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The Prof's Paraplegic Hoedown 0

Villains dressing up like X-Men...what will they think of next? Stealing candy from children?The Blob and Unus walk into a bank...stop me if you've heard this one.Ok, time to argue some physics stuff. Now, I understand that comic book physics are a touchy subject and that I should just let this happen and accept them. To a certain extent I let my imagination do most of the driving, but WHY THE HELL DON'T COSTUMES GET DAMAGED!?!Nowadays, if someone gets into a fight in a comic and an explosion go...

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Enter Mimic! A Guy You Won't Care About 0

And back to starting the issue with a number of pages dedicated to training. Can we at least move the around within the book? Maybe in the middle or at the end?Luckily, this book stars one of the least interesting villains of all time.So, I'm gonna skip my normal, "for the love of God, will Stan Lee please take a writing class!" and skip to the horrible villain.Now I realize that most of the books that I enjoy have more of an overarching story-line as opposed to an episodic, anthology type book,...

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When a Stranger Calls 0

Deathstroke is a certified bad-ass. One of the only villain to take down the Justice League, by himself, on multiple occasions. This is why he is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time.I have always liked Deathstroke the Terminator. When I was younger, it was probably the Terminator part of his name, but as I've matured, I've grown to really like the subtle nuances of his character. He is not a typical villain, he isn't looking to take over the world, he doesn't necessarily go afte...

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Magneto Likes to Watch You Sleep 0

This issue features "The World's Greatest Lettering by: Artie Simek". In my last review, I stated that apparently Magneto was being held back by the BoEM...and on page 2 of this issue, he says it himself. Damn, I'm good.So, Magneto blames his previous failure on his BoEM teammates and now it seems as if he has the ability to mentally command other to do his bidding. Weird. I hate this strangeness. Magneto shouldn't have mental powers, he is the "Master of Magnetism", not the "Master of Magnetism...

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The X-Men...Grey's Anatomy Edition 0

I wasn't very clear until the second page of this issue, but this seems to be a continuation of the fallout after the three Sentinels books. Not even into the second page and Professor X had already mentally controlled the mind of a high ranking human.Looking at all angles of this act, I'm not sure that the X-Men are better than the villains that they fight. Now, they don't intentionally hurt anyone, but their action cost the safety of thousands of people and likely a ton of property damage. Jus...

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Stop...it's Hammer Time! 0

THE FINALE TO THE SENTINEL SAGA!! (see, I used caps AND extra exclamation points...I must be serious)This book starts off with a ridiculous quote thing next to the creative teams' names, which is kid of a Stan Lee trademark. Now, even though I force myself to read it in every book, I hate this trademark. I think it is ludicrous and juvenile. Patting yourself on the back before you even write a good story is just stupid. Maybe if Stan spent less time giving people funny titles and spent more time...

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Sentinels...more like Crap-inels 0

Now I give Stan a little bit of credit for the start of this issue, but only because he found a slightly new way to cram a "training session" montage down our gullets.So the last book left off with the group standing outside a complex that was raising out of the ground, but this one starts with them on top of it with the ground going all wonky? I think they forgot to include a small piece of the story here.How in the hell did they go from 50 feet away from the, rising out of the ground, super he...

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The Sentinels' Big Heads 0

Great...the kids get a "vacation" and the Professor has to deal with the blowback of the "Mutant Menace."Homo-sapien: 1Homo-superior: 0I've clearly read a bunch of these books so far, this being review number 14 and all, but this one was hard pressed to keep my attention. I usually blow right through the book with no problems, even if it's bad, at least it evokes some emotion in me. Whether a book makes me happy, sad, or angry, it it causing me to think and feel. This book for the first several ...

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Fatty Legs McGee vs The Wheel Chair Wonder 1

The unstoppable Juggernaut versus a cripple in a wheel chair? Who you got?Dammit Stan! You can't even be bothered to proof read your own writing can you? Don't give me any crap...Liquid Paper was invented in 1955 so you don't have any excuses. PROOF READ YOUR SHIT! Hehe...even as I write the in all caps, I realize that I barely, if ever proof read my writing. Then again, I'm not getting paid for this either. So, Stan forgets that Jean is a telekinetic and a telepath, and writes the word "telepor...

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Red-headed Stepchild 0

Ok...I have passed on talking about this particular thing for far too long, but how many slip and fall accidents have been caused by Iceman's ice slaloms?I mean, even if it does melt, he still leaves gigantic puddles of water everywhere he goes. Those puddles could cause people to unsuspectingly injure themselves or do a bad bit of property damage. Forget them blasting their way through your living room, the water damage to the furniture would be disastrous, and I bet his room always smells like...

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Magneto Takes a Sabbatical 0

I started to get my hopes up to early it seems. The first couple of issues were not good, then it seemed to get a little better, and then the last couple of issues destroyed my hopes again. Damn you Stan...I know I had heard that you're writing was not good, and that you got by on your family connections and an admittedly good business sense, but really? This is just awful.Homo-sapien: 0Homo-superior: 1Issues like these really makes me wish I hadn't like Stan Lee so much. I should have know bett...

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Antactica is Full of Racism 0

So today we introduce Ka-Zar, Lord of the Jungle, and his pet/brother, the sabertooth tiger, Zabu. Long story, skip over the first 6-8 pages, short... the X-Men haven't been in a battle in a while and are getting antsy, so after seeing a TV broadcast, decided to investigate Antarctica.They magically find the hidden entrance to the Savage Land, and immediately get attacked by wild, prehistoric, animals . So ridiculous... so Ka-Zar just so happens to hear them getting attacked and comes to the res...

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The X-Men play Pattycake with the Avengers 0

I know I should save this for the end, but I'm seriously confused. The X-Men stop the villain, "Lucifer", from detonating a bomb that would devastate the earth, and then they just let him go. SERIOUSLY!?! He almost ended life on the planet, but he gets a slap on the wrist? What the fuck? No, it's ok... you apparently caused Professor X's crippled condition almost killed millions of not billions of people, but you can walk away. Dumb.Homo-sapien: 0Homo-superior: 0The only good thing about this bo...

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Prof X Abandons the Children 0

So this issues starts out like most other issues thus far, ridiculous training scenarios that make virtually no sense.Homo-sapien: 2Homo-superior: 1During the training, Cyclops, the new leader of the X-Men, upsets Beat by being a dick and throwing a optical blast at him after the session had already ended. Beast and Iceman go to their favorite beatnik coffee spot to relax and on the way they see a kid in trouble. Beast saves the kid and gets assaulted by the crowd after saving the kid. Now, if s...

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The Graduation Evacuation 0

In the six previous books, there has apparently been enough time passed for the X-Men to fully go through prep school AND their specialized mutant power training. Ridiculous. I really wish they hadn't just skipped forward for no apparent reason. The just lost the ability to let us watch them grow. Now, if you're reading All-New X-Men in 2012/2013 then this little skip in time is perfect, because the X-Men from the 1960's are pulled into 2012 by Beast. Not sure that all of those dates are accurat...

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Fancy Pants Fish Man 2

So Quicksilver is finally in his blue suit(but only for the cover), Jean Grey has a mask that lets her hair out and the Prince of Atlantis is being an asshole... again, but this time to the X-Men instead of the FF.Homo-sapien:1Homo-superior: 2Wow, I'm floored by the first page alone. Jean Grey is in the kitchen, where most internet men agree she should be, Cyclops is being a dick zapping Beast's hand at the dinner table, and Iceman is making ice cream to go on his pie. Just some rhetorical quest...

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The Philosophical Debate 0

Just looking at the cover, you know something happened. Now, I've read this whole series before, but the last time I read it was years ago and I have a horrible memory. So whenever I re-read something it's almost like reading for the first time again. That being said, there is clearly a look of shame and/or contempt on the faces of all of the heroes on this cover. Michael Turner did a fantastic job on all of the covers of these books, but this one, I think, is one of the most powerful, emotional...

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The Nose Never Lies 0

"Green Arrow has a bald spot, that's why he wears a hat." -Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man)Brian Metzger is a master with this story telling. The story starts out very sweet, Elongated Man on a stake out with a young female hero, talking about his wife and how they met. The sense of love between the two is so strong, it makes the butterflies in your stomach get are warm and squishy. Then, at the same time, there is this sense of foreboding. Everyone is getting warning signals from Watchtower that som...

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Angel is Lame 0

Not really sure what the title of this book has to do with the story under the cover. That's one of my best pet peeves of the older 60's, 70's and 80's comics, I hated when they put an image and statement on the cover that had nothing to do with the story inside. I don't like it when you sensationalize something, but don't follow up on your promise. Was Angel really trapped, separated from the rest of the X-Men? Not really... maybe for a few panels, but it wasn't a dire emergency.Homo-sapien: 2H...

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Evil Mutants 0

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (BoEM) make their debut in this book and it has inspired me to do something special. From this book forward, until it stops being so prevalent, I will be doing a count of how many time the phrases homo-sapien and homo-superior get used in each book.Homo-sapien: 6Homo-superior: 3I do this to shed light on the ridiculous overuse of a word/phrase. Once you use such an interesting word/phrase too much, it tends to lose its impact, and therefore becomes mundane and bor...

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The Blob 0

Surprisingly this book didn't make me want to wretch. This is the first book where Stan Lee has finally started to actually develop the characters of the X-Men. Cyclops starts to be the brooding leader character that we all know, Beast is finally shown to be an intellectual, and Iceman is still really, really childish.What's again we are treated to a ridiculous training segment at the beginning of this book, and then Cyclops and Professor X have thought bubbles about being in love with Jean Grey...

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The Vanisher? 0

Another day, another painful stretch and another classic X-Men book.This book starts out weird again with all of the X-Men running or flying to get to school on time. I'm guessing they were trying to build up some type of character for the X-Men but failed miserably. Apparently the world trusts a bunch of teenagers in costumes without any reason and lets them do whatever they want. This is book number two and they've already walked into a military installation with no problems and just walk arou...

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Well...It's a start 0

So X-Men #1, from 1963. Now, I have been reading comics since I was about 9 years old, I have read and enjoyed books from many different genres and eras. I have never really read an iconic title (one with more than 500 books) from beginning to end. Thanks to this new digital age of comics, this task is easier than ever before. So here I go, X-Men, start to finish.I am starting this in 2012, so I realize that printing and design equipment has come extremely far since 1963, but most of my issues w...

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