Black Cat/ Silver Sable (Upcoming MCU Spin Off)

When the worlds of two daring women collide, it can be life changing for Spider-Man. Black Cat, a world renowned thief and Silver Sable, a highly paid mercenary must join forces to prevent the mad vision of Doctor Otto Octavius.

List items

  • Peter Parker was sent to cover Octavius demonstration for the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man gets pulled into this when Silver Sable and Black Cat ruin Octavius' vision.

  • Aaron Davis was given the cover name Hobbie Brown when he joined the Wild Pack. As the Prowler, Aaron acts as Silver's reconnaissance expert.

  • Robert Farrell is Aaron Davis' cousin. Robert is a skate boarder and a thief. After getting popped by the police, Aaron offers Robert a place with the Wild Pack where his agility can be utilized for the better good.

  • Ernst Sablinova led a double life in America as a renowned cat burglar Walter Hardy and won the affection of socialite Lydia Hardy. Ernst had to fake his death when he gained some powerful enemies as Walter Hardy. Ernst has trained his daughter Silver to one day take over the Wild Pack.

  • Lydia Hardy fell in love with Walter Hardy, the same man who broke into her home. When Walter faked his death, she raised her daughter Felicia to be a self made woman who didn't anyone especially a man.