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Some ... 'interesting' Jason Todd/Batman discussions

I won't talk during this blog, but I'll just do a quick preface. During some discussions about Jason Todd and the ... assumption of him being a better Batman, I made a statement that Jason Todd fans are almost as blindly fanatic as Storm fans. Well, here is proof. 
I am not directly insulting anyone. I don't believe this is breaching any rules. These are direct quotes from users on this site.

"I don't think he hates them. I think he finds their methods to be, well, stupid and self-limiting. But as far as hate? I think he is more likely to hide in the bushes at Wayne Manor on Thanksgiving Day and look at everyone eating turkey dinner by a roaring fireplace and wondering why he isn't inside with the others -- wondering if maybe he couldn't have made different choices. But I don't think that's hate"

-Scott Lobdell


Post by ThexX (257 posts)  

I hate most of the Bat Family the only 2 I do like are Damian & Jason the others are a bunch cowards.

Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago


Post by DeadJester (87 posts)

I'm so tired of the whole Batman's a Badass. Give me a break! the guy manages to lock criminals away for like a week and they're back to doing the same stuff he locked them up for. He should take a few notes from the only person to be a good Batman and that is Jason Todd. Put a bullet in a few people and it'll be all over. But then they would have to come up with some more idiots a man with no powers and a lot of money can consistently put away. They oughta just let Red Hood kill off all the bats and take Gotham for himself. Make it darker, show him at his extremes, and let the money flow in because I know A LOT of people who are tired of the goody-two-shoes crap pulled by Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America.

Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Post by CitizenBane (7,488 posts) See mini bio

So basically, to be a better Batman, he should stop the things that make him Batman? Sheesh.

Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Post by ThexX (257 posts)

But they are stupid because they won't even kill The Joker how deserves to die.

 Post by cody1984 (1,310 posts) See mini bio

@RainEffect said:

Ah, Jason Todd fans. Almost as entertaining as Storm fans.

If Batman kills, then his entire character becomes irrelevant. If Batman kills the Joker, then the Joker wins.

That is such a copout. It makes no logical sense for Batman to let Joker live...hell he didn't have to do the deed himself he could've just let others do it instead of interfering saving the Joker which makes Batman look like a complete retard every single time.

@RainEffect said:

Don't you guys see that?

No because its BS.

@RainEffect said:

That is what Jason never understood. Killing is what separates 'us' from 'them'.

Their are so many characters in comics that kill and don't go over to the dark side becoming "evil" from doing so.

@RainEffect said:

Jason doesn't deserve to wear the Bat Symbol if he kills.

I disagree Jason should wear it as a F****** to Batman.

Post by yumyumbubblegum (522 posts) See mini bio

Bottom line is, Bruce is a pussy who's afraid to get his hands completely immersed in blood. Plus he has a fetish for young prepubescent boys. That's not taking anything away from him of course, but I'm just stating the obvious.

Post by cody1984 (1,310 posts) See mini bio

Jason isn't as stupid is batman and that is why he will kill someone like the Joker instead of making excuses like Batman does.

@TheBesrkr1016 said:

Also I dont see how anyone in their right mind can believe that THE GODDAMN BATMAN is a pussy compared to Jason Todd.

Its either that or he is retarded or both take your pick.

Post by Rabbit_May_Cry (236 posts) See mini bio

Why do people keep sayin' that Jason needs a road to redemption? In order to achieve redemption, you need to try to redeem yourself. But what does Jason need to redeem himself for?...Nothin'!! Sure he kills, but he only kills those who would've killed many. That, to me is a hero. The wimpy way Bruce and the rest of the Bat-Family try to be heros only causes more problems for others down the road. Most of the time Bruce would stop someone from killin' 18 people, and put them in jail...only for them to break free, and kill 50 people. By not killin' the person to begin with, Bruce just got 32 MORE people killed for stupidity of a moral code.

Jason saves more lives than the rest of the Bat-Family makin' him the better hero, so he has nothin' to redeem himself for. Certainly not for the puss tight-wearers that feel he's just a thug murderer.

And you still didn't take anything any from Jason bein' the better hero because he saves more lives than the rest of the Bat-Family. Hell, bein' a vigilante is against the law anyway. So to inspire more people to be like them...is to inspire more people to break the law. Which only makes Jason look even more like the better hero.



Post by redhood21 (33 posts) See mini bio

Jason wouldn't be a better batman, but he would probably be a scarier batman (as we've seen). Killing the joker seems so right, but batman is above Jason for not doing so. I love Jason Todd and I think killing entire criminal organizations may do more to prevent crime than fear of the bat, but I don't think you can say hes a better hero because he isn't one at all despite his intentions. Jason can't bring himself to kill the joker as he had the perfect chance in Lost Days and chose not to do it. He had the joker hogtied in gasoline and let him live. Don't get me wrong he is my top DC character, but he will never be better than Batman. He's my favorite bat family character because he isn't batman and despite trying not to be like him still has a part of him that follows what he learned from Batman.

Post by The Stegman (4,335 posts) See mini bio

i don't hate Todd fans, hell, i'm kind of a Todd fan, but i think it's idiotic for people to expect Batman to kill the criminals, it's not his fault they keep getting loose, he DOES his job, it's the damn courts for not putting the joker in a real prison, and the prisons for not being competent enough to keep their prisoners in line.

Post by KingofMadCows

Jason Todd's method is not more effective than Batman's because of what Gordon mentioned at the end of Batman Begins, escalation. The harder Jason tries to put criminals down, the harder the criminals will strike back. Comic books don't work in real life. There is a limit to how far things can go in the real world. A criminal organization in real life is not going to be able to wage a full scale war against the US government. There are no limits in a comic book universe. Think about this for a second, in the DC universe, it is possible for someone to gain the powers of hell or make an alliance with galaxy conquering alien warlords to supply their gang with some of the most advanced technology in the universe.

Putting down the bad guys won't help because not only do they become like martyrs but there will always be someone worse to take their place. The Joker does die but what happened after that? He inspired an entire gang of Jokerz that run rampant across Gotham for the next 50 years. You think killing Black Mask will be any different? Criminals aren't going to think, "hey, if a guy that's as bad as Black Mask got taken down, maybe I'm not safe either. I better go legit." They're going to think, "Black Mask was a punk. He was too weak and that's why he got rubbed out. If I want to make it in this town I have to be 10 times more violent and ruthless."

Post by Aero_gt (451 posts) See mini bio

Jason only opted from being a crappy Robin to being a somewhat decent Dc version of Punisher. Frank is still miles and years ahead of Jason in badassery though. Doesn't matter if Bruce has a lot of strength not to kill and allow others to fall in the jurisdiction of the Law, nor does it matter if Jason gave in and decided to kill in order to stop a few criminals. Either way won't matter Criminals are like Cock roaches, you stomp one two more are ready to take their place. In the long run this is an endless fight the whole good vs evil shtick, one can not proser without the other. Bruce and many of his successful robins and bat girls kept their character and sanity. There a lot of anti- heroes out there, but Bruce stays original and is a true down to the core hero, if he wanted to kill any of his villains he'd have like maybe two or three bad guys, but he'd never be himself again. Anyone can be a Red hood , just pick up a gun, learn how to fight, have a vendetta against crime, and kill anyone you see as "bad", but only very few people can be Batman mentally, physically, and emotionally. He can have lots of imitators, but he has no duplicators.