Kris Anka on Bishop's new design

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Final Design
Final Design

So Bishop time.

probably the biggest rumble came from this characters addition to the title. The pitch I was given for this character was a futuristic post-apocalyptic drifter priest, pretty much. A big key with the design as well was to implement some sort of circular symbol on him that refers to this future religion that he is now part of.

1. Tried a bit of a poncho/cardinal thing with this one.

2. Went way more religious figure looking with this, but It gets a little too far away from the drifter badass aspect.

3. Went simpler, a bit more classic with the design. show off that robot arm. (not sure if thats around anymore)

4. A subtle combo, i feel, of the drifter, priest, superhero look. but this is pretty much exactly the design they picked, save for a few edits.

5. This was the edits i received from Nick Lowe. The colour change to separate him from the team visually, and the long beard and dreads to hint at his extended amount of time driftering.

(From Kris Anka's Tumblr post here)