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RainEffect's Official Favourite Characters

It was originally ten, but I decided to revamp the list and cut it down.

Edited 8th July 2012

List items

  • There really is no other hero I look up to. To me, he represents what a human is truly capable of when they devote themselves to an ideal. I actually sometimes ask myself, if I'm in a rough situation, 'how would Batman act?'. Would he cower before the creeps harassing my best friend or would he waltz right up to them and stare them down, despite them being twice the size of him? He's an inspiration. No other person can exist in the presence of all-powerful beings and still be so respected and feared. He isn't just Batman, or the Dark Knight. He is THE Batman and he damn well deserves the top spot.

  • Loving Batman comes with the territory, but as far as a character I have most attached myself to? Not a single one surpasses James. I remember reading about him in the Civil War - Captain America HC and I immediately fell in love with his character. When he got the spotlight after Steve's death, I loved him more and more as each issue was released. He was far more interesting than Steve as Captain America because he was flawed and had a difficult past. He tried his hardest to atone for his past and to do the mantle honor and, to be perfectly honest, he was a better Cap than Steve.

  • "Most likely to inherit the Batman mantle". Oh, I understand your uproar, Dick Grayson fans, but let's be real - Dick was never born for the Batman mantle. Tim, on the other hand, is everything Bruce is, but as a teenager. He's efficient, he's calculating, he's emotionally detached and he's so immensely intelligent. He has a moment in his Red Robin series where he basically claims Gotham as his own. Bruce is off doing Inc. stuff, Dick is hanging with the Justice League - Tim decides that no one else can protect Gotham except for him; and he's damn well right.

  • Yeah, I'm not going to lie - I love her partly because of her relationship with Barnes. But that's not fair to her character, because she's well established as one of the most prominent female characters Marvel has. The paramount spy, I fell in love with her character when I read The Name of the Rose. I also adore how she supports Barnes, and how she calls him 'James'. If there is one couple who I absolutely adore in comics, and would be heartbroken if it ended, it would be them.

  • Let's be honest - RDJ basically made this character. Sure, he's been around for decades, but RDJ's portrayal in the films skyrocketed his popularity. Heck, it made me go ahead and pick up a big HC of Fraction's run and, I have to say, he easily makes no. 5 on this list now. He has such a unique personality, and he basically makes the Avengers. He's willing to make the decisions no one else will make, say the things no one else will say and, much to his own demise, go toe to toe with some very angry teammates (looking at you, King Thor).