The Lean. The Mean. The Pit. The Ghetto.

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The Quiet Man Who Came From Hell

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Maybe they should have just left him cold. The blood that littered the tattered remains of his home could have been the spirits of infinite madness finally accepting decay.

Perhaps the boy should have been given a chance at the regular life, but the potential for conquering armies boiled inside him life an innate gift. The skill bellowed from his every action as they boiled over the child into a killer.

"Throw him to the pit" , they said in their native tongues and just as so, the killer was sacrificed to the deep darkness below ground. Amongst several other candidates in a hopes of fulfilling a twisted prophecy.

And no, no one knows how long he was down there. In fact tales of his great escape varied with every pair of loose lips, but all stories ended up at the same point of resolution, "He opened fire on the very people that made him a weopon and promised the prophecy was correct, his very existence meant other men's demise."

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And then the killer disappeared

Until the living weopon came back as a the Quiet Man

He traveled the Earth watching greater beings drive mankind into eras of both great despair and fleeting justice. He watched money build kingdoms and tarnish whole cities with the same burning resolute as the Romans. The Quiet Man saw much, but intervened little.

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The prophecy sung behind his every thought, sure. And everyone who saw his escape years ago lived in fear of the day when he finally granted Mother Earth sweet release from this plague called mankind. But the Quiet Man saw no faults in the people. They could hardly control the events of their own lives much less the tides of earth.

No, the fault was in the stars. So, the Quiet Man adopted the ways of the most powerful faces in modern society and shaped the wild havoc within into a more spontaneous yet fluid style of combat, like jazz. All behind the skilled dances of his various weapons, The Quiet Man challenged every faction of heros and villians with extreme prejudice.

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