my very babby collection

i'm an aka-chan when it comes to comics, here's what i own so far

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  • Moebius is the main instigator of my interest in the comic book world. There were a few things that I enjoyed but my scope was still too narrow to find a something outside of manga and anime that I wanted to explore. In walks Moebius, a master of imagination. The crisp visual composition, the paneling, the color composition, the worldbuilding, the architectural design, the mechanical design, and the dreamlike stories. . . I knew I needed more Moebius or at the very least more *like* him. Thus began my search!

  • Through Moebius I discovered the "Franco-Belgian" comic scene and decided to start there. In comes Druillet. I look up some spreads of "The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane" and I am immediately floored. The art is unlike anything I've seen before! The extremely psychedelic visual style appeals to my senses and obviously the drummer of Voivod was clearly inspired by this creator. I love Voivoid and I love Druillet's artistic vision so I immediately bought this. This was a wild ride.

  • I've always seen these little characters around the internet so naturally I developed a curiosity. Jansson's art style is so incredibly charming! Her creative use of line strokes to add contrast and her simple but memorable character designs add weight to her silly stories that are often tinged with hints of melancholy. I love when comics for children have slightly dark themes hanging overhead. Jansson pulls off silly and grim with perfect balance. It's hard to explain, you've just got to read her yourself! Such a wonderful imagination.

  • If you had asked a 12 year old me what my favorite book was you'd probably hear me say "Persepolis." My little sister brought this home from school one day and didn't seem to keen on reading it. I picked up it and was immediately invested in Satrapi's crazy world. The fact that this was nonfiction was mindblowing. I don't think 12 year old me could even fully understand how such atrocities could be committed against my fellow person. I aspired to be as strong and cool as Satrapi. This was also the comic that taught me that I loved high contrast black and white art and simplicity in form.

  • I discovered Megg, Mogg & Owl when it was only a small tumblr comic of cult popularity. I never thought this series would become a NY Times bestseller but damn, good on Hanselmann, they deserve it. Initially, I liked this comic because of it's dark humour due to it's irresponsible and clinically depressed characters. I still like it for this reason but it's also neat to see how Hanselmann has been growing as an artist and especially as a painter. Plus, I know they're bad for everyone but Megg, Mogg, Owl, and crew: I just can't quit you.

  • More wild adventures with the disaster crew.

  • Along with wild adventures, we've got deeply emotional scars. Let's geddit.

  • This one was a present from my based comicbro who seems to know me a lil too well. The art utilized high contrast black and white and super deformed characters to enhance a story that was bizarre and filled with a sort of darkly comical dread. It was a depressingly fun ride!!