Batman: Knightfall (DC film)

Batman will face the ultimate threat to his city in the form of Bane.

List items

  • Batman has been noticing the sudden escalation in crime but he underestimates the Penitente Cartel.

  • Gabriel Santo is the driving force behind the Penitente Cartel. Gabriel Santo has fought for the liberation of Santa Priscan people who have been oppressed by the heavily armed militia forces. The government used weapons that were manufactured by WayneTech. As Bane, Gabriel holds Bruce Wayne and Batman responsible for the atrocities visited upon his people.

  • Michael Lane has been chosen to be the next Azrael. Michael is torn between the angel and devil within him.

  • Santiago Vargas has come to Gotham to aid the GCPD in their fight against the Penitente Cartel. Vargas has had several encounters with Bane's 2nd in command Scorpiana.

  • Tristessa Delicias is Bane's 2nd in command and lover. She loves to play games with her prey especially with Santiago Vargas, a Federale from Argentina who has been trying to crack down on the Penitente Cartel.

  • The relationship between Catwoman and Batman has become strained but their devotion towards each other will be tested when the Penitente Cartel comes to Gotham.

  • When Bruce was severely injured by Bane, Cassandra comes to Bruce's aid by helping him rehabilitate his body and mind.

  • Alfred does what he can to surgically aid Bruce during his recovery.

  • James Gordon has taken a leave of absence after what he and his family suffered at the hands of the Joker. Gordon selects Captain Ellen Yindel as his successor until he should return.

  • Vito Porter is brother to the late Dr. Randolph Porter who first came up with the Venom formula. When Randolph died, Vito continued his brother's research but his unorthodox experiments caused him to flee the country. Vito was eventually arrested and sentenced to Pena Duro when he resurrected corpses in Santa Prisca. Dr. Vito Porter is referred to as Trogg the Zombie Mortician within the prison walls. Porter is then coerced into enhancing convicts like Bane with his Venom formula.

  • Angel Vallelunga

  • Eduardo aka Flamingo is the Penitente Cartel's chief enforcer. A deranged but flamboyant maniac who takes pleasure by indulging his cannibalistic tendencies. Bane often refers to Flamingo as "pajaro" which means "bird" in Spanish.

  • Joker is one of the few inmates that Bane refused to let loose as the cartel took over Gotham during the chaos.