Only characters who occured in the 'original' manga were included (so no characters from DB GT / DBS or other 'derivatives' ).

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  • Just like so many other 'powerful' guys in DBZ could easily destroy a planet, so could Porunga (or also Shenlong) (re-)create a planet.

    As I usually tend to appreciate such 'creative' powers slightly higher than their (equally) destructive counterparts, it was only logical to rank a dragon at #1 - in a manga that was named 'Dragon' Ball for a good reason.

    In this ranking, 'Porunga' is also representative for his earthly counterpart 'Shenlong'.

  • Once Super Buu had devoured not only Gotenks, but also Mystic Gohan, the situation appeared to be hopeless , and it looked like there really was nobody left who could defeat Buu.

    I guess it was then, when most of us were taken by surprise when we saw how easily the super-strong fusion of Goku + Vegeta -> Vegito - was giving Super Buu the beating of his lifetime.

    At any point during their fight, it looked like Vegito was having no difficulties at all, like he was really only 'toying' with Super Buu.

    Therefore it makes sense to assume that Vegito's power level must have been much higher than Buu's.

  • Whether he was 'more powerful' as 'Super Buu' or as 'Kid Buu' is up to anybody's personal interpretation.

    His regenerative abilities, even after being blown up multiple times, were unbelievable.

    Since already 'Perfect Cell' had claimed to be strong enough to destroy a solar system, and Buu was even much stronger than Cell, estimating Buu's power as 'multi-stellar' isn't unrealistic.

  • According to Goku's own words - after his first encounter with Buu - he believed that only the 'fusion' of Trunks & Goten -> Gotenks would be strong enough to defeat Buu.

    So assuming Goku knew what he was talking about, and also remembering how Gotenks put up a really good fight against Buu, ranking Gotenks at #4 seemed reasonable.

  • In the end, it turned out that Goku (as SS3) still had to do the 'job' of stopping Buu himself.

    Sprit Bomb ftw.

  • After the Elder Kai had danced circles around Gohan - in order to unlock Gohan's 'ultimate' power, he came back to earth , so he could fight Buu.

    And 'Mystic Gohan' sure put up a good fight, as he dominated Buu in the first half of their fight, but then, after Buu had devoured Gotenks, this was too much even for Gohan and so he lost.

  • As Majin Vegeta SS2 he put up a good, heroic & self-sacrificing fight against the semi-evil 'Fat' Buu.

  • Assuming he somehow managed to complete is 'Perfect Cell' version, he can safely be considered to be superior even to some villains from the 'Buu Saga' (e.g. Dabura), as Cell's regenerative ability is expected to bring him back over, and over.

  • Had some good fights against (incomplete) Cell, and later defeated the 'evil' versions of the Androids in his 'own' time.

  • It's frequently difficult to rank characters by 'power', if they aren't exactly 'strong' themselves, but nevertheless are still 'powerful' because they can control other characters that are strong.

    In Babidi's case this would be 'Fat' Buu , Dabura, Yakon , among others.

    However, even without his power to control others and make them work for his goals, I still wouldn't underestimate Babidi, either, e.g. in a fight he might well be able to teleport his opponent to some random planet in the universe and 'win' the fight in this way.

  • Approximately equal in power to a weaker version of Gohan (when compared to the Gohan who defeated Super Perfect Cell), because Gohan hadn't been training seriously for years before the World Martial Arts Tournament #25.

  • Also before fusing his powers with Kibito he had already a reputation of being so 'powerful', that 'Nameless namekian' Piccolo didn't even dare to fight him in the WMT #25.

  • The 'true' winner of WMT #25 , although ofc she let Mr. Satan win in the finals.

    On her way to the finals she defeated Goten + Trunks ('Mighty Mask'), so ranking her slightly higher than the saiyan kids seemed logical.

  • After merging with Kami and becoming the 'Nameless Namekian', he was able to fight 'equal' battles against the Androids of the Cell Saga.

  • For this ranking, he is still considered a kid.

    Even without his ability to fuse with Goten and become the Super-powerful Gotenks, Trunks should still be considered as a powerful, individual fighter who can turn on 'super saiyan' mode.

  • For this ranking, he is still considered a kid.

    Even without his ability to fuse with Trunks and become the Super-powerful Gotenks, Goten should still be considered as a powerful, individual fighter who can turn on 'super saiyan' mode.

  • These annoying little buggers which were spawned by Cell weren't much weaker, either, as they weren't easy to defeat even for the saiyan spectators of the 'Cell games'.

  • Temporarily, he managed to capture Cell, and in a world without 'main antagonist' Bulma (jokingly) he probably would have succeeded in blowing up the whole landscape, including Cell.

  • Appeared to be somewhat similar in power to 'nameless namekian' piccolo, lost and was devoured by Cell - with little chance for resistance.

  • Probably still slightly stronger than the early androids (19/20), after all he had to fight Goku SS1 (without a heart virus).

  • Was defeated by Goku with not too many problems, simply powering up to SS2 was already too much for Yakon to handle.

  • He sure was powerful, but the fact Android 19 had the upper hand against SS Goku shouldn't be overrated, either - after all, Goku SS1 had been suffering from a heart virus and therefore, when he fought 19, Goku wasn't as strong as when he fought Frieza.

  • Weaker than Piccolo (before merging with Kami), but still strong enough to impale the likes of Yamcha with little effort.

  • His ability to switch bodies with a superior opponent appears to be a (potentially) very powerful magic.

  • Along with Tien Shinhan, he is one of the two strongest humans from earth.