MCU Fancast

My ideas for more MCU characters along with their actors and info

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  • Played by: Peyton Roi List

    Real Name: Greer Grant Nelson

    Current Alias: Tigra

  • Played by: Dylan O'Brien

    Real Name: The Human Torch

    Current Alias: Human Torch

  • Played by: Omar Epps

    Real Name: William Barrett Foster

    Current Alias: Goliath

  • Played by: Liam Hemsworth

    Real Name: Ares

    Current Alias: John Aaron

  • Played by: Daniel Radcliffe

    Real Name: Dane Whitman

    Current Alias: Black Knight

  • Played by: Miles Teller

    Real Name: Brian Braddock

    Current Alias: Captain Britain

  • Played by: Eddie Redmayne

    Real Name: Brian Falsworth

    Current Alias: Union Jack

  • Played by: Michael Jai White

    Real Name: Eric Brooks

    Current Alias: Blade

  • Played by: Dove Cameron

    Real Name: Gwendolyne Maxine "Gwen" Stacy

    Current Alias: Spider-Woman

  • Played by: Tyler Posley

    Real Name: Jack Russell

    (legally changed from Jacob Russoff)

    Current Alias: Werewolf by Night

  • Played by: Terry Crews

    Real Name: None

    Current Alias: Frank

  • Played by: Unknown

    Real Name: Dr. Theodore "Ted" Sallis

    Current Alias: Man-Thing

  • Played by: Gigi Hadid

    Real Name: Felicia Hardy

    Current Alias: Black Cat

  • Played by: Victoria Justice

    Real Name: Ava Ayala

    Current Alias: White Tiger

  • Played by: Rowan Blanchard

    Real Name: Kamala Khan

    Current Alias: Ms. Marvel

  • Played by: Kyle Gallner

    Real Name: Samuel Alexander

    Current Alias: Nova

  • Played by: Anna Kendrick

    Real Name: Doreen Allene Green

    Current Alias: Squirrel Girl

  • Played by: Nathan Kress

    Real Name: Marc Spector

    Current Alias: Mr. Knight

    Aliases: Moon Knight

  • Played by: Alice Eve

    Real Name: Amora

    Current Alias: Enchantress

  • Played by: Tyler James Williams

    Real Name: Hobie Brown

    Current Alias: Prowler

  • played by: Alex Pettyfer

    Real Name: Dennis Dunphey

    Current Alias: Demolition Man

  • Played by: Julianne Hough

    Real Name: Melissa Joan Gold

    Current Alias: Songbird

  • Played by: Sam Witwer

    Real Name: Adam Warlock

    Current Alias: Warlock

  • Played by: Daniel Daikim

    Real Name: Walter Newell

    Current Alias: Stingray