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  • Ultimately, she defeated Esdeath in their final duel, so logically she should be ranked at #1.

  • Her ability to freeze time & space, along with her exceptional and super-fast H2H / Melee combat skills, make her one of the most powerful characters in AGK.

  • Wearing the nigh-invulnerable , mecha-like armor Teigu 'Incursio', which also got stronger over time, enabled him to defeat a lot of powerful opponents, including the emperor & Shikoutazer.

  • Piloting the mecha-like supreme Teigu 'Shikoutazer' enabled him to shoot powerful blasts , which had a huge range, could level mountains & leave craters.

  • With her powerful gun Teigu 'Pumpkin' she managed to defeat several powerful opponents, including General Budo and Seryu Ubiquitous.

  • He was able to summon fearsome & powerful lightning attacks from the sky and it took a whole lot of hits & some luck to take him down.

  • Seeing how she could summon up to 8 reanimated fighters to serve her in battle, she sure was incredibly powerful.

    She's not only strong with her puppets, however, but also a very fast and skilful sword fighter herself.

  • Najenda's Teigu was a very skilful melee fighter, and also able to use a magical shield to reflect missiles.

  • The former user of the 'Incursio' armor fought a heroic & self-sacrificing battle against Esdeath' 'Three beasts', especially the water manipulator Liver.

  • Just like Tatsumi, he was using a powerful mecha-like armor Teigu, the 'Grand chariot', which could shield him from taking damage. He was clearly outclassed by Akame, however.

  • The amount of injuries she could suffer and still regenerate & continue fighting - thanks to her Teigu - was frequently unbelievable. She was a very fast & agile member of 'night raid'.

  • Tbh, his H2H / Melee combat skills didn't impress me very much , as he clearly lost to Wave.

    But what makes him so 'poweful' is his ability to teleport anyone and anything to some random location in the world - according to his own account also into the crater of an active volcano.

  • His thread teigu may not appear to be too powerful, at first sight, but remembering how he managed to defeat 2 of the 4 'Rakshasa demons' singlehandedly convinced me to rank him here, at #13.

  • Together with her strong monster pet 'Koro' (also a Teigu), she managed to defeat Sheele & Mine in their first encounter.

    But also without her pet she was strong, as she had several guns and similarly 'explosive' weapons installed on her body.

  • The skilful swordsman of Syura's 'Wild Hunt' fought well against Akame.

  • He had numerous servants which he could send into a battle, and if all of that still wasn't enough to defeat an enemy, he could transform into a fearsome monster himself, too.

  • Has the ability to fly, which already is likely to give him an advantage against most opponents who can't.

    Throwing a bunch of feathers isn't exactly too powerful of an attack, however, so therefore ranking him here, at #17, is probably fair enough.

  • With her scissors she could cut 'any' material and armor in the world.

    Fought a heroic & self-sacrificing battle against Seryu & Koro.

  • Capable of manipulating a huge mass of water in a way, such that it formed pillars and dragon-like shapes. With such enormous amounts of water, Liver could attack his opponents.

  • Capable of attacking with powerful flames & fire attacks, he sure was a force to be reckoned with.

  • Just like Stylish, this vampire-like girl enjoyed employing monsters & puppets to serve her in battle, so it was difficult to defeat her while she was protected by her 'creations' (like e.g. the poison-spitting, reanimated Cosmina).

  • With his magical instrument Teigu, he was able to put most people to sleep / out of commision.

    He's not too bad of a H2H / Melee fighter, either, as we saw when he fought Tatsumi.

  • It's always difficult to 'rank' characters in a just way, if they are exceptionally good strategists, but are not really too 'strong', individually, in a direct combat situation.

    One thing is certain: Without Najenda's enormous intelligence , her careful & prudent planning of the operations of 'Night raid', the empire & the prime minister surely wouldn't have been defeated, ever.

    So I thought she deserves being included in a Top #25 list of the 'Most Powerful', too, due to her exceptional intelligence and her abilities as a tactician & strategist.

  • Although he only got one minor chance to display his individual powers - seeing him fight & ultimately defeat Leone in a H2H / Melee-like combat situation convinced me that he must have been quite strong.

  • His axe could be thrown and continue to chase an opponent.

    One of Esdeath' powerful 'Three beasts'.