Subject files; Garrison Grail

[Posting these as I had them stored and wanna delete from my computer]

System accessed...

Verifying encryption...

-Please input encrypted password-



Initial system access checks complete.

-Please input secondary password for database access-



System checks complete; full access granted. Welcome, Mr Jones. Voice commands authorized.

"Show me file 1760,"

"File 1760 being retrieved. One moment please."

- Subject flag detected -- Flagged as potential asset -

"File 1760 found, do you wish to view anything specific?"

"Show me his last known whereabouts."

"One moment Sir, fetching files....




-Please state reason for viewing restricted documents-

"Asset viability screening."

"Footage from Mr Garrison Grail security cameras indicate that he has been on his pool for the last fifteen hours."

"Did he drown?"

"No, sir. Based on his vitals he seems to be alive. Previous footage shows him becoming intoxicated with illegal substances and passing out. Request to call emergency?"

"Denied. I thought his metabolism made it impossible for him to get intoxicated."

"The green powder he is inhaling seems to be from another world."

"Create a file for this powder."

"One moment Sir, creating new file."


Threat level: Medium. Subject's current mental state deems him unstable.

Linked files: "MVP" - "Rafael Romeiro" - "Kurt Pendragon"

"Will that be all, sir?"

"Not yet, pull out.....Orion Savage"

"One moment Sir, fetching files...."

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