumstances then Tha-Korr would accept Fen's child as a bastard whose only use would be to serve as cannon fodder against enemies.

  • S'Yan is Ramonda's brother and the uncle of her children. S'Yan was Shuri's mentor who inspired her to become his prodigy in the field of science. S'Yan stepped up by assuming the mantle of the Black Panther when T'Challa and Shuri were snapped out of existence. As far as everyone knew, T'Challa was an absentee king while the supposed Black Panther continued to keep the peace in Africa for the next five years. After T'Challa and Shuri came back into existence, S'Yan happily gave back the title of Black Panther to his noble nephew. When Atlantis attacks, S'Yan sacrifices himself to save his sister.

  • Azzari the Wise became the Black Panther shortly after World War II broke out. Azzari was a combative ally with members of the Invaders including Captain America and Tha-Korr. Tha-Korr and Azzari discussed the continued hollowing of the Vibranium Mound in Wakanda. Azzari and Tha-Korr came to an agreement that the mining of Vibranium would have to desist in the years to come or it would cause tremors that could destroy an Atlantean outpost called Deluvia located beneath Wakanda. Azzari knew this consideration would gain a powerful ally but the eventual end of excavating Vibranium could mean chaos for Wakanda's future. Azzari spent the remainder of his years trying to find a deterrent that could prevent Atlantis from invading Wakanda.

  • Investigative Reporter Nikki Adams has been seeing Everett Ross in order to get an opportunity to interview T'Challa and document the changes in Wakanda for the last five years. Nikki broadcasts the life changing events that take place in Wakanda when Atlantis attacks. Nikki is killed by Morcan, an Atlantean underling for Warlord Krang.