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Wasted opportunities in Civil War film (Spoiler Alert)

After viewing Captain America Civil War, it was just as good as Winter Solider with the feel of an Avengers movie. However, I feel there are some opportunities and altered plot points that were either wasted or should have never been altered.

  1. General Ross back in action: No Red Hulk
  2. Sharon Carter's involvement: Sharon isn't brainwashed to kill Captain America
  3. Baron Zemo's portrayal: Zemo is vengeful and manipulative however, his hatred is not just for Captain America but for all the Avengers because of their involvement in Sokovia plus he lacks combat skills.
  4. Black Panther's father: T'Chaka is killed but not by Klaw which slightly changes T'Challa's motivation to become the Black Panther and his hatred towards Klaw.

Wonder Man in GOTG Vol. 2

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Nathan Fillon will be playing Simon Williams but only as a reference. Simon Williams will be an acclaimed actor who has done different movies like a biopic of Tony Stark, the barbarian Arkon (Marvel Character) and his most iconic role Wonder Man. News of this came from the filming of GOTG Vol. 2 in Atlanta Georgia. Its possible these scenes with Simon Williams are a flashback for the arrival of Peter's father and how he met Meredith Quill.

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The “Simon Williams Film Fesitval is being held at local theater marquee. In Marvel Comics, Simon Williams was the superhero Wonder Man and later a Hollywood film star, thus making this background decoration a deep cut reference. Fillion previously lent his voice to the first Guardians as an alien in the Kyln. We should note Fillion may not actually appear in the movie as the character, but just on these images in the background."


Michael Keaton dropped Spider-Man

It kinda sucks that Michael Keaton dropped out of Spider-Man Homecoming. His portrayal as a corporate shark in the Robocop remake was poor plus he looked kinda sickly but I think Keaton could play Vulture or Norman Osborn with ease. John Malkovich has been eager to play the Vulture. Might as well give him a shot finally. There have been rumors that this new installment of Spider-Man films will build up to the Sinister Six. Here's is my fantasy casting for Sinister Six.

  1. Doc Ock: Alfred Molina (Make a great comeback)
  2. Vulture: Ben Kingsley (Better role than the fake Mandarin)
  3. Mysterio: John Malkovich (Malkovich is a showman)
  4. Kraven: Gerard Butler (Russian Leonidas)
  5. Electro: Jamie Foxx (Loved his portrayal but make him less of a nerd)
  6. Sandman: Mickey Rourke (Mickey should have been casted for this role and Thomas Haden Church as Venom)

The flaws of Batman v Superman (Spoiler Alerts)

Batman v Superman wasn't as bad as say Batman & Robin or Steel but it did have some major flaws.

  1. Many fans were aware of the Knightmare sequence but it didn't really make sense even with the Flash's involvement. The sequence would have made more sense if Scarecrow had a hand in Batman's terror attacks like for instance his mother's grave bleeding and a man-bat creature popping out. Same thing goes for Superman who was having a dream about his dad.
  2. Eisenberg's Luthor was all over the place with no consistency. First, Luthor was calm and composed then impulsive. Luthor would even have episodes of being maniacal or drifting off into levels of dementia.
  3. KGBeast had no similarities to his comic book version. No cybernetic limbs or augmentations.
  4. Batman is oblivious to Luthor's manipulations and fails to realize the real threat is Lex not Superman.
  5. The coincidence that both of our heroes have a mother named Martha was over-played during the fight sequence.
  6. Cyborg's origin is loosely explained but hardly interesting.
  7. Ezra Miller's portrayal of the Flash resembles the cliche features of a Rasta beach bum.
  8. Mercy Graves and Jimmy Olsen are prematurely killed off.

Overall, the movie was used as a marketing technique to get viewers interested about the eventual Justice League movie but the Justice League film could have been marketed the same way as the Avengers. Get our heroes established first with a solo film then bring them together in the Justice League Two-Parter. Due to the mixed and negative reviews, WB is reconsidering Snyder's further involvement with the DCEU and the proposed film slate for the next five years. We can only hope that Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad don't disappoint.


Doomsday's Fate: Batman v Superman film (Major Spoiler Alert)

A fellow user brought this to my attention. They will remain nameless because I don't want them to be harassed for the spoiler that I am about divulge. I personally like these kind of spoilers because they spark discussions and I like to debate with others. Unfortunately, the spoiler has nothing to do with Eisenberg being killed off by Doomsday. I will keep my hopes up though. The following paragraph contains the spoiler so beware if u want to wait until next week.

In the final scenes of the movie, Wonder Woman gets the upper hand and decapitates Doomsday. When this news was brought to my attention I was kinda of whatever about it because this Doomsday isn't the actual powerhouse from the comics, he is a clone of the deceased Zod. The only real upset from this is Superman won't be the one who takes down Doomsday before dying from exhaustion. Overall, this movie could have been crafted differently and would have had a bigger impact if they stuck to the actual content in the comics.


The future of Agent Carter?

After watching the last episode of Agent Carter Season 2, I felt the whole season was a bit redundant and campy at times. My biggest disappointment was the poorly written portrayal of Madame Masque and the Maggia. The last episode left us on a cliffhanger. It seems someone has intimate knowledge about Agent Carter and has a personal vendetta against Peggy. However, the possibility of a Season 3 remains unknown due two reasons. First an foremost, Haley Atwell is taking on a new project for TV and may not come back as Agent Carter unless its for a cameo appearance in a film.

The second reason is the low viewership numbers and weak ratings. Disney-ABC conglomerate feels it would be a big mistake to cancel the show and too valuable to give up because it brings something different to the company’s superhero portfolio. A third Agent Carter season could help solidify Marvel’s standing not just with female fans, but with everyone who appreciates excellent and adventurous storytelling.

If the next season is made into a reality, they should make it into a darker and longer final season. Introduce Hank Pym and his Pym Particles along with Red Skull's daughter Sin. As for criminal organizations, they should expand on the Serpent Society, Count Nefaria's Maggia and the Zodiac Cartel. The next season needs to bigger and bolder than the previous ones.


Lewis Black for the Punisher Netflix Series

I think it would be so awesome if Marvel Studios and Netflix hires Lewis Black to be a regular on the upcoming Punisher spin off series for Netflix. I would have Lewis Black play Microchip, Punisher's go to guy for weapons. Lewis Black would bring the comedy that Punisher would need in his life. The Punisher series has been confirmed along with a second season of Jessica Jones.


The Time Stone in Dr. Strange (MCU topic)

According to Kevin Feige, the Eye of Agamotto is a very important relic that can be quite dangerous if used in the wrong hands because it can manipulate probabilities and “screw around with time.” The Eye of Agamotto is the Time Stone. The orange discharges of magic from Dr. Strange should have been a giveaway for me but when Feige divulged that crucial information, it became clear.

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On a crucial side note, Strange’s colleague Nicodemus West who will be played by Michael Stuhlbarg was in possession of a temporary time halting relic called the Sands of Nisanti plus he became the CEO of a company called Timely Pharmaceuticals. Nicodemus was after the life saving Otkid Elixir that could put the entire medical field out of business. Most likely, this elixir Is a derivative from the Time Stone. Its a pity. I figured the Soul Gem would play a bigger role in this movie rather than time.

Check out the link: http://www.superherohype.com/news/361665-kevin-feige-on-the-doctor-strange-powers-in-the-movie#/slide/1


Kurt Russell for GOTG 2

Its like Marvel Studios is reading my mind. I always tried to figure out who would resemble Chris Pratt good enough to play his dad and Kurt Russell was my best guess. Kurt Russell would be an awesome candidate for J'Son of Spartax. As for Adam Warlock being Star Lord's dad, its anybody's guess as to who it will be. I suppose Matthew McConaughey would have been a good pick but he just didn't want to be tied down for the Infinity War movie.


Cate Blanchett for Thor Ragnarok

My lady from Lord of the Rings is being sought for a mystery role in Thor Ragnarok. Most speculations point to the idea that Cate will be playing the Enchantress but I'm hoping this won't be the case. I'm actually hoping that Cate will be playing Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. For Enchantress, I would cast someone like Alice Eve from Star Trek into Darkness or Emma Frost from X-Men First Class. Sound off ur excitement or speculations