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Subject files; Orion Savage

[Posting these as I had them stored and wanna delete from my computer]

"Orion Savage file found, do you wish to view anything specific?"

"Give me the basics. Only him, no other members of the Savage family."

"One moment Sir, fetching files....




-Please state reason for viewing restricted documents-

"Asset viability screening."

-Reason noted, proceed-

"Mr. Orion Savage was born on New Orleans. He is a Mutant. His file does not when or what stressful event caused his powers to surface. Upon finding his powers, he gained the ability to manipulate and create all plasma at varying intensities. It should be noted that he attempted to run for mayor five years ago"

"Noted. Show me his psych eval"

"Subject demonstrates borderline narcissistic tendencies towards the world. Being born on the Savage family and quickly gaining a large amount of funds contributed to that. His dominant personality is likely to cause him to clash with other dominant personalities such as "Subject: Garrison Grail and Puzzler, but likely to thrive among the more receive personalities such as "Subject: Damian Aurelius, Subject: Molly Bolton".

Threat level: Low. Should his power continue to amplify then he could prove to be one of the most dangerous powers on the world.

Current location: New Orleans.

Linked files: "Savage" - "New Orleans" - "Pyros" - "Nancy Savage"

"Will that be all, Sir?"

"Yes. Power Down."

System deactivating...