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Ravager Empire

The Ravager empire is an alliance of aliens from several galaxies united to help other species and destroy renegade species, it has a total of seven species united (more would be told this is just the basic)

Name: Navi

Description: Navi are a race of humanoid aliens all female and are able to produce asexually, however they are able to reproduce with other beings, they were the

first faction to join the empire

Name: odlan manniskor

A bipedal race of reptilian aliens, they were the second to join and unlike the Navi the odlan were mostly male and female.

Name: Vermis Bellatores

Bellatores are a large colonies of sentient worms formed into one hive mind, each hive mind can produce their own platform by fusing or uniting together, they have no gender and produce asexually.

Name: Tuhoa

A race of carnivorous blood thirsty reptiles, compared to the other species these are the most ruthless and brutal faction of the empire the only they do is sleep,breed,eat,kill and so on.

Name: Anubians

A group of several mutates creatures controlled by a super parasite known as Anubis, it controls it's forces many galaxies away keeping it's true position a secret

it was the fifth faction to join

Name: Furons

Telepathic aliens with powerful psychokinesis.

Name: Ravagers

The Ravagers united six other aliens together to form it's empire out of all of them, the Ravagers are the most intelligent and powerful.

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