Scarlett Johansson

Has the same nose piercing as I do.

And I'm pretty sure why she got this specific one. It's the same reason I got it as opposed to other piercings, and that's because it's easy to hide. Which makes sense for her considering she's an actress.







I just thought that was interesting. Also, excuse the 'staring straight into your soul pic', just thought it was the best example my septum piercing.



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Jack Bauer 100%
Jack Bauer will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Should his mission be to show you a good time, you will have a night you will never forget. You might want to bring earplugs in case Jack needs to yell at someone.
Captain America
You're looking for a boyscout with good looks. Well look no further, Captain America has the chiseled jaw and wholesome morals for you. Are you from the mid-west?
We get it, you like the threat of violence and a dose of crazy in your hunk of a man. Punisher is perfect for you. Just don't ask questions about his family. Just keep in mind, this is one man that doesn't shoot blanks.
The Doctor
The Doctor will show you a time you'll never forget or one you read about in your history book. Action and adventure awaits. Just be prepared in case he regenerates halfway through your date and takes on another image.

Psylocke portrait sketch


Just a little thing I've been working on. I plan on inking it, scanning and then digitally color it as well as color the inked drawing by hand. I know Betsy no longer has the Crimson Dawn tattoo but I like drawing it because I think it looks badass. :P When I color it in photoshop I'll probably do a version with and without it. I'm also going to add the psychic butterfly aura to it as well. I'll post the finish produst in the Artist section. Whether it's the digital one or the hand-colored one, idk. Whichever I finish first. :P

New OC: Alternate Universe daughter of Wolverine and Psylocke

Logan gave into his yellow fever and finally got with Psylocke.
Her name is Namanari (the japanese half human half demon that a scorned woman turns into from traditional Japanese Noh theater)
She has five telekinetic/psionic claws (think lady deathstrike with psi-knives at the ends of her fingers) and healing factor. As well as limited telepathy. Excellent martial artist and swordsman, although she rarely needs to fight with steel. 
Initial Character design coming soon. 

 the parents
 the parents
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red dragon<3





just had to express some psychopathic love.  
strap me down and beat me with a crow bar, please. thank youuuu


hmmm, what to be on halloween.....?

   so i've been working on this catwoman costume. pretty much finished with it aside from the hood thing. not sure if i'll finish it in time for halloween though so i have two options: 1.) wear the catwoman jumpsuit and goes as a purple molotov or 1.) make a cyclopian eye out of a paper plate and go as leela. 

so those are my two choices. 
also found some nice accessories. i like my catwoman with practical footwear but for the sake of aesthetics i'm going with a heel.
and these are some pretty sweet goggles i found, just have to sculpt some tips onto them and paint them.
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