Favorite Story Arcs

Alright, as a comic fan, there is more than just the characters, there are the awesome stories that go along with it. This is a list of some my favorite comic book stories of all time.

List items

  • OK, I've done a project and part of a paper on this story and everything about. How great is this? It's reputation speaks for itself.

  • This story, in my humble opinion, had it all and I loved every single page of it. I may be a little sad to see that Wally West isn't the main Flash anymore but the way Barry Allen came back in Final Crisis was awesome and this story was totally fantastic. Flash Fact: this is an amazing story. Another Flash Fact: get this.

  • This one will have you feeling so bad for the heroes and keep you guessing until the end. It will break your heart and make you think. In short, it's amazing.

  • What if mutants ruled? What if Magneto won? Oh, the possibilities...

  • One of, if not, THE most heartbreaking stories to ever come about. Captain America vs. Iron Man?! In a literal war! This just tears you apart but it's so hard to stop reading.

  • In my opinion, the ultimate Elseworlds of DC. This one was awesome before Elseworlds was ever attached to it and it probably has the best art around.

  • Probably the BEST Green Lantern story. This was more than just an excuse to have a galaxy sized battle (which was epic) but it showed more of Hal Jordan coming back into his role as Green Lantern.

  • I do sometimes call this Marvel's excuse to kill everyone in the Ultimate Universe and start over but it is still an awesome story and very well done. It does show that this kind of war comes with real casulties.

  • How do you describe the finale in a trilogy spanning decades that changed the course of DC Comics? One word: Epic.

  • Technically, some would call this not a storyline but I say that it is. To see things from the villians point of view is genuis and I think the Rogues are a HIGHLY underrated group of villians. I think its great and its definitely worth a read.

  • A core Batman story and a great mystery to this day. Long Halloween, in some ways, is still going on. It's effects will always be around.

  • Hal Jordan is back and, boy, is he coming with some baggage. The Spector, Parallax, what travel companions. Plus, mistrust of the Leauge, only a handful of Lanterns, one Guardian, and Kyle Rayner trying desparately to keep it all together. A great story all around.

  • I love this story because you see so many story elements that it isn't just about Spider-Man. Not only that, but the new abilities he gains at the end are so awesome. Of course, that was before One More Day came along and screwed everything up. But, I digress...

  • The Avengers are no more. A Marvel world without their mightiest heroes? Almost too frightening to think about. Anyway, a terrific story and, for an Avengers fan like me to say that, it has to be good.

  • Theyrrrr'e baaaaaaaack!

  • When a part of the Green Lantern oath and one of the major prophecies that has been around for as long as Green Lantern Corps were introduced, this story came along with a lot of anticipation. They had to do it big, bold, and amazing. They succeeded.

  • A whole new world for the Hulk to smash! ...Or save?

  • Hulk came back... with a vengeance... literally.

  • The second of the Crisis trilogy.

  • Batman being broke, psychologically. This story was amazing!

  • Hasn't even happened yet and I'm already excited for this.

  • Bleak though it may be, it still shows that no matter what Logan is still a badass.

  • Loved it. Honestly, the ending... just hurt my feelings. I won't spoil it in case some of you haven't read it but it did hurt a bit.

  • Not a big fan of reboots... at least, not all the time. However, this is the RIGHT way to do it. Flashpoint equals awesome.

  • Norman Osborn's power hungry ways... have finally lead to an all-out war with Asgard... which hovering above Oklahoma. This story was a great way to end the Dark Reign story arc, bring back some major characters, end a couple, and pretty much see the Heroic Age enter in.