Make your own (for good or evil)!

Though im sure someone has already done this, im not about to go through 700-some odd posts to see.  Think of this as an attempt at a resurrection of a dead topic. 
If you could create your own team, from either universe (but not intermingled) who would be in it, what would thier style of missions be (x-force compared to x-men), and where would they be based.  Max 8 members.  just to mix it up, it doesnt have to be a good team, can be a team of villians too.  To further mix it up, villians and heroes can work together, an idea that works on paper but probably wouldnt last long in an actual story/rl. Doesnt have to be all mutant, all w/e, just has to be all from the same universe(Marvel, DC, etc.) and time line.  If you want alternate reality heroes, you gotta use heroes from the same reality, otherwise youd have teams of 8 of the same character just from diff. realities, which would be boring, for us and for the team members. I mean who wants to hang around 7 other thems? If you want, you can name your team, and describe each members role on the team if you want as well.
For the record, Transformers and G.I. Joe counts as being in the Marvel universe, as do any other comics that follow those esample's example.
1) Wolverine 
2) Moon Knight 
3) Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
4) Deadpool 
5) Warpath 
6) Punisher 
7) Juggernaut 
8) Snake Eyes 













Their missions would be in the style of X-Force, doing things all black-ops and stuff.  I'd probably station them somewhere like Montana or somewhere somewhat central in the states yet secluded so that they would remain inconspicuous (sp?). No name yet...


ok, GO!

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