Racob's favorites: ZOANOIDS

In Racob's Favorites I'm just going to talk about characters, franchises, etc I think are awesome and need to be known. That's pretty much it. First up, the shape shifting super soldiers of the Kronos corporation, the Zoanoids! (From Guyver, the Bio Boosted Armor)

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What's a Zoanoid?

Zoanoids are essentially genetically altered humans who have undergone a process called "Zoanoid optimization". After this process, they can transform into powerful monsters at will, usually yelling something awesome like "TRANSMUTATION!" when doing so. Zoanoids come in all shapes and sizes and have various abilities depending on what type they are. The most elite of Kronos' Zoanoids, the Hyper Zoanoids, go beyond what normal Zoanoids are capable of. One Hyper Zoanoid can take on dozens of basic Zoanoids without a problem. Some defective Zoanoids cannot be reproduced and become "Lost Numbers" meaning their production numbers have been lost. Though Lost Numbers are often considered expendable, some have unique and unusual abilities that make them quite versatile.

That's pretty much it, sound cool so far?

Why are Zoanoids awesome?

You're running for your life down a dark street, looking back to see if you've lost your pursuers. You turn a corner into an alley only to find a dead end. You turn around and are met by four identical men in dark suits and sunglasses. One of them growls "Battle forms." and all four begin to morph into grotesque monsters before your eyes. One reaches for you with a massive clawed hand, and you know the end is near.

Awesome, right? Okay not if it was real but you know what I mean. Zoanoids are a creative take on the whole "aliens among us" thing we've seen a thousand times before. The Kronos corporation is everywhere, and so are their Zoanoids. Anyone you know could be a monster in disguise, EVEN YOU.

You're sitting in a cafe when you hear screaming and explosions and turn to see a scene straight out of a horror movie. Outside horrible monsters are killing and even devouring innocent people. Police fire on them but bullets seem to only tickle to the beasts. You then notice that some people are actually turning into these monsters. You see a man growing bug like arms from his back as a little girl backs away screaming "Daddy! Daddy stop it!" Some of these people are your neighbors, your friends, people you've known for years. You feel a strange sensation and look down at your arm. You see your hands growing claws and fur. Your body begins to change and you feel your mind slipping. A voice in your head says "Kill" and you must do as it says.

Kronos sometimes kidnaps civilians and turns them into Zoanoids. They don't always survive, but Kronos can make accidents happen. Those who live are brainwashed and return to their normal lives. They don't know that anything has happened. These dormant Zoanoids are only good for one transformation and have no free will whatsoever. When Kronos needs them they wake up, they kill, and they die. Anyone could be a Zoanoid. ANYONE.

I don't know about you but I think Zoanoids are nightmare fuel. I give these things a 10/10 on the awesome villains scale. What isn't to love about these things? I also would like to recommend Guyver, as it is my favorite anime and manga series. That's it for the first Racob's Favorites, hope you enjoyed the read.

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