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Big head takes on Agent Orange 0

This issue was great. wait you're asking why? oh hell okay I'll explain why but if you haven't read it just a forewarning I'm giving some spoilers; Hector Hammond escapes the big house with the help of the voice in his head meanwhile Hal Jordan's trying to get Larfleeze to tell him how he imprisoned Ophidian in the orange battery, of course that doesn't work at all since Larfleeze is too busy with finding Santa Claus. Out of nowhere Hector Hammond comes and eats the power battery and Ophidian is...

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A Good Issue 0

Invincible since issue #1 has been my favorite superhero comic and this issue is what I would call good. Not ground breaking not Terrible and not average it was good. It wasn't particularly big and it seemed like a fast read but it still moved the Viltrumite War story arc into it's final phase where I feel the arc can really become what it was meant to be the biggest story arc in the whole invincible series. The Viltrumite's are pissed they're gonna come kill as many innocent bystanders as they ...

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