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Real Villain of Civil War

Phew! It's been a long time since I've written one of my serious blogs. Well, I figured it was about time I dissected something that has been on my mind recently - the events of Civil War.
This is not taking a side. This is analysing what happened after the events of Stamford and who was acting mature and who wasn't.
As we are all familiar, the Civil War really shook the foundations of the super hero community. It happened a long time ago, but it still remains one of the most memorable Marvel events. Now, I suppose I should state, in accountability, that I sided with Iron Man. I believed that the super hero community was causing more damage than preventing and the novices needed to be weeded out. But I'm not here to debate sides, I'm here to talk about the real villain of Civil War. People really abuse Tony Stark, calling him a variety of names and basically, well, a knobhead. But I'm here to bring to your attention someone who was the real cause of childish and immature behaviour.
Steve Rogers
"Oh here we go... He just hates the Anti-Registration side." No, not at all. I actually agreed with some of their stances (such as turning your family member's identity to the government). Steve Rogers acted immaturely and caused this to be a war, instead of a civil debate. Allow me to elaborate further.
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Every time that the two forces collided, Stark didn't want to fight; he offered surrender. Cap wanted to punch on, like a child. 
Why? What good does beating the crap out of your old friend and former Avenger do? It doesn't change the government's opinion - it just makes you look like a rebel. If Steve really wanted to change the governments opinion, he would've taken it to the courts. Yes, he did, eventually, but that was after blowing up an entire city and almost killing Tony Stark. Where is your maturity, Rogers? Not everything can be solved by smashing it with your shield. You are supposed to be setting an example. All Tony wanted was to earn back public trust and ensure their safety - he never wanted to fight his friends. 
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To Rogers, it was a childish argument about who was right and who was wrong. For Stark, it was about the people.
Even during the middle of the War, Stark was fighting for the amnesty of the Anti-Registration forces. He was trying to convince the government not to press charges against the Anti-Reg forces. 
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What was Steve doing? Finding ways to sabotage the Pro-Registration Act and sabotage Tony's side. During their first big clash, Tony begged Steve not to get back up. He didn't want to hit him any more, he said just lie down and allow medical attention. What was Steve's response? "You really think I'm going down to some pampered punk like you?" It's not a school-yard fight, Steve - grow up! Then during the second fight, what happened when they moved to the city? The first thing Tony ordered to his team was to prevent all civilian casualties. Even when his friends hated him, Stark was making the hard choices and thinking for the people. Steve was fighting for himself and the desire to be right. That's not Captain America. Even when Spiderman bailed and Maria Hill ordered units to pursue him, Stark asked Hill to just let him talk to Peter. He didn't want anyone else to get hurt.
Stark vs Rogers. Stark wanted to knock him out and get him medical assistance. Rogers bashed his face in with his shield and was prepared to kill Stark. 
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Do I even need to say more? Stark used the high-frequency audio device to put everyone into unconsciousness, but Steve fought dirty and pinned Stark to the ground, hammering his skull with his shield. It is up for debate just how far Steve would have gone, but remember that scene where Stark tells him to finish it? Steve was about to before he got pulled away by civilians and finally realised what he was doing. Who is in the right here? Well, it isn't about who is in the right, it is about who is acting as the adult
To cut this essay short, I hope I have made you re-think the Civil War. Tony is not a big knobhead as everyone makes him out to be. Don't forget the lengths he pursued to protect everyone's identity when Norman was in charge. Pro-Registration vs Anti-Registration - it is still up to your own opinion. What was wrong, was how Steve Rogers handled it. He became the villain, and he caused more bloodshed than necessary.
This has been a blog by Lucas aka RainEffect. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to respond with your thoughts.