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Books in my Reserve Box.

Here's a List of Books I personally read every Month


List items

  • One of the few books I have followed since it began. Still a great read. I'm looking forward to Volume 4

  • By the time I get to the bottom of this list you will see that I follow alot of Aspen MLT's books. This is one that I think no one expected to be such a huge hit.

  • Another Aspen MLT book I just love. The art, the story and the world created by it is amazing.

  • The first comic series I ever read and still a book I read to this day

  • I'm giving this reboot a chance but due to the increase of cover price it is on a short leash.

  • I'm loving Steve Rogers as the spy. This book has potential.

  • I love the direction of X-Force as the Black Ops of the X-men.

  • Geoff Johns take on GL is the best storyline in his history in a long time.

  • The only place I can read about Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner so this is a must.

  • I'm liking the whole idea behind the book and it doesn't hurt that is was created by a movie writer.

  • Alex Konat's art in this series is awesome. JT Krul's story as everyone ses on Green Arrow just draws you in. Lori "Cross" Hanson's backstory of each comic is great to piece together each characters past.

  • Geoff Johns Francis Manpul = Mind Blowing

  • A humorous take on the world of secret spies. And the added bonus of the search for Edgar Allan Poe's skull makes me happy

  • If I was a high price executive I would want her by my side.

  • The book that brought me back to comics. Mostly it was Michael Turner's artwork but David Wohl's stories was awesome too.