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The Best Moments in Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men Run!

During the recent years of X-Men comics, I have recently stumbled upon Joss Whedon's run of "Astonishing X-Men" and I have to tell you that Joss Whedon's run of "Astonishing X-Men" was easily one of the best storylines of the current X-Men series ever created!  So in honor of Joss Whedon's run of "Astonishing X-Men," I like to share my favorite moments that made this run fantastic and why they were my favorites:   
1. Colossus' Return 
Easily one of the greatest scenes to ever surface upon any X-Men comics, every X-Men fan knew that Colossus gave up his life during the Legacy Virus arc to save all of mutantkind from the Legacy virus and this scene where he makes his return and runs through a shocked Kitty Pryde is truly emotional and brilliant at the same time! 
2. Kitty Pryde gets tough! 

In one of the most memorable scenes ever printed, Kitty Pryde turns into a tough heroine in a scene that is a clear throwback of the classic scene in the Dark Phoenix Saga that involves Wolverine being stuck in the sewers and saying the exact same thing that vows the classic "I'm going to get you!" line! 
3. Colossus's Joke 

This is one of those reasons why I love Peter so much!! It's a brief little scene, but it's a scene that practically every X-Men fan who has ever read Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run remembered very well!  
4. Kitty and Colossus finally kiss! 
Everyone knows about Colossus' and Kitty's famous relationship, so this scene was basically one of the best kiss scenes I have ever seen from this couple and has been my favorite scene ever since! 
5. Cyclops unleashes his true power! 
Who would have thought that calm leader Cyclops would go all out as he puts his master plan in action to stop the destruction of earth?  When he used his eye laser beams to full blast, this scene truly defined the awesomeness of Cyclops! 
6. Kitty Pryde stopping the bullet 

Kitty Pryde sacrificing her life to save Earth from a giant bullet was one of the greatest accomplishes on Kitty's character and truly made her into one of the greatest X-Men superheroes to ever surface the X-Men universe! 
7.     The Famous Fastball Special! 
Fans of X-Men will definitely remember the classic "fastball special" between Colossus and Wolverine, so John Cassaday's illustration of this famous move easily made it to my top list as it is so well done! 
8. Wolverine Loves Beer! 
Another brief little scene that has a brilliant joke: Wolverine thinking about beer while he is fighting a huge monster!  This scene always cracked me up and has always been an instant favorite of mine for years! 
 9. Kitty Fighting Emma 
This truly shows how awesome Kitty can be when she's fighting will full force! Kitty taking down Emma is one of the greatest fight scenes to ever come out of this run! 
10. Colossus taking down Ord 
Colossus's popular line "I AM MADE OF RAGE!!!" line is pure classic and him taking down Ord is one of the greatest fight scenes ever along with Kitty taking down Emma! 

Yeah, it's mainly moments with Kitty and Colossus, but this is mainly Kitty and Colossus's story so that's to be expected. Anyway, this is a list of my favorite scenes from Joss Whedon's run of "Astonishing X-Men" and these scenes will surely not be forgotten!