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Sons of the Bat

There has been a rumor goin' around for a while about The Robin's DCnU comic book...(not the R&B group). So I wanted to bring more attention to it, and tell my reasons on why it would be a good move. First off...The Robin's book...(or what I like to call "Sons of the Bat")...would actually be a great book. It' s doubtful that any of the Ex-Robin's books would get canceled to make this because it's lookin' like this is goin' to take over the current Batman and Robin, book because of poor sells. But Batman and Robin #10 brings up a new direction in which the book can go.

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It also makes more sense to do somethin' never done before, and have a book that explores the relationship Bruce's ACTUAL kids...

(he never adopted Cassandra, he just said he was and then "died". And when he got back, he felt that startin' a group of grown men dressed as bats was more important than upholdin' a promise. And he NEVER adopted Stephanie...didn't even hint at it).

Now since Red Hood and the Outlaws 5 Jason has let go of his grudges against Bruce. He's never had a real hatred for anyone on the Bat-Family...(except Tim, which I'll explain later)...so the doubt that he'll want to be around them is just the dumbest excuse to not do this.

and secondly...Good books sell. Drama, mystery, family relationships, action, and comedy is what you'll get from a book with Jason, Grayson, Damian, and Tim as the main cast.

You see I'll start with my favorite to my least.


-Grayson- Jason has a brotherly relationship with Grayson regardless of what people may think. He never once went to find Grayson for a fight. He doesn't hate him, he was just upset at the little it seemed that Grayson cared that he died. And after he came back...he STILL wasn't welcomed with open arms from his brother, which is why their relationship was so strained. But he never hated the man.

-Damian- He doesn't too particularly like Damian...but he doesn't hate him either. He finds it fun to mess with the kid.

-Tim- Now Tim is where it gets confusin' to fans. Jason has never view Tim as his brother...only as his replacement. Jason died before Tim even became a comic character. Then when he got back, Tim was Robin. These 2 have never had a sit down talk...in fact...the only times that they ever talked were before, durin', and after fights...(which Jason won all of by the way). So puttin' these 2 around each other already makes things interestin' enough to make me want to buy the comic.


-Jason- He's always been tryin' to help Jason BECAUSE that's his brother. So their relationship would have a little friction at first...but would ease down by/before issue 3.

-Damian- Damian is more of Grayson's son than he is Bruces. Grayson even furthered Damian's trainin' into bein' Robin. So there're no problems here.

-Tim- They're brothers...again no problems here.


-Jason- Doesn't care much for him, and in fact...would probably grow to like him over shared dislike over Tim.

-Grayson- Grayson is the person Damian feels closest to in the Bat-Family, so this relationship suffers no problems.

-Tim- Damian doesn't feel that Tim has earned a right to be a part of his family and harbors a strong dislike for him. The snarky remarks, and mischievous pranks that Damian would do to Tim would actually liven up the book...(on top of the awesomeness that is the book itself).


-Jason- borderline hatred for Jason.

-Grayson- His favorite brother...(probably because Jason and Damian don't like him).

-Damian- A thorn in his side.

So a team book about brothers with strained/bad relationships havin' to go on missions together would be awesome. Let along that it's the 4 of them. And then add in that THIS could be the way that Cassandra and Stephanie get into the DCnU...and you've got yourself one of the best team books to hit the shelves...EVER!! I mean really...The possibility of Jason, Grayson, Damian, and Tim runnin' into Cassandra, and Stephanie is more likely to happen with the 4 of them all together. 'Cause, let's face it...Batman ain't gonna do it.

But whatever...I for 1 will look forward to the day Sons of the Bat becomes an actual book. There's entirely too much good stuff goin' on between the 4 of them for this idea to NOT work amazingly.



Not too much of a blog, but I just wanted to display the awesomeness that is me and my brother. There're more here by the way...


Anywho...on with the awesomeness...

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The one with the blue arm is DarcStorm in his Goblin transformation, and the other is Hellseeker. Both characters belong to Be Offended Inc.


Hatred runs DEEP!!

For those who do not know...I hate Tim "B!£ch-Made" Drake. And the hatred brought me to makin' my own character named Yellow Canary. His real name is Tom Drake...but DarcStorm always calls him Drake Timmons. Anywho...DarcStorm kills Yellow Canary in these panels with the same amount of viciousness that he would Tim.

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And I know, I know...people are gonna be all like..."This will never happen". But it actually just did...SEE?

Or some dumb idiots will even say the impossible, like..."If Tim met DarcStorm, Tim would win". Which is also quiet dumb to say because DarcStorm has fought ...(and KILLED)...people who are just as good a fighter as Tim and Tom...(if not better than them). So NO...Tim will never beat DarcStorm in ANY type of fight. Seein' as how Tom was created to be Tim's EXACT double...and all he was able to do was find DarcStorm...(because he IS a good detective after all). But when it came down to the actual fight...Well...you see one is dead, and the other doesn't even have a rip on his costume.

And funny story, you're gonna laugh when you hear this but...THIS DarcStorm is just the comic book version of DarcStorm. The Black Carnage DarcStorm is in a whole other league...(powerful to fight, and even kill norse and greek gods).

So to put it shortly...I did it because since DarcStorm and Tim are from 2 different universes, it is HIGHLY unlikely that they'd ever meet for DarcStorm to do this. Well because, if they really DID meet...DarcStorm WOULD kill him.


Why I hate Tim "(enter insult here)" Drake

It's no secret that I hate Tim "(well, my favorite insult to use is Bitch-Made)" Drake, but people are always askin' me why. So I've decided to tell everyone here exactly why.

But before I do, I just want you all to know that...I don't give a f*** what you all think about him...(probably because I can't remember where my f***s are, so I can't give 'em because I can't find 'em). These are all MY opinions, which only make them facts to ME. You on the other hand...deal with it.

Now, let's dive right into it. I hate Tim for a multitude of reasons.

1. He's the least experience fighter in the bat-family. He isn't a master of anything.

2. He tries to follow in Jason's foot steps too much. I guess in some weird way to feel better he STOLE Jason's Red Robin costume and persona. 'Cause there's no explanation for this. He just up and had it one day...without Jason permission.

3. He's ALWAYS bitchin'. He bitched to become Robin...He bitched when Jason came back to life...He bitched when he thought Jason killed Dula Dent...He bitched when Jason was Batman...He bitched when Jason wanted to kill the person who stole his Red Robin costume the first time...And he bitched EVERY time Jason kicked his ass.

4. Damian Wayne already beat him up. He may not had won the fight to others, but if a 10 year old does that much damage to ANYteenager in a fight...The 10 year old won.

5. Number 3, and 4 prove Tim's a bitch. Which is why I always call him Tim "Bitch-Made" Drake.

I hate that puss so much I made a character called Tom Drake with VERY similar looks, character and story. DarcStorm keeps callin' him Drake Timmons though. But DarcStorm's gonna kill him in a VERY OVER THE TOP brutal death.

I hate him...I hate him-I hate him- I HATE him.

Fans of Tim's make it even easier to hate him because of the stupidity they bring to arguments about him. Like what I said earlier about the Red Robin thing for instance. When Jason stole Grayson's Nightwing costume and persona, fans were livid about this. Reason...because Jason was damagin' Grayson's character. Jason was usin' Grayson's identity to kill criminals, and that's NOT what Grayson does...so jea, there's a reason to be mad here. But when you turn the other cheek when Tim does this to Jason, it proves how blindly bias you really are. No-one seems to care that Tim has Stolen Jason's Red Robin costume and persona, but he's still damagin' Jason's character. Tim uses Jason's identity to stop and arrest criminals, and that's NOT what Jason does. So why aren't people upset about that?

Lookin' the other way when one of your favorite characters does somethin' you ripped into another character for doin' doesn't help your favorite character.

Now, keepin' with the whole "Tim fans bring stupidity to arguments", Tim fans for some reason...(I call it retardation)...believe that Tim can tie, and even beat Jason in one-on-one fights...which is BEYOND incredible dumbassery. So, lets go over some facts here.

Jason is stronger than Tim...this is non-negotiable, as Jason has proven that he's the strongest bat-son in the family.

Jason is more agile than Tim...And this is also true because Jason's agility is always compared to bein' only second to Grayson's.

Jason is faster than Tim...Jason's fightin' is always said to focus on speed and brutality, and it would be stupid to focus on a flaw instead of a strength. I also believe that Jason might be the fastest Bat-family member in terms of just speed (not agility).

Jason is a better martial artist than Tim...As proven that Tim hasn't mastered a damn, while Jason has mastered several...(at the very least 6)...fightin' styles.

Jason is more strategical than Tim...As even Bruce and Grayson have fallen for Jason's plans and Traps.

Jason utilizes gadgets better than Tim...This has no need to be explained.

Tim is more Intelligent than Jason...Book smart wise,That's it. Although Jason is more streets smart than Tim.

Jason is more endurable than Tim...As proven in every fight that they've had.

So when comparin' mental and physical stats between Jason and Tim...7 out of 8 go to Jason by HUGE margins. So how could Tim EVER hope to even tie with...(never mind beat)...someone who literally overshadows him in every aspect?...(except book smarts).

I hate when every Tim fan wants to say that Jason cheated to win fights when 2 things are there to disprove that.

1...How is it cheatin' to know how to use your surroundings to help you in a fight?, How is Jason cheatin' just because Tim doesn't know how to use his surroundings?

2...Jason and Tim's fights always start off hand-to-hand, one-on-one...but then TIM always grabs a weapon on Jason. So how could Jason cheat to win if he's just evenin' things out by usin' a weapon when Tim's uses a weapon. The fight in Titans Tower, Tim fans say that Jason had to gas Tim to win...but didn't Tim pull his Bo-staff out first...and STILL got his ass kicked for it?...JEA!! Then Jason and Tim's fight in Battle for the Cowl. Jason was chokin' Tim, and Tim again' used a weapon first when he grabbed that crowbar and hit Jason with it repeatedly, and when Jason used a weapon what happened...he dropped Tim's weak-self. And everybody said Jason cheated 'cause he used a batarang.

So my question here is...How is it cheatin' to use a weapon on a person who's usin' a weapon on you?

You see how stupid Tim fans are, because with all this proof...they STILL think I'm wrong.

Let's revisit my #4 comment again. There are 4 sons in the Bat-family which means rivalries will happen. But people seem to have the rivals all wrong. The rivalries should go Grayson vs Jason and Tim vs Damian. As this is the only way they compare, because in order to have a rival, you need to rival them in something.

Jason and Grayson have stats over each other Strength...Jason, Agility...Grayson, Speed... debatable who's fastest, Martial artist...I think it's tied. Jason has mastered more fightin' styles than Grayson...(to my knowledge)...but Grayson has his own fightin' style that no-one knows. Strategist...Jason, Intelligence...Grayson, and Durability would probably be a tie as well.

So when it comes down to it...these 2 are about even, makin' them rivals because they have stats over each other.

Tim and Damian are more the same way as Grayson and Jason because Tim and Damian have stats over each other as well. I think Damian is more agile, and has better martial arts trainin' than Tim. So while Tim has 1 stat over Jason...that doesn't make them rivals, because Damian has more than 1 over Tim.

But do Tim fans understand this?...no. They just try to make up excuses to maneuver around that FACTS that are said. And when they do this just remember the facts...and point and laugh at their moronic wishful thinkin'.

'Cause it's funny. And it's also why I hate Tim.

Which reminds me... http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/darcstorm/cause-its-funny/87-70295/