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Vermis Race

(This is a blog for the Vermis Bellatores, starts with their history,planet,pop,tech,ect.)

Height: 10,0-20,0

Weight: 5-15 metric tons

Average Life Span: Theoretically infinite

Strength: 50-200 tons

Speed: slow, capable of moving as fast as a grizzly bear for short bursts

Intelligence: On par with humans

Population: High double digit Quadrillions

Alignment: True Neutral-Chaotic Neutral


Vermis are a sentient race of six inch long worms, these worms have no gender and are able to reproduce asexually they are capable of replicating/birthing a hundred other worms in mere minutes, many worms once born age into adult hood minutes after being born and than slow down theses worms have sentience on par with humans they are also able to fuse together to become large beings it takes a total of ten thousand worms together to become ten foot tall alien humanoids, and only do they have those capabilities but they also give the illusion off of a fast cellular regenerative when damaged in their humanoic form however this is not the case instead once their form takes damaged the deceased are deposed of and a new generation of worms are created to replace the fallen, all worms in their humanoid form are capable of genetically passing down memories and knowledge to the next generation of worms and thus the Vermis have a version of immortality and as long as they are not killed are capable of theoretically living on through others, the Vermin also have the ability to form a hive mind when fused together this greatly increases their intelligence and the final unique ability Vermis have is immunity to the negative affects of radiation.

Just like regular earth worms Vermis are frail individually but when combined together they are fairly strong especially when fused together which allows them to basically become a single individual allowing the manipulation of their own body making their orange flesh highly resistant to high caliber ballistic rounds and gives them super human strength to epic proportions however with great strength and reasonable durability comes the disadvantage of poor speed and agility and maneuverability making them easy targets for agile enemies, Vermis can communicate with each other telepathically and can create images of their surroundings by using pheromones and smell to communicate with other creature they use their bodies to create vocal sounds such as hums,growls,shrieks,gurgles.


Unlike the previous species that have been listed Vermis have been sentient for an innumerably amount of time, however this will be the time line when the Vermis advanced in technology


875,000 years ago

Tier 7: Pre-Industrial


During this time line is when an unknown alien races invaded the Vermis home planet at first the worms were neutral about it.

But once the foreigners started exterminating their race the Vermis took action and began attacking the enemies wanted something from their planet but the Vermis did not know what this prevented the foreign race from blowing them into oblivion eventually the Vermis found out that the unknown race were looking for unique rare crystals that are almost impossible to find it the universe the Vermis continued to fight back and eventually started to create armor and ranged weaponry to fight back and managed to even capture enemy ships eventually the Vermis capture their attackers and killed them but as a act of last revenge the foregin race released several biological and chemical weapons that will cause mass deaths to the Vermis for many centuries.



600.000 years ago


Though the Vermis were very intelligent and quarantined their species soon after the weapons hit they still lost three quarters of their population, the remaining survivors went to seclude themselves from the world for 200,000 years.



400,000 years ago


After 200,000 years passed the chemicals and biological hazards were severely reduced but still remained the Vermis started working on how to leave their planet and go to other solar systems.



200,000 years ago


After 200,000 years of researching technology the Vermis finally achieved inter stellar space travel




After joining the Ravager empire and before the Vermis never have changed their ships and always left them the same as they were satisfied of their technology level and did not wish to improve any further, the Vermis army is the most basic and simple in the empire second to the Taho.

Vermis Soldiers

The most common of the Vermis military is are the Vermis soldiers each of their humanoid like forms are comprised of ten thousand worms usually their humanoid fusions are called mandalorian, mandalorians are usually in pairs of two and all together are twenty thousands worms combine


Effective Range: 5.6 miles

Ammo Type: Plasma beam (20,000 Kelvin) gives out a minimum of 40 Mega Joules of kinetic for energy every square inch and second the beam remains on its target

Ammo Capacity: (Unlimited, how ever it can only shoot for twenty seconds straight before needing a five second cool down time)

Long bursts or capable of shooting a single plasma ball which can deliver 40,000 kelvin and 80 mega joules and has a blast radius of twenty feet.

Description: The Mandolrian form comes attached with a fuel rod plasma beam it functions with a crystal that can only be created by the Vermis using their own biological system, the crystal is about the size of a human fist and is a bright glowing green when not in use the crystal are created by the worms as they excrete an unknown element after several days of secretion layers of the stuff will fall off the Mandolrian into the shapes of small crystals this is when than the Vermis formed these small crystal into large crystals which will power their cannon, when inside the cannon to crystal is highly radiated and hot if the crystal was ever to be damaged when the plasma cannon is firing it would release hundreds of rads.


The Vermis have used the metal in their plant to some how make it a hundred times denser than that of the Odlan armor thus making it a hundreds time more heat resistant and durable but unfortunately giving them over two point fives tons in extra weight.


The Vermis only have one type of ship and usually travel with the Odlan to get around as the worms yet to achieve faster than light speed travel.

Height: 10 kilometers

Width: 10 kilometers

Depth: 10 kilometers

Weapons: Automated plasma turrets (100 giga tons per turret)

Shields: 100,000 giga ton resistance

Capacity: 10,000 Mandalorians

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Odlans Race

(This is a blog for the Odlan Manniskor, starts with their history,planet,pop,tech,ect.)

Height: 6,5 (5,11 for females)

Weight 230 lbs (200 lbs for females)

Average Life Span: 250 years

Strength: eight times stronger than a human at his peak (On home planet)

Speed: three times faster than a cheetah (On home planet)

Species Population: Very high quintuple digit billions

Intelligence: High triple digit IQ.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral-Good Neutral


Odlans are a warm blooded humanoid reptilian race, they are tall and have rough scaley skin, the bones of a Odlan are about four times stronger than the bones of a human, Odlans also have two pairs of eye lids to protect the eyes the first layer is clear and the second layer is the skin that covers the first layer, Odlan also have powerful lungs that allow them to only take a few breaths and it would take several minutes before they need to breath again and they have gills on the sides of their neck.

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due to their extremely strong immune system they are almost completely immune to natural diseases and viruses and won't get infections from open wounds, Odlan have sharp and long nails on their feat and hands [3 fingers,two toes]

Odlans unlike the Navi only live for 250 years and their cells are not slow instead they are normal and have very fast cells allowing them to be constantly regenerating which severely reduces their aging process by prolonging the life of their cells, mortal wounds that would kill a human could be healed in mere hours, and their most remarkable feat of their biology is the very little amount of food and water and sleep they need to survive on, only 2,000 calories a day and half a liter of water how ever they are able to survive 30 days with out water if they previously drank a liter and are able to survive 2 months if they ate more than 20,000 calories and are able to last a month with out of sleep if they had an hour of rest prior, and not do they only have those abilities but they also have hawk like vision and cat like hearing.

[Image of a military commander of the Odlan army,navy,ect-Pierce Vakarian]

Odlans were naturally born with strict discipline and are extremely clever battle strategists, but just like humans they've waged war many many times with each other and each time came close to destroying each other especially after their planet was over populated but instead of destroying each other they worked on solving their problem logically and together created space ships to colonize other planets.


In an event known as the Odlan age is when the Odlans evolved into sentient creatures (created fire for warmth) for the first time ever, and this will measure their advancement through history .

1,000 O.A

Tier 7: Pre-Industrial

10,000 O.A

Tier 6: Industrial Age

20,000 O.A

Tier 5: Atomic Age

20,001 O.A

Tier 4: Space Age

20,101 O.A

Tier 3: Space-Faring

30,000 O.A

Tier 2: Interstellar


The Odlan military is the most discipline and second most powerful faction in the ravager army (first being the ravagers themselves) the Odlan military is the back bone of the empire and over a quarter of the Odlan species is in the military voluntarily compared to the Navi who have only a tenth of their species in the military, Odlan also are not sexist,racist,prejudiced, Odlan judge people by their actions, with out that earning their trust and respect is extremly difficult Odlan are always suspicious and almost cold hearted to people to people they don't and even more to new races.


No Caption Provided

Odlan Soldier:

Your average Odlan soldier is recruited at the age sixteen no younger, during recruitment the Odlan soldier goes through four years of constant training in the areas of Peak Physical Fitness,Advanced Firearms Training,Knife Combat,Hand to hand combat,Advanced Reconnaissance,First Aid,Guerrilla warfare,Lie Detection,Medium Level Hacking, after finishing their training they will be sent to their own unit and repeat refreshing exercises every week twice so their skills will be at full potential, your standard Odlan soldier easily surpasses even the Storm Trooper Navi in combat and training.


Primary Weapon

Name: M-15 Vindicator Battle Rifle

Effective Range: 800 meters

Ammo Type: Plasma (10,000 Kelvin) gives out a minimum of 10 Mega Joules of kinetic energy if not many many more

Ammo Capacity: (30 cylinders,100 shots per magazine total usage = 3,000 usages)



Inside The Vindicator is silver cylinder called a plasma battery this plasma battery is capable of creating small amounts of plasma, when the Vindicator fires it shoots an apple size plasma sphere at incredible speeds (due to the weapons using a source of energy to propel the plasma at very fast speeds) each plasma sphere can go at speeds usually at 3,600 miles per second.

Armor: Medium Odlan Armor



Can resistance the temperatures of 20,000 kelvin for several hours before it starts to bend and melt

The Ceramic Plates out and inside the armored suit can easily deflect 5 kilogram slugs going at 20,000 miles per hour and not even leave a scratch

The entire suit weighs about 200 lbs

The suit can protect the user from 40 mega joules amount of force and they won't even have a strained muscle.

Female Odlan where this armor as well

The armor's helmet has a HUD which comes equipped with,radar,thermal vision,and night vision


No Caption Provided

Odlan Infiltrator:

While the average Odlan soldier is capable of reconnaissance,hacking, and basically anything a spy does Odan infiltrators are specifically designed for these tasks, the majority are Infiltrator class are comprised of females since Odlan females tend to be more patient and have better reflexes (Twice the speed, significantly better vision and hearing) than Odlan males their only disadvantage being physically half weaker than the males.

Infiltrators specialize in the following and more



Advance Reconnaissance

Advanced Marksmanship (Surpasses that of an Odlan soldier)

Knife Combat & Hand to Hand Combat + Close Quarters Combat (A single Infiltrator surpasses these categories than the experience of ten Odlan soldiers combine)


Hacking and Reprogramming (Primary Specialty)

Stealth (Secondary Specialty)

First Aid

Primary Weapon

Name: M-90 Indra

Maximum Scope Range: 6.5 miles

Effective Range: 8,000 meters

Ammo Type: Nanite based projectile or light speed energy beam (capable of delivering 1 mega joule of kinetic energy)

Ammo Capacity: (10 mags, 20 nanite projectiles per mag total usage = 200)


The Indra was a special designed sniper rifle made for the Infiltrator's its main projectile is a nanite sized capsule, it's four centimeters long and two centimeters wide its total weight is one hundred grams, the gun has a device known as a mass accelerator which can launch the capsule at super sonic speeds which will allow it to penetrate most metals, what stops the capsule from getting stuck or deflecting from body arm is due to the arrow head infront of the capsule and the very sharp point, the Indra also have a built in suppressor so advanced that when the gun is fired it only produces twenty decibels of noise

Once the capsule penetrates the armor and enters the body of the target it will immediately release 50 grams of a paralyzing solution and sedative powerful enough to knock a human for days and will take effect immediately after entering the targets system, once the target is acquired the nanite has two modes non lethal and lethal this can be adjusted by the shooter before he fires at his enemy by default however it's on non lethal, when on non lethal the nanite uses the beings own body as resources and uses the chemicals and pheromones in the body to create an agent capable of killing the being in a matter of seconds.

Secondary Weapon

Name: Plasma Pistol (They usually carry two to dual wield instead of one carrying one)

Effective Range: 200 meters

Ammo Type: Plasma (3,000 Kelvin) gives out a minimum of 20,000 Joules of kinetic energy.

Ammo Capacity: (10 cylinders,500 shots per magazine total usage = 5,000 usages)



Infiltrators can't always rely on the Indra to suit their means, on certain occasions they will have to rely on their secondary weapon which is the plasma pistol which is just a weaker and smaller version of the Vindicator how ever it is still deadly especially since the Infiltrators are fond of dual wielding plasma pistols to increase it's overall damage capacity.

(There are many more classes but that is all for now)


The Odlans are a warm blooded super human race of reptilian humanoids, they mainly focus on military and defenses and overall are some what similar to humans,having something similar to presidents,cars,mining fields,ect, over 25% of the Odlan population serve the military voluntary and unlike the Navi Odlan focus more on protection and offense capabilities of their race while their army is extremely power and numerous their navy does not fall short behind


Odlan Drop Ship

Length: 17.4 meters long

Width: 17 meters

Height/Depth: 10 feet

Cargo: Odlans,crates,

Crew Capacity: 8-15 + pilot and co-pilot

Shields: Can with stand one gigajoule before shields depletes and than it's only defense is its armor which is made out of the same metal Navi bots are made out of.

Weapons: Light speed lasers capable of delivering ten gigajoules per shot, one hundred plasma missiles capable of delivering one hundred giga joules per shot (Civilian drop ships don't have weapons)

Population: Low trillions


Civilian Odlan Cruiser

Length: 4 kilometers meters long

Width: 2 kilometers

Height/Depth: 2 kilometers

Cargo: Odlans,crates that have supplies

Crew Capacity: 200,000

Shields: Can with stand 1,000 giga tons

Weapons: none

Population: Triple digit billions


Odlan Small Class Battle Ship

Length: 4 kilometers long

Width: 4 kilometers

Height/Depth: 2 kilometers

Cargo: Odlans,

Crew Capacity: 200 (Only 20 are necessary for the ship to work at maximum efficiency)

Shields: Can with stand 10,000 giga tons

Populations: High quadruple billions


Dual Plasma Cannons

The primary weapon of the small class battle ship are the dual plasma cannons, the ship charges the cannons which take about three seconds per shot once charge the ships shoots out two large green plasma ball each about sixty feet high and wide once it comes into impact on an object it delivers five hundred giga tons (two hundred and fifty per plasma ball that hits) while giving out one hundred thousand kelvin and an EMP capable of knocking the electricity out of a small city, the plasma balls are capable of going at 80,000 miles per hour instantly after getting discharge from the main cannons.

Octo Turrets

Behind the battle ships are eight ten meter tall plasma turrets, these turrets are piloted by the crew to shoot down enemy space craft that are behind the ship, each turret can fire two plasma balls at once (smaller than the main cannons) each plasma ball that hit delivers a weak EMP and 62.5 giga tons per shot.

Ships Speed

As all races in the Ravager empire have FTL generators for movement the Odlans have created their ships to be faster and more manuverable even with out the generators, at its base the small ships can reach speeds of 800 miles per hour nearly instantly and it's max speed is 40,000 miles per hour the Odlans would have made it even faster but the crew and pilots were incapable of having combat at such great speeds.


Standard Odlan Battle Ship

No Caption Provided

Length: 8 kilometers long

Width: 8 kilometers

Height/Depth: 4.5 kilometers

Cargo: Odlans,Ammo,Drop Ships,Weapons,ect

Crew Capacity: 400,000

Shields: Can with stand 80,000 giga tons at 50% power

Populations: four digit billions


Laser Beams

The primary weapon of the Odlan battle ships is its laser which are located in front of the ship it takes the ship about five seconds for it to charge its beam and than fire the kinetic output of the laser is approximately twenty thousand giga tons per direct hit

Octo Turrets

Same as the small battle ship but triple the amount of turrets on the back and sides of the ship.


Elite Odlan Battle Ship

No Caption Provided

Length: 40 kilometers long

Width: 30 kilometers

Height/Depth: 20.5 kilometers

Cargo: Odlans,Ammo,Drop Ships,Weapons,ect

Crew Capacity: 1,200,000

Shields: Can with stand 4,000 teratons at 50% power

Populations: four digit millions


Same as the standard odlan ships except its weapons are forty times more powerful and its main attack takes two seconds to charge instead of five.


Juggernaut Odlan Battle Ship

Length: 300 kilometers long

Width: 300 kilometers

Height/Depth: 100.5 kilometers

Cargo: N/A

Crew Capacity: 1,200,000+

Shields: Can with stand 50,000 teratons at 10% power

Populations: two digit millions, these ships are the most advanced in the Odlan navy these ships were helped made with the Ravagers advanced technology


Plasma Torpedo slots are located at the front sides of the ship (50,000 giga tons per missile,, there are a total of 100,000 missiles )

Destruction Beam located at the very front of the ships capable of going thousands of times faster than light and giving out 1,000 teratons.

Octo Turrets, 100 times more powerful and numerous than the elite odlan battle ship


Home Planet

20.7% covered in water (underground)

constant desert weather

little vegetation rich in rare metals such as gold,platinum,ect,

comprises mostly 70% oxygen 10% Nitrogen, 20% other

Population: 80.140 million Odlan (ever since they started colonizing other planets the majority of the Odlan population left the plant

Gravity: 6.375 G



The Odlans planet always had a scarcity of food and water and poor air quality and thus is why the Odlan have no need to eat,drink, or breath much due to their bodies adapting and evolving during their races time their

The Planet is called Infelix

The Odlan have superhuman stats even on the gravity of their planet and thus on planets with less gravity the Odlans are far more stronger and faster

Infelix has always been a desert planet and thus their were many wars for food and water on the planet until the Odlan race came with a compromise with each other and uses the planers ores and metals to create ships to colonize other planets

Currently the only use for the planet the Odlan use it for is to mine for more resources

The Odlan have a new home planet called genesis which is practically a world covered 100% in water they created platforms and underwater cities to solve this problem and now came from living in a dry barren planet to living a sea world teaming with sea life.


The Odlan have a ranking structure and job structure similar to humans with each Odlan have a job such as doctor,engineer,mayor,artist,nurse,lawyer,ect,


Military Structure

Grunt (Until a Odlan completes his or her four year training they will be considered grunts due to their lack of experience)

Private (One month after they complete their training they will officially gain a rank known as Private)

Private first class (Two years since they completed training or have been in more than one firefight/warzone)

Corporal (A rank after private first class, and second in command)

Sergeant (They usually have been in the military for a minimum of ten years and usually lead squads into combat, squads are usually comprised of nine soldiers while including the sergeant equaling to about ten beings)

Officer (They usually give intel and rendezvous points to the sergeant, they can be usually found in a ship by a console or in an area with many Odlan soldiers)

Lieutenant (Each Lieutenant leads a team of officers to help give intel to the soldiers in the battle field)

Captain (Captain are usually the person in charge of the specific military mission on the ground, basically they give orders and manages his section of Odlan soldiers)

Commandant (The commanding officer of the battle ship he or she is in, Commandants tell the captains on the ground what they want accomplished)

Commander (Commanders are practically the generals of the Odlan race and have authority of/over Commandants,each Commander has responsibility over one juggernaut which would be their flag ship and ten thousand standard ships or five thousand elite)

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Navi Race

(This is a blog for the Navi, starts with their history,planet,pop,tech,ect.)

Height: 5'9

Weight: 120 lbs

Average Life Span: 400 years

Strength: 50% weaker than a base human male.

Speed: Peak human speed

Species Population: Double digit billions

Intelligence: Very high quadruple digit IQ, your average Navi is leagues smarter than earths greatest minds combined.

Alignment: Neutral Good-Chaotic Good


Navi resemble very similar to humans with the exception of their feet and hands,Navi with out their suit they're similar to human females such as having smooth skin feminine arms,legs, they also have ears,hair,breasts, of that of a earth female the difference is all Navi have pale skin and look dead, on some occasions how ever they will have different colors such as purple or grey.

[Image of the leader of the current Navi species-Miranda]

A Navi has the average life span of four hundred years, this is due to them evolving with the burden of slow cells, with the advantage of longevity comes the price of their immune system and healing since their cells move 4.0 times less than a human being minor wounds will take four times longer to heal and their immune systems are weak, how ever their are other pro's about their biology eighty earth human years can pass since a Navi is born and she would only be in her twenties and not only do the Navi have long life spans but they are extremely adaptable,resourceful, it's liked if the have the super power Intuitive Aptitude and Enhanced Intelligence.


In an event known as the Golden age is when the Navi evolved into sentient creatures (created fire for warmth) for the first time ever, and this will measure their advancement through history .


Tier 7: Pre-Industrial

5,500 G.A

Tier 6: Industrial Age

10,000 G.A

Tier 5: Atomic Age

10,010 G.A

Tier 4: Space Age

14,000 G.A

Tier 3: Space-Faring

20,000 G.A

Tier 2: Interstellar


Naturally Navi are peaceful, there has been only one civil war through out their time line which it took place during the Atomic Age, the war was caused after a clan of Navi tried to take over other clans with their number advantage since they were in the ten's of thousands, all other Navi banned together under a faction know as the C.O.G. and instead of fighting the rebels directly they created war machines to quell the rebellion which proved to be very successful.

Name: B1 battle droid

Armor: Made of a natural metal element which is as strong as tungsten yet light as Lithium.

Height: 6,0

Weight: 100 lbs

Population: High trillions

Primary weapon: XZ1 Plasma Repeater

Semi Automatic

Ammo Capacity: 100,000 uses when full

Effective Range: 5 miles

Cool down time per shots: two second cool down time for every forty shots


The XZ1 plasma rifle was designed buy the C.O.G. Navi for the B1 battles droid, it would function by having a black cylinder containing two dimensional gas chamber built for the gun and than the cylinder containing much super heated gas is fired at hypersonic speed producing a thin beam of plasma energy to hit it's target and flash burn the area of impact, the plasma bolt of the gun produces over 10 mega joules and 50,000 degrees in heat ensuring a quick and merciful death.

Name: Dematrix

Armor: Made out of titanium and reinforced steel

Height: 5,0

Weight: 200 lbs

Population: Medium trillions.


The Dematrix has two twin custom made XZ1 plasma repeaters and thus it's able to fire faster and do four times the amount of damage than an average B1 battle droid the custom made repeaters can now shoot 1,000 times before the need of cooling down and due to it's size it can shoot millions of time before needing to refill its ammo capacity, but it's most interesting feature is its energy shields which can activate at light speed timing and with stand 10,000 mega joules of damage.

Name: Heavy battle droid

Armor: made out of a metal similar to the SONA's Diaminium

Height: 7,0

Weight: 1,375 lbs

Population: High trillions


The heavy battle droid carries twin plasma repeaters and can shoot one hundred times before needing a cool down time, on its right arm is a built in rocket launcher which fires power plasma based rockets capable of destroying several city blocks easily.

Name: Navi Storm Trooper

Armor: Air tight,energy shields,ceramic plates

Height: 5,9

Weight: 130

Populations: thousands in the triple digits.

Weapons: Unknown/Many


The C.O.G Navi created a special branch of an elite military force to back up their mechanic army even though their robot army had several enhancements such as EMP proofing anti-magnet precautions and increased A.I combat ability it was nothing compared to adding true highly trained commandos into battle,

A Navi storm trooper has the following abilities implanted in her suit.

Cloaking (Built in nanites replicate the surrounding of the user the more they move the more visible they become however once they stay put they're practically invisible to the naked eye)

Radar cloaking (They can't get detected by any radar)

Technopathy (Yet again the suit the storm trooper Navi's where are completely made out of enhanced super nanites which can do many many objectives)

Multiple visions (Heat,Night,X-Ray)

HUD + Radar (900 yards range)

Enhanced Strength (Gives them strength between 20-30 tons)

Energy Shields (20,000 Mega joule shields at 1% power)

Com (100 light years range)

Data Storage (Can contain 1,000,000,000 terabytes worth of data and only take up 1% of its space)

Enhanced Hacking


Built in hand blasters (the Navi in the suit can project powerful energy blasts capable of destroying large buildings on low power, and stun/knock out enemies not lethally if adjusted to.)

Energy Sword (A black cylinder which creates a beam of pure red energy and having a heat of 10 million degrees on the push of a button)

Flash Bang

Radar Jammer

Hologram Projector

Particle Beam laser rifle (An assault rifle that can shoot light speed lasers capable of destroying sky scrapers easily, and contains unlimited ammo)

Ticker (A pistol that shoot coin shaped explosive round that sticks to an enemy and explodes moments laster during the enemy into a mist of it's own blood since it's capable of creating 1,000 tons of force inside a range of five square feet)

Laser Pistol (A regular high tech pistol that shoots a light speed laser that kill most unarmored targets instantly.)


The Navi are a highly advanced group of female extra terrestrials which are naturally peaceful and mostly focus on creating medical and scientific breakthroughs to help other species with life, the Navi mostly focus their efforts on creating cures for diseases and helping crops grow quicker, the Navi are always kind and lending a hand to even the worst scum in the galaxy however this does not mean they're completely helpless they have a large force of war machines in the quadrillions when all combined and the average Navi civilian cruiser has shields that can withstand hundreds of hundreds of kilotons before getting depleted mean while the military ships and medical ships can withstand hundreds of teratons.


Average Civilian Cruiser

Length: 2 kilometers

Width: 2 kilometers

Height/Depth: 2 kilometers

Cargo: Navi passengers,food,water,raw materials,

Shields: Can with stand kilotons in the three digit numbers when at max power

Defense: All civilian ships have large automated turrets (10 meters high) which fire FTL laser capable of delivering a hundred megatons in one shot, the automated turrets are capable of shooting a hundred times in under a minute before needing to cool off, and not only do they have those abilities but are usually escorted by two or one small Military ships, and not only do they have that for defenses but can also activate a light speed device that lets them flee battle into a nearby friendly system.

Population: High hundred thousands


Small Military Ship

Length:4 Kilo meters

Width: 4 Kilo meters

Height/Depth: 4 Kilometers

Cargo: Battle droids,weapons,ammo,(technicians + medical personnel) their usually would be a force of one hundred Navi storm troopers and triple the amount of technicians and medical personnel

Shields: Can with stand several mega tons in the four digit numbers.

Defense: Same as the civilian ship but four times the size and numbers and four times the fire power.

Population: High hundred thousands


Basic Military ship

Length: 16 Kilo meters

Width: 16 Kilo meters

Height/Depth: 16 Kilometers

Cargo: Many,many,many battle droids and even more,ammo,weapons,and quadruple the amount of crew that would be in a small Military ship.

Shields: 5 times stronger than a small Military Navi ship

Defense: same as the small military navi ship but 5 times bigger,numerous, and more powerful also they have two long cannon at the front of the ship that can shoot FTL lasers capable of giving out a hundred teraton but it only has two shots and takes hours to recharge.

Population: High hundred thousands


Dreadnaught class Navi ship

Length: 50 Kilometers

Width: 50 Kilometers

Height/Depth: 50 Kilometers

Cargo:Food supplies,Cryo chambers,Raw materials,weapons,ammo,medical supplies, millions of millions of battle droids and Navi.

Shields: Capable of surviving 1,000 teratons and only lose 1/3 of its shields.

Defense: Same as the basic military navi ship but 50 times more powerful.

Populations: Low hundreds


Medical Ship

Length: 16 Kilo meters

Width: 16 Kilo meters

Height/Depth: 16 Kilometers

Cargo: Medical supplies,portable laboratories,medical droids,food supplies,Navi medical personnel,treatment rooms,spare rooms for patients

Shields: Just as powerful as a Small Military Navi ship

Defense: None usually are escorted by ten or twenty basic Navi military ships


Home Planet



75% covered in water

constant tropical weather

much vegetation

comprises mostly 90% oxygen 10% other.

Population: 8.140 billion Navi

Gravity: 1.375 G



Navi are vegetarians

Navi never reproduced with a species even after joining the ravager empire and some have been fallen in love or been attracted.

Navi are capable of giving birth asexually twenty years after she's born and can decided how man children she would want ranging usually from a maximum of four to a minimum of one

Navi have only existed for 30,000 years.

Navi are able to procreate with other species and give birth quicker (asexually takes 3 months, sexually takes 1.5 months)

The home planet is protected by 50% of the Navi ship force.

Navi are in control of three solar systems, and have a total of 45 planets.

Navi have created vaccines with no side effects for even the mostly dead and must contagious diseases, and fortunately due their suits it severely reduces their chances of getting infected.

Navi practice clean energy and don't use fossil fuels if not rarely as they care of a planets environment and natives, they take great care when harvesting resources.

Navi are straight (No sexual desires with other females or their own species)

The name of the planet is Gaia


90% of the Navi joined the C.O.G. before their assimilation to the ravager empire, here is their hierarchy/ranking system


Farmer (Grows crops and medicinal herbs for medicinal use and food transport)

Worker (Transporting supplies to bases,organizing and categorizing supplies,creating supplies)

Technician (Repairing damage ships,vehicles,creating main frame and several important devices for computers,downloading and importing DATA ect,)

Officer (In charge of arresting renegade Navi,protecting innocent Navi from renegade ones,)

Medic (In charge of providing medical aid or food for those who need it,creating vaccines with no side affects,providing emotional support for those mentally disturbed)

Ark Leader (In charge of commanding 10,000 Navi, they're basically the equivalent of a mayor.)

Primeark (Each Primeark is in charge of 10 ark leaders, they're basically the equivalent of a governor)

Council (9 of the most wise and successful Navi primearks ever fifty years replace a group of the previous 9 Council members, these Navi creates laws,pass judgement

Mistress (The leader of all Navi she has no term and will only be succeed after death, the current Navi is a young female biologically in her twenties named Miranda she is a just and caring leader)

All of the following are very well capable of doing each others jobs, but the hierarchy is designed for balance so their will be the supply that will be needed for the demand


Cadet (In charge of ordering and commanding two hundred and fifty battle droids) [remote area or station]

Lieutenant (In charge of commanding ten cadets and their own force of one thousand battle droids)

Captain (In charge of commanding ten lieutenants and one thousand storm trooper Navi and ten thousand battle droids)

Major (In charge of all the captains)

Brigadier (Commander of the military operation and ship)

General officer (In charge of commanding one hundred Brigadiers which is basically a small fleet of one hundred ships)

Marshall (In charge of one thousand General officers and are the main leaders of the military force)


Omega Bio

Video Game Justice League v.s Comic Justice League


(All versions of Link from the zelda series are fused together and have all equipment acquirable in the entire series)


Lone Wanderer

(He's maxed out and has all perks and skills + weapons + armor, he has 72 hours of prep and has knowledge on his enemies feats and weaknesses)


Crypto 137 or also known as Cryptosporidium

(Maxed out with all equipment)


Hero of Oakvale

(Maxed out with all equipment)


Super Sonic


Hyper Mode Samus





Ravager Empire

The Ravager empire is an alliance of aliens from several galaxies united to help other species and destroy renegade species, it has a total of seven species united (more would be told this is just the basic)

Name: Navi

Description: Navi are a race of humanoid aliens all female and are able to produce asexually, however they are able to reproduce with other beings, they were the

first faction to join the empire

Name: odlan manniskor

A bipedal race of reptilian aliens, they were the second to join and unlike the Navi the odlan were mostly male and female.

Name: Vermis Bellatores

Bellatores are a large colonies of sentient worms formed into one hive mind, each hive mind can produce their own platform by fusing or uniting together, they have no gender and produce asexually.

Name: Tuhoa

A race of carnivorous blood thirsty reptiles, compared to the other species these are the most ruthless and brutal faction of the empire the only they do is sleep,breed,eat,kill and so on.

Name: Anubians

A group of several mutates creatures controlled by a super parasite known as Anubis, it controls it's forces many galaxies away keeping it's true position a secret

it was the fifth faction to join

Name: Furons

Telepathic aliens with powerful psychokinesis.

Name: Ravagers

The Ravagers united six other aliens together to form it's empire out of all of them, the Ravagers are the most intelligent and powerful.

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