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"The Future only moves in one Direction"

The Revolutionary of Reality M
The Revolutionary of Reality M

Reality-M Real Name: Quintus Knightfall

Reality-M Birthplace: Gothic City

Reality-M Alias: The Last Man Standing, The 66th Arashikage, The Martial Arts Mamba, The Living Weapon, Modern-day-Kennedy, The Noir Rose, The Revolutionary of Reality M, The Poet

Reality-M Height: 6'3"

Reality-M Age: 45

Reality-M Weight: 233 lbs

Reality-M Hair Colour: Opal

Reality-M Eye Colour: International Klein Blue (left eye only)

Reality-M Species: Human

Reality-M Alignment: Unknown

Reality-M Affiliation: The Knightfalls

Reality-M Orientation: Heterosexual

Reality-M Identity: Public (Reality-M only)

Reality-M Relationship Status: Widower

Reality-M Gender: Male

Reality-M Family: The Knightfalls

Reality-M Occupation: (under-construction)

Powers ~

Though Quintus Knightfall of Reality-M is not a carrier of the X-gene, he has been inherently trained in the axiological requisites of the Order of Sancta Camisia, as well as the Les Assassians Silinciuex in concert with an unprecedented wealth of first hand revolutionary battles and wars. With decades of meta and superhuman battles under his belt, the weathered yet exercised physique of the former Noir Rose represents a historic catalog of the World's martial hierarchy.

☯ Heightened Attributes ~








-situational reaction & danger awareness

-deduction & reasoning

-combat intuition & battle instincts

Martial Arts Darwinism

The Revolutionary of Reality-M's concepts (of angles of attack, deflections, traps, passes, etc.) are applied to similar situations with different ranges. Making the understanding of ranges and how to bridge them very important.

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Thus allowing Quintus to see situations and patterns and utilizing them to aid in his posture, positioning, and movements. As well as other integrated advantages associated with the ancient form of combat.

Most if not all of his uniquely styled techniques emphasize circular line-cutting (a la, greco-roman wrestling and the Strixian trademark, Pankration). while others (like, Wing Chun), emphasize range. Others call for the Knightfall Legend to move inside his opponent as soon as possible. Both opposing dualities have been systematically melded into the martial mamba's militarized development in order to cultivate the exclusive trademark style. A style originally engineered by his father, Jayden Knightfall.

Visually, Quintus bleeds his technique into a theatrical obsession of perfected dedication to unorthodox angles and precise aerial acrobatics. Breaking down the individual technique of each fighter in order to strip away the components he has deemed unnecessary. Or 'unworthy' before incorporating them into his own illustrious customization of martial supremacy.

As an authenticated child prodigy and martial arts adept, who's parental administration of guerrilla warfare forged the founding principles of his martial temple thus ensuring a didactic pursuit of the physical mechanisms and techniques culturally intrinsic to a wide ranging list of international countries. Quintus would ultimately discover and master a Darwinian martial discipline predicated upon the evolution of armed and unarmed combat harmoniously bled into a richly designed parallel to Gun-Kata. A walking weapon of advanced martial arts progression. Studying, assimilating, and re-engineering a complete list of the most exquisite techniques from around the globe creating an unparallelled hybrid amalgamation of variegated martial arts superiority that is impossible to duplicate. Impossible to read.

In seamless stereo the Knightfall Legacy employees an authenticated pedigree of perfection rooted in the established warrior societies of the ancient and modern World. His Pankration technique is near flawless and his execution in many ways resembles a superhuman paradigm. Thanks in large part to his perfected physical sculpting and natural athletic advantages, the self-anointed 'Last Stand' has tailored an impressive art form to coincide with his physical attributes, as well as his mental machinations. Visualizing his counters and throws well in advance of his opponents initial striking. Crafting a style that is undeniably his, and his alone.

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Because of his ritualistic and near fatal training within the Illuminati like Order of Sancta Camisia, his wide ranging skills and talent alone would be capable of tangling (and defeating) meta, mutant, and superhuman foes far exceeding the expected range of a man his size. Exclusive and privileged mentoring and specific tutoring have advanced his mind to the point in which transitioning from a visual-spatial of working memory, to other forms of thought such as (body language, art, mathematics, reflexes, etc), have been anchored to a unique emotional disposition of prodigious and cognitive function.

Raised with an obsessively disciplined regiment of traditional despotic demands, the displaced refugee was baptized in the ways of ancient and secret tribal forms of martial machinations but with an updated militant mind set fueling his pursuit to return to his destroyed universe. Forced to rehearse single styles for a year or more before transitioning onto the next stage. Sculpting a masterpiece of combat precision seamlessly bleeding it into an ever expanding martial arts repertoire. Fortified by a comprehensive inclusion of technological techniques, styles and peripherals.


This auto-didactic endowment allows, through perfectly placed strikes along the body, the ability to disrupt an opponents connection to his or her nervous system by rendering specific muscles useless. In other examples it has the capacity to disrupt meta-human and super-human abilities. Such as temporarily intercepting and preventing the use of one's bending. A master of this form is capable of going toe to toe with an opponent of far superior power and strength. Light finger tipped strikes can penetrate dense tissue, armor, scales, and even dense fur.

Armour & Tactical Gear

First Line KitSecond Line Kit

Riggers belt with duel drop down holsters and subloard smoke grenade pouch. Grenade pouch, and Heckler & Kock Mk23 SOCOM .45 with silencer and laser aiming module. Back-mounted grapnel and repel line(s).

Integrated extraction harness with shoulder riggin and combat belt. Harlequin orange, black and blue chest piece/segmented w/partial Aethrium scales, with matching Aethrium grieves and grommets.

9mm with side functions and removable LAMEbony sheen bandolier with machete, compass, C-4, and rifle ammunition.
Quintus now wears military BDU carbon-fiber trousers with integrated knee pads and a sheer, form fitting cold avenger balaclava with ventilator & Aethrium mask. Equipped with a digitally enhanced optical scope (removable). Many of the deadly militant uniforms adhere to the widespread militarized adaptations of basic athletic and tactical fabrics. Such as, but not limited to, Under Armours.


The Aethrium Talon
The Talon
The Talon

The Aethruim Talon is engineered with a revolutionary combination of highly advanced nanotechnology, femtotechnology (the manipulation of excited energy states in atomic nuclei) and Aethrium, the Talon is a trademark of the Knightfall doppleganger and a state of the art urban aerial masterpiece.

Fundamentally Aethrium stabilizes and accounts for basic nanotechnology and its vulnerability to heat through the use of it's extraordinary energy-absorption mechanisms. Though it's key quality is absorbing energy and releasing it in a controlled manner, Aethrium's many properties render it the perfect material for the Talon.

With properties made possible by it's one-of-a-kind ability to store energy in it's bonds and release it when needed, Aethrium is a lightweight and near-perfect battery material. Principally, it absorbs kinetic energy, and because of this the Talon's outter sheath can perfectly deflect bullets without so much as a nudge to its momentum.

State of the art bio-cosmetic integration allow the Talon to defy the laws of gravity, constantly creaing never before seen aerial styles of unimaginable innovation and remixed reactionary brilliance. Meticulously shedding standardized metal motions and maneuvers because of the Revolutionary of Reality-M's unique robotic technologies and breakthroughs.

Engineering Specs
Model: Twin Ion engine
8.3 meters
7.2 meters
Maximum atmospheric speed
87 DPF
Engine Unit
D-p5 twin Ion engines
Aerithium w/ Carbonadium solar panels
Sensor System
Sensor Array
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MMI® touch

The standard MMI® touch with handwriting recognition allow the pilot to control an array of vehicle systems including navigation, audio and phone functions. Coupled with the standard Neo-connect® system, a world of information is easily within reach.

NeoSin virtual cockpit

The interior design of the Talon puts the pilot at the helm of the ingenious NeoSin retro-fitted virtual cockpit, which displays all essential information directly within the pilot's vision on a 12.3-inch TFT display that has outstanding resolution and clarity. With the R8, you really can take matters into your own hands.

Neo navigation plus

The MMI® navigation plus system provides Neo-connect®, enabling Google Earth™ with 3D satellite imagery, a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight passenger devices, local traffic and weather, news and more.

Bang & Olufsen® Sound System

This standard premium audio system (available on the V10 plus model) provides unrivaled sound reproduction and clarity with 13 speakers and an impressive 550 watts of power. Add to that LED accent lighting and Dynamic Line design speaker grilles for a fully sensorial experience.

Z-4.5 flight avionics system