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Vermis Race

(This is a blog for the Vermis Bellatores, starts with their history,planet,pop,tech,ect.)

Height: 10,0-20,0

Weight: 5-15 metric tons

Average Life Span: Theoretically infinite

Strength: 50-200 tons

Speed: slow, capable of moving as fast as a grizzly bear for short bursts

Intelligence: On par with humans

Population: High double digit Quadrillions

Alignment: True Neutral-Chaotic Neutral


Vermis are a sentient race of six inch long worms, these worms have no gender and are able to reproduce asexually they are capable of replicating/birthing a hundred other worms in mere minutes, many worms once born age into adult hood minutes after being born and than slow down theses worms have sentience on par with humans they are also able to fuse together to become large beings it takes a total of ten thousand worms together to become ten foot tall alien humanoids, and only do they have those capabilities but they also give the illusion off of a fast cellular regenerative when damaged in their humanoic form however this is not the case instead once their form takes damaged the deceased are deposed of and a new generation of worms are created to replace the fallen, all worms in their humanoid form are capable of genetically passing down memories and knowledge to the next generation of worms and thus the Vermis have a version of immortality and as long as they are not killed are capable of theoretically living on through others, the Vermin also have the ability to form a hive mind when fused together this greatly increases their intelligence and the final unique ability Vermis have is immunity to the negative affects of radiation.

Just like regular earth worms Vermis are frail individually but when combined together they are fairly strong especially when fused together which allows them to basically become a single individual allowing the manipulation of their own body making their orange flesh highly resistant to high caliber ballistic rounds and gives them super human strength to epic proportions however with great strength and reasonable durability comes the disadvantage of poor speed and agility and maneuverability making them easy targets for agile enemies, Vermis can communicate with each other telepathically and can create images of their surroundings by using pheromones and smell to communicate with other creature they use their bodies to create vocal sounds such as hums,growls,shrieks,gurgles.


Unlike the previous species that have been listed Vermis have been sentient for an innumerably amount of time, however this will be the time line when the Vermis advanced in technology


875,000 years ago

Tier 7: Pre-Industrial


During this time line is when an unknown alien races invaded the Vermis home planet at first the worms were neutral about it.

But once the foreigners started exterminating their race the Vermis took action and began attacking the enemies wanted something from their planet but the Vermis did not know what this prevented the foreign race from blowing them into oblivion eventually the Vermis found out that the unknown race were looking for unique rare crystals that are almost impossible to find it the universe the Vermis continued to fight back and eventually started to create armor and ranged weaponry to fight back and managed to even capture enemy ships eventually the Vermis capture their attackers and killed them but as a act of last revenge the foregin race released several biological and chemical weapons that will cause mass deaths to the Vermis for many centuries.



600.000 years ago


Though the Vermis were very intelligent and quarantined their species soon after the weapons hit they still lost three quarters of their population, the remaining survivors went to seclude themselves from the world for 200,000 years.



400,000 years ago


After 200,000 years passed the chemicals and biological hazards were severely reduced but still remained the Vermis started working on how to leave their planet and go to other solar systems.



200,000 years ago


After 200,000 years of researching technology the Vermis finally achieved inter stellar space travel




After joining the Ravager empire and before the Vermis never have changed their ships and always left them the same as they were satisfied of their technology level and did not wish to improve any further, the Vermis army is the most basic and simple in the empire second to the Taho.

Vermis Soldiers

The most common of the Vermis military is are the Vermis soldiers each of their humanoid like forms are comprised of ten thousand worms usually their humanoid fusions are called mandalorian, mandalorians are usually in pairs of two and all together are twenty thousands worms combine


Effective Range: 5.6 miles

Ammo Type: Plasma beam (20,000 Kelvin) gives out a minimum of 40 Mega Joules of kinetic for energy every square inch and second the beam remains on its target

Ammo Capacity: (Unlimited, how ever it can only shoot for twenty seconds straight before needing a five second cool down time)

Long bursts or capable of shooting a single plasma ball which can deliver 40,000 kelvin and 80 mega joules and has a blast radius of twenty feet.

Description: The Mandolrian form comes attached with a fuel rod plasma beam it functions with a crystal that can only be created by the Vermis using their own biological system, the crystal is about the size of a human fist and is a bright glowing green when not in use the crystal are created by the worms as they excrete an unknown element after several days of secretion layers of the stuff will fall off the Mandolrian into the shapes of small crystals this is when than the Vermis formed these small crystal into large crystals which will power their cannon, when inside the cannon to crystal is highly radiated and hot if the crystal was ever to be damaged when the plasma cannon is firing it would release hundreds of rads.


The Vermis have used the metal in their plant to some how make it a hundred times denser than that of the Odlan armor thus making it a hundreds time more heat resistant and durable but unfortunately giving them over two point fives tons in extra weight.


The Vermis only have one type of ship and usually travel with the Odlan to get around as the worms yet to achieve faster than light speed travel.

Height: 10 kilometers

Width: 10 kilometers

Depth: 10 kilometers

Weapons: Automated plasma turrets (100 giga tons per turret)

Shields: 100,000 giga ton resistance

Capacity: 10,000 Mandalorians

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