The Lean. The Mean. The Pit. The Ghetto.

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Ex Nilhilo (CVU Char. Intro)

Boston - Before the Titans were unleashed

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"Y'all thought you were safe didn't you?... Admit it, you thought I was gone"

The Bison Priest muses as he leans in the sliding door window of their private laboratory. He's turned his back to the four men held at gunpoint to admire the skyline. One might not be able to tell by the demonic veneer of his signature mask, but The Bison found deep shame having to spill blood under such a beautiful amethyst evening.

A bold snap erupts from the debonair devil's leather fist and the man held furthest to the left of the line is shot with no hesitation. There was a hushed pop from the round fired, a looming silence, and finally the heavy crashing of the limped remains. The other three wanted to wail, but their mouths were met with strong hands from the Bison's crew.

"I loved that guy. I loved all of you, but y'all just don't know when to take a hint. Jesus Christ! We were suppose to do amazing things, the five of us... But at some point under sun, you [censored] found the- the gaul- the lunacy to ruining everything we worked for. Why?"

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There's another snap and the next engineer in line fell cold soon after. Then, The Bison felt compelled to divert his attention away from the skyline to the very hand that just sent a man to death. His posture suggests a sense of anguish, but he continues from a distance.

"Disavowing me was one thing, but trying to turn our work- MY work- against me! [Censored]!!! Project Titan was not for y'all to market. Most certainly not to the goddamned government, the one institution that could [censored] us six ways 'til Sunday!"

The Bison Priest lets his words echo throughout the whole room until there is a profound silence and one last snap. When there was only one man left standing, The Bison finally faced the man and quietly closed the distance between themselves like the long shadow of a predator looming over its prey. The gunmen are called off and the mutinous scientist can finally speak as the Bison bears his index and middle fingers down on his temple like a mugger's glock.

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"You were our first failure... And selling the project into government supervision was suppose to prevent sending another unchecked killer out into the world." As smart as this man was, he could tell when a checkmate was nearing over the horizon and he spoke candidly hoping for the most efficient impact. "We loved you too, Randall..."

"No. You wanted to enslave me. And the same could be said for the Titans we were building. But don't worry I'll carry on our work. I'll fix everything" and with those final words, the hand-gun is fired and the man's cranium is eviscerated. The amount of blood splatter was almost appalling, and the Bison's crew circled around their leader to better absorb the view. Ridged and unaffectionate, just as they were programmed.

The Bison Priest was quiet and full of contempt despite himself. Eventually the remains of the last engineer's body fell to its knees in a pathetic slump. Under the amethyst sky light, all these figures looked the shadows of mankind. The silence lasted for too long until a phone's ringer erupted in The Bison's pocket. He takes a second to adjust the collar around his flesh and concludes with the crew, "I hope y'all will excuse the urgency, but we've got a press conference in twenty [minutes], so let's clean up here and get ready to perform."