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Characters I want to write

My dream is to be a writer, more specifically a comic book writer, and this is a list of characters I want to write comics about.

List items

  • First off the symbiote would go back to pat, the way it should be.

    The series in of itself would follow more of a mystery solving series, with pat using the symbiote to help him solve crimes. While also having pat try and reconnect with his wife, who he still keeps his distance from since he doesn't trust toxin around her. Also their deal continues in which toxin gets his "play time".

  • Ok so Kent Nelson has the helmet agian, but he is getting to old to keep putting it on, his mind and body are both taking a toll when he does. So he takes the helmet to various magic users of the universe to try and find someone to take on the responsibility of Doctor Fate, all the while he is being pursued by a group of sorcery and Mystics who desire the helmets power. eventually he would fall as fate when he dons the helmet one last time, finally at peace he is going to heaven, but the lords or order intervene and shove him back to earth, where he would wake up a younger body. So he has to get the helmet back, and following the retreviel of the helmet he goes about stopping magic events and stuff.

  • A classic western type story. So Jonah comes to this town after receiving a letter from an old friend(who I shall refer to as Ed). So he comes this town looking for Ed and he is arrested for some stupid reason, and thrown into this mining camp to dig for gold, there he finds Ed, who reveals that he sent the letter to get Jonah to bust him out of the prison after they find the "money" that is apperantly hidden in the mines. So Jonah bust him out early, and they are caught when they go for help, and Ed is force to reveal where the money is, in the end. They leave with no money. After this they would travel around togeather, with Ed always coming up with get rich quick scemes and Jonah saving him while fighting like zombies and shit.

  • Basically have him take on the role of ghost rider or spawn. Havent though up an entire plot yet.

  • Basically the avengers split into three units the mighty avengers, who operate as a government relate branch, stationed in Washington. The new avengers protecting New York because everything happens in New York. And the uncanny avengers, a global protection/investagtion team operating out of a satellite known as the lighthouse. Each team would do their own thing all while setting the stage for a truly great event. Also they begin networking the whole superhero thing, making contacts with heros all across the world.

  • A series being something like the new x-men run from 2005 I think, or Gotham academy. You got all these kids with powers who are just trying to figure things out and keep themselves alive. Also introduce this character with powers similiar to colossus but he is also a hemophiliac (got a whole arc for him).

  • So someone screws things over for heaven and hell, that requires them to get Danny, because Johnny is apperantly missing. Danny teams up with this college girl who he saves to figure things out. Eventually coming to a point where Danny is dying and he has lost the spirit of vengeance that could save him, and the girl selling her soul to save him, and grant him access to a new set of powers similiar to the ones he had before but still different. Sort of like supernatural mixed with like Constantine and a side of Doctor strange.