Kris Anka on Cluster's Design. (Lady Fantomex)

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Final Design
Final Design

Next up, Lady Fantomex

So the prompt I got about how Nick and Sam wanted this character treated was to visually look just like a female Fantomex.

1. So with the first design I did I went for a straight up female version of the fantomex x-force costume. I altered the boots and gloves just to have some little visual differences.

2. I went a bit further with this one. I wanted more of a stealth look to her so i threw away the jacket and went for more of a ninja vibe. I also took the visual motif of the jagged stripes and ran with that a bit as well. Tried to do something a little different with it while keeping the same vibe of the original.

3. sort of a combination of the first two, but with more of a high-fashion-ness to the jacket. This is personally my favourite.

4. And then something completely out of left field. Just tried to throw something completely different in there. I still felt this was fantomex, but a huge visual departure.

(From Kris Anka's Tumblr post here)