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Wizard Magazine's "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born"

35.Omega Man #26 , May 1985 DC Comics - couldn't find it in DB

While Nimbus battles against an insane X’hal and Auron, the Omega Men take on the problem of the Spider Guild.

List items

  • In stores March 8. Duane's mom is still having problems with her Ultramice, so Duane's still having problems with his mom. The Libra killer turns out to have some friends in high places. Meanwhile, Detectives Jackson and Corbeau get closer to the killer of Stephan Graczik. It's a journey that takes King Peacock to the world at the hub of the network of parallel precincts of which Top Ten is only a part; the mind-blowing meta-metropolis known as Grand Central.

  • Spend a day with Dream as he catches up with his younger sister, Death, in search of inspiration. When the King of Dreams is depressed, can even a pep talk from Death set him on the right path?

    Morpheus having completed his quest for his artifacts seems lost and without purpose, until he receives a visit from his big sister, Death. Accompanying Death for the day revitalises Dream and renews his sense of purpose.

  • The maddest Joker ever as he takes his struggle with Batman to new lows when he kidnaps Commissioner Gordon.

    Notes: Dick Grayson, Kathy Kane, Bette Kane, Bat-mite, and Ace the Bat Hound all appear in a cameo in a picture frame in the Bat Cave.

    Possibly the most famous Joker story of all time; how one ordinary man had one very bad day. And decided to share it.

    The covers represent the six different printings of this TPB book. The first cover is for the 1st and 2nd printing, and next covers are for the following printings.

    The final cover is for the special edition hard cover and had the entire graphic novel recolored by artist Brian Bolland.

  • The legendary writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons teamed up once more with the just-as- legendary Man of Tomorrow for a special that saw Superman face his worst nightmare: the sacrifice of his fantasy life. It was Superman's birthday. Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin had flown to the far reaches of his arctic Fortress of Solitude in order to celebrate the birth of the World's Greatest Super Hero. However, they arrived to find Superman held in the sway of the Black Mercy, a rare alien plant life that puts its victims in a trance like state where their greatest dreams are realized.

    As Superman lived out a fantasy life on Krypton, happily married with a wife and child, his friends tried to bring him back to reality and instead found themselves facing the might of the villainous Mongul, the mastermind behind the Last Son of Krypton's present predicament. When Superman finally sacrificed his dream world to return to his harsh reality, he viciously attacked Mongul, punishing the villain for the shattered life that had seemed so real to him.

    A classic tale of heroism over self -interest, this annual quickly became a fan favorite, and years later was even adapted into an episode of the 2004 animated series Justice League Unlimited.

  • Peter reveals to Mary Jane that he is Spider-Man in "Confessions."

  • When dreams and reality collide after a time-traveling super villain causes trouble in the city, a young man faces a tough decision that not even Honor Guard can help him make.

    A man named Michael Tenicek keeps dreaming about a woman he never met it is causing him to resort to drugs to not dream of her.

    The Hanged man tells him that there was a battle with a time-traveling supervillian named Time Keeper that broke the time continuum and reality, that the heroes fought and won, but there has been some changes after the reconstruction of reality, and this woman was his wife in the present version of reality because her grandparents never met. The Hanged man offers to erase these dreams but Michael decides to keep the dream so he can still remember her even though he never really knew her.

  • General Sunderland has captured The Swamp Thing and has taken Dr. Jason Woodrue, The Floronic Man, out of jail to run an investigation over the apparently dead body. Woodrue makes an autopsy to the body and after several days of investigation, finds out what caused Alec Holland to become The Swamp Thing and the nature of the being, including the fact that it cannot die due bullets. Sunderland dismisses Woodrue investigation and fires him; as a revenge, The Floronic Man heats the temperature of the freezer unit The Swamp Thing was held in; as a result, he gets back to life and reads Woodrue's inform, he finally ends with Sunderland's life.

  • Peter is in study hall reading about something with science when Mary Jane runs up to him to tell him about a bag guy, which is the rhino, that is destroying the town. So he goes to get his locker to get his backpack that has his suit in it but as he is leaving he runs into Aunt May who is here for a parent teachers meeting with his teacher Mr. Depalma about how Peter doesn't pay attention enough in class, Peter eventually is able to get out and is on his way to leave when he sees the principle coming towards the door so he quickly bolts toward the cafeteria and out of the school where he sees Gwen Stacy in the trash crying about how her mom is leaving her. Peter knows that he has to go and he goes as soon as he thinks it's o.k. to leave her. He then was hit by a football by some jocks and he threw it back at them hitting one of them making them angry and they chased him. He eventually got away put his suit on and went all the way to New York City and by the time he got there Iron Man had already defeated and captured him.

  • In an age of mystery and superstition, how would the people of Gotham react to a weird creature of the night, a bat-garbed vigilante feared by the guilty and the innocent alike? The very first Elseworlds tale re-imagines the Dark Knight detective in Victorian times and pits him against the infamous murderer Jack the Ripper.

    Batman vs. Jack the Ripper.

  • In the final issue of Frank Miller's historic run on Daredevil, Matt takes a hard look at himself and Bullseye.

  • "Idol Chatter." In this stand-alone issue, Agent Graves unexpectedly encounters a man from his past, but this is no ordinary man. This man was once a hero, the idol of millions, and unbeknownst to anyone but he and Graves, the recipient of Graves' mysterious attaché. This chance meeting leads to a confession, and may reveal the hidden truth behind the greatest conspiracy in American History.

  • Guess Who's In Metropolis...?!

    "To Laugh and Die in Metropolis!" Story by John Byrne. Art by John Byrne and Karl Kesel. Tired of trading blows with that sour-puss Batman, the Clown Prince of Crime makes his way to Metropolis. However, the Joker just can't seem to fathom why the Man of Steel can't see the humor in this move. Meanwhile, billion dollar miscreant Lex Luthor sets out to prove that anybody can be bought, for the right price.

  • Planetary travels to Hong Kong to investigate the ghost of a slain cop bent on vengeance.

  • In this second installment of "Times Past," the Golden Age Flash, Green Lantern, Hourman, Dr. Midnite and Starman band together against Ragdoll and his homicidal cult. Ragdoll plans to overwhelm Opal City in a murderous spree, forcing the five heroes to make a shocking choice.

  • The immortal Dracula attempts to make Storm his undead bride. But Ororo isn't going to be turned to a vampire without a fight.

  • Hobgoblin (introduced in Amazing Spider-man 238) systematically raids Green Goblin's hideouts using information gained from Norman Osborn's journals. When Peter Parker comes to know of this, he guesses the next spot where Hobgoblin will hit. Spider-man meets Hobgoblin for the first time and a fierce battle ensues. Hobgoblin, lacking fighting skills and strength to face Spider-man, is injured. He escapes after damaging some gas pipelines and thereby forcing Spider-man to concentrate on stopping a major gas leak and fire.

  • Sue Richards does a television interview and returns home using her powers in a unique way.

    She returns to a wrecked Baxter Building and finds her team members unconscious. She spots the intruder, battle ensues until finally she recognizes him for who he is -- her own son, Franklin, aged to adulthood.

    One of the most memorable scenes in the entire Fantastic Four history occurs near the end of this story. Franklin is able to look deep inside of the Thing's mind. Rather than transform him into human form like one would think, he does what Ben really wants, and he makes him his old rocky self once more. After he does his good deed, Franklin changes back into a little boy.

  • Under the scrutiny of the media, the members of the new Justice League come together for their first meeting. By the time most of the team has assembled, Guy Gardner, the Green Lantern, calls the meeting to order and demands to be the new commander of the team.

  • 1919, Germany. A young man in white finds the secret map of the world. It leads him to a famous address in London the year later, where he meets the world's greatest detective...and a less savory member of the open conspiracy meant to improve the world.

    A look at Elijah Snow's younger days, when he first met Sherlock Holmes and unlocked the conspiracy.

  • Extra-sized issue. Has Superman become outdated in our modern world? A new aggressive team of metahumans called the Elite certainly thinks so, and they're about to wreck the Man of Steel's truth, justice and American way. And if a lot of innocent bystanders get killed in the process, so be it.

  • In "Absolute Zero," the Flash faces a difficult situation regarding one of his Rogues. Captain Cold may be a thief...but is he a murderer? Find out when Cold single-handedly tracks down the killer of someone very near and dear to him.

  • After Peter's breakup with Mary Jane and Kitty Pryde's breakup with Iceman both teenagers were foound dateless. Kitty called Peter out to dinner and at the end of the day she found herself teaming up with Spider-Man fighting the Shocker. This was the begining of the Parker/Pryde relationship sealed off with a kiss.

  • The Hulk must defend his friends from the Savage Bull!

  • Many years after the unsolved murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne has finally found peace as he prepares to enter the priesthood. That is, until James Gordon--the Inquisitor in charge of the case--reveals that the killer was working on behalf of a vast conspiracy within the Puritanical theocracy, and that Dr. Wayne was killed for being "political agitators," performing illegal "counter-reproductive surgeries." Becoming the dread Batman, Bruce decides to serve God by day while seeking justice by night, delving deep within the dark secrets of his own government. There, he will confront the true horrors of the theocracy and the horrible truth behind his parents' murder, which will force him to decide if he will choose a holy path... or the path of vengeance.

    Batman: Holy Terror is the first DC book to bear the Elseworlds imprint.

  • While attending an AIDS rally, Hulk's former sidekick Jim Wilson is attacked. An enraged Hulk sees this and takes Jim back to the Mount for medical treatment. Meanwhile, at her job, Betty receives a call from a young man who just found out that he was infected with HIV and was planning to kill himself. Hulk assigns the top Pantheon doctors to begin treatment on Jim, but they tell him that it is useless and that they cannot prevent his death. Betty receives another call from the same man later in the night and continues to try and talk him out of his suicide attempt. Ultimately, the man parks his car on remote train tracks while Betty listens to the train hit his car. Jim pleads with the Hulk to give him some of his blood to save his life, but Hulk does not want Jim to turn into a Hulk-like creature. When the Hulk lied to Jim to give him hope, Jim saw through the lie and apologized for trying to pressure Hulk into giving him his blood before passing away.

  • The secret of Jesse Custer's infamous cigarette lighter is revealed when a Vietnam War veteran relates the bloody tale of Private John Custer's stand at the notorious battle of Khe San.

  • Robin vows to take down Felipe Garzonas for his crimes, no matter the cost .

    After finding a beautiful young woman, abused and battered in the bed of Felipe Garzonas, Robin is sure that he is going to jail. But when Garzona walks because of Diplomatic Immunity, a collision is set as Jason sets out for vengance with dire unexpected results.

  • Believing that he would serve as a better example to the African American community, and proud of his accomplishments as a Green Lantern, John Stewart reveals his true identity to the media and the world.

    In the back-up story we are introduced to Mogo, a Green Lantern under attack by Bolphunga, an intergalactic tough guy determined to defeat a Lantern.

  • Henry Gyrich is cracking down on the Avengers. He decides to replace Hawkeye for the time being and in his place comes Falcon. Clint Barton is not happy with this decision and starts to contemplate what he will do. After seeing an add in the newspaper Hawkeye gets a security job as a security guard, and ends up taking on Deathbird. After defeating her, Hawkeye steals a kiss from her.

    Gyrich wants Scarlet Witch in the Avengers roster, but she says that have other things to do, and angered, Gyrich disassemble the Avengers again.

  • One of the Kingpin's best men has messed up. Now he works hard to make things right. Sort of.

  • After the Hulk accidentally destroys a plane, Wolverine is out to make him pay for his mistake. It's Wolverine vs. the Hulk!

  • He's arguably one of the most influential men in America today. He's inarguably the evilest. His name is Lex Luthor...and whatever Luthor wants, Luthor gets - even if it's the life of a man who threatens his privacy. But it's Clark Kent who's arrested for the brutal murder of down-and-out biographer Peter Sands, a man who hoped to climb back to the top with THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF LEX LUTHOR. All it got him was dead. What are the secrets of his past that Luthor is willing to kill for...secrets that the merciless criminal mastermind wants kept dead and buried?

  • Nightwing guest-stars in a special issue that offers intriguing insights into the relationship between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon! Prompted by Black Canary, Nightwing reflects on his confusing personal relationship with Oracle, recalling a date at the circus that generated serious sparks.

  • When Doctor Ock threatens to kill five million people both the Punisher and Spider-Man are thrown into the equation. But Doc Ock has other ides, ones that will allow him closer to completing his plans. Pitting Punisher and Spider-Man against each other is one of his many ways of keeping the Wall Crawler out of his way.

    Read and find out if Doctor Octopus achieves his goal of killing five million people.

  • Learn the history of the beloved FABLES crew in this 48-page Special that acts as a prequel to the hit series. Little Boy Blue, Deputy Mayor Snow White's personal assistant, weaves a tale of the great war that forced Bigby Wolf, Prince Charming, Bluebeard and the rest into hiding. In a battle royale of blood, guts and broken hearts, we meet a mysterious woman in red and find out why Boy Blue plays only the blues on his horn.