I've only been to like Buffalo, NY. Though I have been around the states a bit. I have a lot of family there plus the shoppings al...

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Can't say I agree with too much here other than perhaps the pacing. There were a few things that felt a bit rushed, and I do wish we explored Namor and Talokan's history more.

Namor was actually my favourite part of the movie (M'Baku gets a serious shout-out though and Bassett is always *chef's kiss*) and I have no shame in saying that's got a lot to do with the feelings I had seeing my mestizaje roots being represented like this through mesoamerican history. I don't really have words for what this kind of representation felt like as I sat there. I enjoyed this reimagining immensely more than the comic version of the character, which is very rare for me.

I'd also go as far as to say this is the best film to ever come from marvel studios. Because this is a film, not just a movie. This is also probably one of the first takes I've seen that was this critical ;P