Tips in fairly critiquing fan fictions.

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As fan fiction writers, we enjoy hearing opinions from readers about how good our works are and what we could do to improve them if there were any mistakes in the work.But, we also would like to help other fan fiction writers improve their works and encourage them to write more stories as they please. So, here are some helpful tips on critiquing fan fiction in a fair manner.

1. Check for Grammar.

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One of the most important things in critiquing other fan fictions is to check to see if the grammar is understandable. Readers want to read fan fictions that make sense and are written well. Checking to see if the grammar in the fan fiction is done correctly would really help many fan fiction writers write more comprehensible stories for the readers to take in.

  1. Be fair in your critiques.
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If you are critiquing another fan fiction, don’t be rude and disrespectful to the person’s work. It is often difficult to give the story the right touch and we should be supportive to the person trying to write a fan fiction.Provide helpful tips in writing a good story and always encourage that person to write even better fan fictions in the near future.

  1. Encourage New Ideas!

Fan Fiction writers, both new and old, are always looking for new ideas to put into their works! In critiquing fan fiction, you are always welcome to give new ideas to writers who want to write good stories that suit their characters and the situations they put the characters in.This will help the writer establish what will work and not work in the fan fiction they are trying to tell to the readers.

  1. Encourage writers to have fun.
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It’s always important to have fun in writing fan fictions! If you could encourage other fan fiction writers to have fun writing the characters they enjoy, then the fan fiction community would definitely be a fun community to be in! The best thing about writing fan fictions is the fact that you could decide what directions your favorite characters should go in and that’s what makes writing fan fictions fun for anyone!

Well, that’s my top 4 tips in critiquing fan fictions and if there are any other tips that you like to point

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