Psylocke's Facade

As we know, Wolverine's X-Force's existence has been hidden from the X-Men ever since Cyclops disbanded them after the events of Second Coming. However a few members, namely Psylocke, Wolverine and Archangel, also have roles on the usual X-Men roster as well. I took this into consideration while looking at the silhouettes on the covers of the new X-Men Regenesis titles and found something interesting concerning my favorite X-Woman.  Take a look at these covers.  

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Here is the cover for Uncanny X-Force. The female is obviously Psylocke. The glowing pink telekinetic katanas are a dead giveaway and Remender had already confirmed that she would be around for UXF year two.  
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Now look at this cover. Next to Jubilee there is a woman, and what do we have there at the top? It's seems like a pink, glowing sword.   

Could that be Psylocke on the team with Jubilee? The sword is held straight into the sky in a powerful and authoritative manner. Could she possibly be the leader of this team? What do you guys think about this?


EDIT: It is her. Replaced the pic with the updated version.