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King of the Silent Hill CV22' Bio

The Silent Knight

Quintus KnightfallStats
Aliases:The Sin of Suicidal Shinobis, The Silent Knight, The Conspiracy, Black Rose Rockefalla, King of the Hill, Haramu-Fal, The Last Arashikage
Hair Color:Black
Eye ColorCrystal Blue
Identity:Publically known - Unknown Vigilante
Relationship Status:Single
Family:The Knightfalls
Occupation:CEO of HALO, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, (secret Anti-Mutant Advocate & Radical Pro Human Influencer)


None (fabricated)
The King of the Hill harbors no secret or mutated genetic abnormalities. Instead he has been fully indoctrinated in the technical martial mastery of all forms of combat. Through sheer physical fortitude and endurance the Sin of Suicidal Shinobi's is the epitome of nextgen human determination.

Martial Arts Darwinism - Human vs Mutant Combat

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The key, the very foundation of Quintus' Martial Arts Darwinism relies on the supplemental resources needed in order to either evade, incapacitate, or kill his superhuman opponents. As well as an unequalled understanding that what has worked before in the past, may not, or will not work again. This is the reason the Silent Knight continues to not only adapt to the dangers of living in a evolutionarily off-balanced world, but also continues to reverse engineer his entire combat catalog and weapons over and over and over again with obsessive precision.

As an authenticated child prodigy and martial arts adept who's older brothers and sisters were ruthlessly tortured to death by a deadly gang of superhuman criminals, Quintus' personal and traumatic bias towards mutants made him the perfect candidate for pro-human sectarian principles, as well as the secret cabal known as the Quiet Council. Like all former students of the Quiet Council's militant training - about one successful graduation per one hundred fatalities - the Silent Knight was physically and mentally pushed beyond the conceivable limits of the human condition.

Held in complete isolation for over ten years, Quintus was purposefully raised without any form of verbal communication or stimulus. After five years he began to understand that the human form, its movements and gestures were in an of itself a fully fleshed out language that could be learned. Could be read. After seven years he was able to anticipate certain movements. By the ninth year he could tell whether or not someone was telling the truth simply by looking at them. Was able to know what they were feeling. By the time he emerged from the program, the Mute Mamba was as elusive as most superhuman acrobats and speedsters. Able to intuitively read the myriad of subtle indications along the body before his opponent(s) actually moved or attacked.

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By didactically perusing the physical mechanisms and techniques culturally intrinsic to a wide ranging list of international countries he ultimately discovered and mastered a Darwinian martial discipline predicated upon the evolution of armed and unarmed combat. A walking weapon of advanced martial arts progression. Studying, assimilating, and re-engineering a complete list of the most exquisite techniques from around the globe creating an exclusive amalgamation of variegated martial arts superiority that is impossible to duplicate. Impossible to read.

This was once thought to be the isolated domain of the Knightfall hereditary line and their specialized training. So it is unclear how the Quiet Council of Project Apex was able to replicate their most sacred and protected secret. What is more impressive still is Jordyn's effortless ability to photographically mirror motions given the fact that he has no augmented biological cheats, or vaunted X-gene. He is completely human, though he does not move or fight like one.

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Sensory Disorientation
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Electrical Manipulation
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Martial Incubation (cont.)

The Last Arashikage's martial arts techniques are an exclusive and wide ranging index of armed and unarmed combat. He is a true polymathic prodigy of photographic reflexes. The next generation of mirrored martial motion.

Raised with an obsessively disciplined regiment of traditional despotic demands, as a child, he was baptized in the ways of espionage, cybercrimes, assassinations, and human v superhuman evasion. Playing of his father's photographic forgeries he is continually creating never before seen styles of unimaginable innovation and physical evolution.


With an exercised regime of aerial gymnastics, coupled with a unique series of ultra-flexible joints, the revitalized secret Shinobi of the Sunset Savage's acrobatic platform is instrumental in the roolkit of his martial repertoire. Quite possibly it is the foundation of his hypermobility. Granting the renowned philanthropist a rare infrastructure of exclusively acrobatic reflexes that have been passionately perfected through obsessive training and photographically indexed maps of visually observed physical feats. Jordyn's infamous aerobatic mastery is inherently fluent, graceful to the point of being superhuman and habitually reinvented with new and innovative freestyles. Making the secret midnight vigilante one of the most elusive combatants the World has ever seen.

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Having been born into the generational mutant vs human secret wars of the culture, have blessed the battle-forged utilitarian with a rare infrastructure exclusively predicated upon controlled methodical acrobatics that have been passionately perfected through a mixture of radical counter-cultural athletics and wisdom.

Along with a small yet growing photographically indexed map of visually observed physical feats, the dexterous mastery of inherently fluent grace has been funneled to the point of a singularity beyond even superhuman achievement. Defying the natural order of human potential and habitually reinventing styles with new and innovative freestyles and remixes. Marking him as one of the most elusive criminals the World has ever seen. Heightened neck muscles and a uniquely exercised otolith organ, mediate his magnificent displays of balance.

Jordyn secretly embodies the photographic reflexive ability engineering a unique genetic system of movement cultivating an acrobatic platform that is instrumental in the theatrical innovation of his death-defying repertoire. Without question these natural gifts are the building blocks of the original photographic reflexes of his hypermobility.

Armor & Tactical Gear

Compression Body Suit

In addition to being bulletproof, synthetic muscle tissue made from Aethrium-tubing dramatically enhance the King of the Hill's speed, strength, and endurance. Once engaged, the distribution of stored kinetic energy maintain the suit's output levels. It can be powered by alternative energy sources, such as its concealed HALO fuel cell, or if need be via solar absorption. The durability of the suit combined with its energy-absorbing properties, allow the Sin of Suicidal Shinobi's to withstand the offensive onslaughts of mutants, metas and superhuman foes.

Cowl of the Martial Arts Mamba

During his life he has continued the obsessive one man arms race as the superhuman civil wars threaten to tear the world apart.

The under-armor itself consists of honycombed layers beneath a body forming Aerthium weave with in-plane covalent bonds & plated scales, stacked and rebarred. Which add varied levels of limited durability to the trademark suit sacrificing the ability to sustain damage for acrobatic aerial supremacy and hyper-mobility.

With a synthetic CtP composite intergraded into the coating of the under-armor for defensive diversity, the amplification of physical durability act in concert with muscularly alignment with subtly enhanced magnetic stimuli over a promethium sheath. With a supplemented layer of acceleration and response time programed into the suit's digital hardware. The infamously shaped cowl boasts a digital platform for a self-contained closed circuit coded algorithm which acts as an on-board tactical HUD. It is in direct connection to a black market Fugaku supercomputer.

Utility Belt
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Constructed over time with additional elements surgically implemented through experiences and encounters, the KoH's yellow standard utility belt is a military style strap with gold inlays with visible external pouches and buckles. Each internally housing an untold treasure trove of hidden cylinders and containment slots. The orchestra of munitions changes periodically and ranges from the traditional, to the digitally enhanced utilitarian tools as well as cybernetic catalog for combating extreme superhuman foes and armies.

Digital Shurikens - Aethrium based throwing blades made to resemble a crescent moons. Alternate versions of this weapon explode, emit electrical blasts, and sometimes come with detonators or even recall capabilities.

Grapnel - (hand-held version) for use of and on high locations. Capable snaring ledges as well as enemies.
Tracers - Small black circle shaped signal tracers that can adhere to most if not all surfaces.
Lock Picks - A sophisticated assortment of safe-cracking tools.
Bolas - Throwing Bolas for incapacitating an enemy.
Smoke Grenades and Pellets - Can be used for stealth techniques, distract an enemy, escape a situation, or buy time to plot the next course of action.
Sonic Grenades - Frequency based, they can disrupt electronics and disorient enemy senses.
Flash Grenades - Can cause temporary blindness.
Mini-Mines - Low-grade explosives. Optimal for covert confrontations.
Aethrium Knuckles - For that extra bit of power. Every little bit helps.
Aethrium Tactical Knife - Capable of cutting through nearly any source of durable or resistant material.
Mini-Computer - Operates as an extension of the Voice's digital-self. Connects to an unknown network keeping the Mute Mamba connected at all times to the cyberhighway of the online World.
First-Aid Kit - Used to aid in treating wounds.
Finger-light - A micro-fuel-cell powers this rechargeable light, capable of being worn on any finger of Jordyn's choosing. Red, infrared, and white redial LED's provides precision focus, or wide angle employment of 12,000 micro-candela beams via touch sensitive fingertip control
First Line KitSecond Line Kit

Riggers belt with both Aethrium sheer underlining between the triceps and teres major, as well as hand activated grapnel mount with repel line(s).

Integrated extraction harness with shoulder riggin and combat belt. Midnight blue, black and smoke colored chest piece/segmented w/partial Aethrium scales, with matching Aethrium grieves and grommets.

Ebony sheen bandolier with machete, compass, C-4, and rifle ammunition.

The Silent Knight now wears military BDU carbon-fiber trousers with integrated knee pads and a sheer, form fitting cold avenger balaclava with ventilator & Aethrium mask. Equipped with a digitally enhanced optical scope (removable). Many of the deadly militant uniforms adhere to the widespread militarized adaptations of basic athletic and tactical fabrics. Such as, but not limited to, Under Armours.

Body of the Compressed Gas CylinderThe Rigging & Wrist HarnessesMobility Device

Condensed within an onyx cylinder, gas is chambered and injected for instantaneous bursts of ignited aerial agility

A set of Aethrium wires stored inside the wrist mounted devices while the harness fastens to the lumbar area of the back. 2 independent axes revolve around a synthetic, two axle, spool.

Which allows for faster revolutions of aerial acrobatics and weight supported durability.

Is the operational portion of the state of the art fabrication.

The multi-trigger fist grips launch the wires as well the triggers act as aerial brakes.


The Aethruim Talon is engineered with a revolutionary combination of highly advanced nanotechnology, femtotechnology (the manipulation of excited energy states in atomic nuclei) and Aethrium. The Talon is the Silent Knight's state of the art urban aerial masterpiece.

Fundamentally Aethrium stabilizes and accounts for basic nanotechnology and its vulnerability to heat through the use of it's extraordinary energy-absorption mechanisms. Though it's key quality is absorbing energy and releasing it in a controlled manner, Aethrium's many properties render it the perfect material for the Talon.

With properties made possible by it's one-of-a-kind ability to store energy in it's bonds and release it when needed, Aethrium is a lightweight and near-perfect battery material. Principally, it absorbs kinetic energy, and because of this the Talon's outer sheath can perfectly deflect bullets without so much as a nudge to its momentum.

State of the art bio-cosmetic integration allow the Talon to defy the laws of gravity, constantly creating never before seen aerial styles of unimaginable innovation and remixed reactionary brilliance. Meticulously shedding standardized metal motions and maneuvers because of Jordyn's unique robotic technologies and breakthroughs.

Engineering Specs
Model: Twin Ion engine
8.3 meters
7.2 meters
Maximum atmospheric speed
87 DPF
Engine Unit
D-p5 twin Ion engines
Aerithium w/ Carbonadium solar panels
Sensor System
Sensor Array

MMI® touch

The standard MMI® touch with handwriting recognition allow the pilot to control an array of vehicle systems including navigation, audio and phone functions. Coupled with the standard Neo-connect® system, a world of information is easily within reach.

NeoSin virtual cockpit

The interior design of the Talon puts the pilot at the helm of the ingenious NeoSin virtual cockpit, which displays all essential information directly within the pilot's vision on a 12.3-inch TFT display that has outstanding resolution and clarity. With the R8, you really can take matters into your own hands.

Neo navigation plus

The MMI® navigation plus system provides Neo-connect®, enabling Google Earth™ with 3D satellite imagery, a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight passenger devices, local traffic and weather, news and more.

Bang & Olufsen® Sound System

This standard premium audio system (available on the V10 plus model) provides unrivaled sound reproduction and clarity with 13 speakers and an impressive 550 watts of power. Add to that LED accent lighting and Dynamic Line design speaker grilles for a fully sensorial experience.

Z-4.5 flight avoinics system

Weapons Loadout

Air Launched Missiles

AGM-28 Hound Dog

AGM-65 Maverick


AGM-84 Harpoon (A-D See SLAM)



AGM-114 Hellfire

Air Launched Rockets

AIR-2 Genie

Hydra 70

HVAR rocket


Le Prieur rocket

R4M rocket


The RIP Interceptor

No Caption Provided

As a part of the Quiet Council's commitment to the Silent Knight's war on superhumans, mutants and metas, with much effort and considerable monetary expression, the illuminati based consortium has painstakingly tacked down the original junkyard F1 composite of the deceased 57th Strigidae.

No Caption Provided

Built from a ladder frame consisting of 3-by-6-inch rectangular steel tubing with a lattice of welded steel tubes above that. The front suspension comes from a fleet of 3/4-ton mid-'80s GM pickup trucks with air springs replacing the original coils. In back, Dana 60 solid rear axles leverage up on another pair of airbags and are located by three fabricated links. Segregated hydraulic steering for both front and rear allow for an independent transition between the front; operated by a conventional steering wheel, and the rear, which is controlled by a lever (similar to that used on a monster truck).

Capitalizing on a rather deceptive 6.2-liter LS3 V8 loosely rated around 430 horsepower. But because of the NU HALO's ceo's mechanical tinkering, the modified engine is now mounted backwards. Intercepting and redirecting its power through the 5980cc Mercedes-AMG bi-turbo M158 v12 with a modified V-drive gearset mounted just behind the driver. The V-drive reverses the power flow so a small driveshaft can then feed the rear axle. Sexy in its simplicity.

The cockpit is fighter pilot theme complete with ejection seats. A Racepak digital dash rests behind the wheel j above the Autometer oil pressure and ammeters. Your right leg bounces up against the transmission's ratchet shifter while your left knocks on the Eaton lever that controls the hydraulic rear-wheel steering. This is an open car that somehow feels claustrophobic, but they're the purest form of vehicular warfare in an urban setting. It can turn its wheels left, right, reverse 180 or 360 degrees with the performance grace of an iceskater.

Vehicle Model
No Caption Provided
2016 Pagani Huayra (hybrid)
  • Manufacturer: Pagani Automobili S.p.A
  • Designer: Horacio Pagani
  • Crystal Optics Clearsheer: Resistant Design
  • Neurokinetics: Mindcloud
  • Orientation System: Southstar 550
Body & Chassis
  • Class: Sports Car
  • Body Style: 2door
  • Engine: Customized5980cc Mercedes-AMG bi-turbo M158 V12
  • Transmission: 7-speed sequential
  • Move-by-wire system: Pinnacle OS
Onboard Weapons Capabilities
Bioware Nano-Swarm
Universal Radar System w/Stealth Sheath
Anti-metal side panels
Heat-Seeking Missiles w/Atomic tips
Militarized Memory Metal

Designer Features

MMI® touch

The standard MMI® touch with handwriting recognition allows drivers to control an array of vehicle systems including navigation, audio and phone functions through an onboard holographic control deck. Coupled with the standard Neo-connect® system, a world of information is easily within reach.

Nu HALO Virtual Cockpit
The interior design of Jordyn's customized Interceptor puts him at the helm of the ingenious HALO corp virtual cockpit, which displays all essential information through luminescent holographs premiering 360 degrees of unimpeded vision and display that has outstanding resolution and clarity.
Neo-Nav plus
The MMI® navigation plus system provides Neo-connect®, enabling Google Earth™ with 3D satellite imagery, a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight passenger devices, local traffic and weather, news and more.
Bang & Olufsen® Sound System
This standard premium audio system (available on the V10 plus model) provides unrivaled sound reproduction and clarity with 13 speakers and an impressive 550 watts of power. Add to that LED accent lighting and Dynamic Line design speaker grilles for a fully sensorial experience.