Why Being A Cosmo Girl Is So Great

So someone asked me recently what a Cosmo Girl is. I think that a lot of people have sort of a certain stereotype associated with the phrase. **coughs** Ho Ho Ho **coughs** . Being a Cosmo Girl is empowering. Just like I told my dear friend, a Cosmo Girl is the following:

The Cosmo Girl is a woman who is a leader in everyway. She is a beautiful, sexually active and usually single woman in her early twenties to mid thirties. She is a city girl working in the Corporate World. Financially secure, she doesn't need a man or help. A sexual minx who knows how to treat a man should she settle down. She is physically at her prime and ensures she maintains it. She is a fashionista and knows the latest trends, be them financial, fashionable or cultural. In short: She is the Alpha Female.

We live in a day and age where females are no longer oppressed. Ok, yes. There are still some closed-minded people out there, countries where we need women's rights and some issues in first world nations too, like equal pay, sure but we have a lot more opportunities now then we did 50 years ago. Being a Cosmo Girl means that I am a strong and independent woman. It means that I will do what I need to do and won't take any flack from anyone. It means that I can enjoy myself and I know that just because I like to cook dinner for my man or give him a massage, doesn't mean that I am a weak and controlled female. It means that I can work and provide for myself, pamper myself and enjoy a certain kind of lifestyle. I make my own choices. I will take myself where I want to go and get there with class and sophistication. I enjoy my femininity and have no qualms about enjoying it to the fullest.

I love being a Cosmo Girl. It means that I am confident in being a woman and I don't need to fight to be anything more then just that. I am Woman - Hear Me Roar!

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